The landscape at Lewis Creek picnic area was full of Native American Spirits. I felt their presence and the cattails spoke of them. I was there for our monthly meditation retreat though I had missed the previous two months. I seem to like variety and as much as I love this meditation community I am feeling pulled to visit some other spiritual centers such as Ananda and Unity. I think it’s diversity that calls. 

After an intense meditation the group experienced a sound bath healing via crystal bowls. I’m gonna be blunt—for me it was awful! So loud I had to plug my ears. It felt intrusive to my still space and I considered leaving the room. Instead I plugged my ears tighter. Everyone else raved about it. I talked with the “musician” (not sure the term) about it and the only thing that made sense to me was that I didn’t need healing.  Does that mean there was nothing to absorb the sound waves? No cushion? Sort of like bone on bone discomfort? She and I had a brief chat about Lemurians that were encircled in blue!  

I notice that sometimes people talk about wealth with a giddy tone. Is this not idol worship? External wealth is a false god. And yet it’s identified as success. 

I’m still in my Light body from today’s retreat. I left early because I couldn’t shift gears that easily—from alpha/theta to beta. I needed/wanted stillness. This shifting of gears is what I have to do when we’re instructed to repeat what JD explained. I have to listen differently to repeat what was said. I have to pull myself back from my Light body and wrap around logic. It’s unnatural for me though I did stay in my physical body (grounding!) longer so I heard more. My relationship with my self and Self is complex—not complicated!

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