Dark Space Tumbling

Yesterday 1 year old twins sat next to me putting flat discs into a container through a slot. Raina was just learning and each time she succeeded she’d look at me as I gave her sparkling eyes of positive reinforcement. Then when her disc went in and made the clunking sound her eyes would sparkle as she looked at me eye to eye through the Language of Light beams! This teaching moment continued as Raina and Wiley (he had already learned this) learned to take turns. It was my expectation that they take turns and they fell in line with a little guidance. These moments of teaching and learning are bonding. What a gift of giving and receiving.

Turbulence in deep space. The craft bouncing off edges of 3D reality. Tumbling. Turning. Lost in space. Feeling the effects in 3D body as meridian in left hand (at thumb area) feels pressure, activates pressure. Tumbling. Turning. 3D body has convulsions (“merging meridians”) riding the intense currents. No orientation. No center point of stability. Spacecraft lost in deep space. Nothing making sense. A signal? Is there a signal in deep, dark space? Can I detect it? Receive it? Yes, I grab an arm to hold onto (like otters). 

“Otters frequently hold hands to keep themselves from drifting apart while they sleep, which is one of the main reasons they do so. Otters frequently rest while floating on their backs in the water, and they can stay together by gripping hands and preventing separation.

Furthermore, otters may hold hands to create a raft, which aids in their flotation and energy conservation while they sleep.”

Had a dream about friends and meeting a local guru. When I stand in front of this giant of a man he hands me something. My brain lights up and I fall to the left going unconscious layer by layer. It was a sign of relationship connection. He gave me “salts” for healing and could see inside of me.   

At 4:03 am I feel less lost in dark space. I need sleep lately so I sleep when I can.

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