Radiation & Manifestation

Manifestation may take time—radiation does not. Seems to me this manifestation cart is put before the horse/horsepower.

Conversation after WM revolved around 3D drama and manifestation. When I injected that the woman and child in the storytelling were learning lessons of their choosing the circle energy shifted. And when I spoke of intuition and the Feminine I felt another freeze frame. I wasn’t contributing to or resonating with this conversation. A woman sat on my left again loud and again dominating the conversation. This circle that used to flow is no longer flowing for me. Change happens. I adjust. 

A couple men in that conversation/circle are caught up in manifestation. Why?  External things are not the focus when Spirit radiates inside out. Have all the gimmicks and tricks you want if manifestation is entertainment. Joy is authentic fire. That for me is the core engine of manifestation. What falls into place from this glowing heat is the law of attraction. Be is Feminine. Do is Masculine. Manifest balance!!

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