Stress Less

Relationship tumbling/polishing is new. ‘See it for what it is’  New territory. Learn the terrain.

Addictions are all the same. Same drama. Different names. Keeps humans out of balance. Separate from Angel Self. Angel is, Angels are, calling us Home. Angel as OverSoul.

Addiction is chemical. Change chemistry. Change is a fasting (letting go) process. Balance steps into place step by step. Unlearning to learn. Learning to unlearn. 

“Change the chemical field around you”

“Retraining the body”

Bring on the vegetables! Yumm!  I love them; they love me! Seriously! At every meal.

Stress feeds addiction.  To stay out of stress is to slow down. Less is more. 

“Passion” as a dynamic circle of water, air, earth, fire. “Creative energy” is combustion in balance. Exploring new territory. Learning new territory. 

Pumping photon chemicals from on high. North to South. Saturating cellular matter. Matter reflects with/in photon chemistry. 

Generation of Spirit substance. Always new, fresh supply. Flowing intelligence, glowing Light. Enlightenment in progress, in creative process.

Pineal breathing is body breathing. I’m out of body receiving, giving. Different inhale, exhale. Different circulation. True to my Self. 

“Energy of flow” Flow of intention.

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