Sweet Flute Music

Relationship vehicle is humming like a flute—and propulsion. It’s a relationship with wings. “How many wings?” is a question that comes up. The answer is: “a host of wings!”

Comical to see (while at the kitchen sink) relationship at graduation and given an award! Yes, we’ve driven an expansive field and learned many lessons. Propulsion moves us forward into new terrain. 

Contact is new, free flowing (+/-) and starts the ignition.  Contact = propulsion. 


Getting aloft requires more than lift; it also takes thrust. Thrust provides the forward motion needed to sustain lift and counteract drag. It is also used to accelerate, gain altitude, and sometimes to maneuver.

Propulsion is the act of moving or pushing an object forward. The word is derived from two Latin words: pro, meaning before or forward, and pellere,meaning to drive. A propulsion system is an engine that produces thrust to push an object, such as an airplane or rocket, forward.

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