Astral Turn

Meditation is a support system inclusive in water, air, earth, fire. Meditation is a Garden space and place. A Temple.

Assuring meditation. “To be greater than….”  Tugging on the garment of the Divine” I notice these intersecting lines/coordinates. They add to my happiness. A Happy Life.

Such an excellent instructional meditation. Channeled information from on High is inspiring, teaching. Gentle wisdom. Kindness toward oneself and others. War doesn’t live here.

Look within from a higher window, lens.

The Unconscious Blueprint meets its Conscious expression.  A match. A connection. A relationship. A Holy and Whole Temple.

Know Thyself. Change Thyself to Know more. 🎶 “Getting to know me, Getting to like me—I am precisely my cup of tea” Song from childhood. Deposited in memory bank of investment in MySelf.

“Change” Clear the fields of land mines. Self-destructive land mines.

A man appears. Human. I don’t know  him. Pipe. Hat. English detective in movies. (Weird) Detector of land mines. 

Name? Letters on the edge. I remote view to see…”Livingston”.  

“Dr Livingston I presume.”

What happened to Dr Livingston?


Livingstone moved south again, obsessed by his quest for the Nile sources and his desire for the destruction of the slave trade, but his illness overcame him. In May 1873, at Chitambo in what is now northern Zambia, Livingstone’s African servants found him dead, kneeling by his bedside as if in prayer.

A sidetrack honoring this Spirit. I usually ignore the unknown faces. I don’t take time with them. Today is different. I do like change!  

Sherlock Holmes was the face. Livingston the name. More practice with remote viewing? 

“Time to turn to this power within you”

“A two way communication….Universal Mind”

“Broadcasting a signal”   

Am I interested in the Astral field or plane? Do I remote view here? 

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