Monthly Archive: October 2023

Colors Red, Orange, Yellow

The wheel image I saw in Walking Meditation yesterday was horizontal meaning I was looking down onto it. Sensed it was a tubular wheel.

What Dharmachakra means?

The Wheel of the Law(dharmachakra) is the single most important symbol of Buddhism, denoting the Buddha’s First Sermon in the forest at Sarnath, where he set Buddhist Law (dharma) in motion.

What is the correct Dharmachakra?

A traditional Dharmachakra is a chariot wheel which can be depicted with varying numbers of spokes. A Dharma Wheel with eight spokes symbolizes the Eight Fold Noble Path. This is the most common form of Dharmachakra.

What are the colors of the Dharmachakra?

Golden Dharma Wheel symbol on a watercolor painted kaleidoscopic background, with red, orange and yellow hues. The Dharma Wheel, also called Dharmachakra, is one of the most important symbols in Indian Religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

Steering Wheel

This image came through during Walking Meditation #1 today at Mt Si. It’s another piece of an evolving puzzle, story and consciousness.

What does a ship wheel represent?

The Ship’s wheel has greater meaning that many realize. It does mean the one who holds the wheel controls their destiny but fighting the currents and the wind to hold their course takes strength and resolve. 

What religious symbol is a ships wheel?


Historically, the dharmachakra was often used as a decoration in East Asian statues and inscriptions, beginning with the earliest period of East Asian culture to the present. It remains a major symbol of the Buddhist religion today.

DHARMA WHEEL (BUDDHISM) – The dharma wheel, or dharma chakra in Sanskrit, is one of the oldest symbols of Buddhism. Around the globe it is used to represent Buddhism in the same way that a cross represents Christianity or a Star of David represents Judaism.

A helmsman relies upon visual references, a magnetic and gyrocompass, and a rudder angle indicator to steer a steady course. The mate or other officer on the bridge directs the helmsman aboard merchant or navy ships.

What is the spiritual meaning of the wheel?

As a symbol of the SUN, the wheel s spokes parallel the rays of the sun . It is the Wheel of Fortune in a deck of tarot cards, and in the Taoist tradition, the wheel is the Sage who has reached the point of motionless center, around which movement may occur without himself being moved.

A New Room

There’s a new round “room” in my head or around my head that holds my Future—Now. Meaning, I can go there to move out of limited feeling, thinking, behaving. Meaning, I can be New. I have yet to put it into practice at this new degree. (What is “degree” ?) In this moment this feels like a wheel that I can steer. Maybe a dial letting me tune in and tune up new volume (degree). 

This Light of Truth flooding is associated with degree. It’s a turning into. It’s new motion of e-motion. My intention is to watch for this newness today. New color for eyes, new sound for ears. It feels like a “reward” for work done. And it feels like a “promise” for work yet to appear around the corner. Definitely new response-ability.

Soon I’ll have a new job caretaking a four-month old boy and a household. I’ll start work at 7:30 am which means a new  routine will be set into place so I can get out the door earlier. It’s another shift of focus.

Oh, just got a signal! This open space is meditative. It’s an open space that holds me in and with calm wisdom. Doubt creeps in (I have so many years of negative “by-passing”) so I go to my room! I turn to Truth letting go of old insecurities and limitations. Guess it’s all about wiring and beaming of Light. Diving into Truth rather than by-passing. As if it’s wrapped around me in new degrees.

Relationship Charge

Relationship is matter + energy charged to nth degrees depending on activated substances of water, air, earth and fire. These chemical components relate in and through balance. Relationships are teachers of balance. Relationships provide opportunity to get to know Truth about oneself, another and relationship as one whole. Oversoul. Charge can create burn out or can be sustained depending on Central focus. Is focus in Spirit? Is charge evolving as it revolves making all things new? Is matter adapting to the new? Is rotation, spin, axis ready for Revolution of Spirit?


5:00 am meditation — Inspiring Pineal Gland

Focused upward

Centered inward

Grounded downward

Is to turn smoothly

A-round and around


Stillness and motion of boundaries (kaleidoscope images)  Boundaries of dense matter give design to flow. Feel them along the edges that are swallowed up in flow. It’s All flow. Great visual for cellular healing.

“It’s the life force…”

I commit to Love of Self. Focused. Centered. Grounded. 

This Pineal Breathing is healing elixir. I move it with healing intention through body of Soul.

Chakra nodes around which music/colors flow (kaleidoscope)

“…elevated emotion” of past, present, future Now

1 – Two as one “from the center”

2 – Become more aware of it. Feel it aligning, attuning”

3 – “Pit of gut.” To rest in the moment of busyness. To rest and repair. 

1, 2, 3. “All at once” a Keyboard of abs/muscles

4 – “Feel it”. Muscular tension of ease. Muscular ease of tension. Heart muscle pumping music

5 – “…throat”  Words and worlds of shadow and light. 

“1,2,3,4,5 all at once”

6 – “..back of your head. Locate it. Tune in to it. Become more aware of it” Joe does his homework—of integration. Teaching integration.

“1,2,3,4,5,6 all at once…”

7 – “…center of your head in space. Feel it. Locate it…”

“Within you and all around you”

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7 all at once.”  integration of Flow

“Aligning, attuning. Love these visuals

8 – “Eternal vast space above your head in space” 

Rainbow key board pumping music cosmos to cell tissue. One tissue, ‘membrane’

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 all at once. Feel it. Aligning. Attuning.”

Earth tissue aligning, attuning. Upheaval. Chaos and Order. Order and Chaos. 

“Relax.  Program body to a new mind. Surrender”

“Lay down” in my bubble. I sustain this bubble not following instruction to activate again. In my own bubble. 

Last night I asked friend David to put his hand on top of my head. An attunement effect that pulls outer edges inward. Head calls for this at times. Nice to trust David in spiritual intimacy. Thankful I Am for friendship.

I end here to get ready for work. Connected still—in this bubble of Love. Thank you 💗

“Slowly rotate 360°”


Did that turbulence really happen? It seems so so far away but it did happen and I’m documenting it.

Somewhere in deep dark space a part of me was obliterated to pieces. In an orbit of nothingness I’m told that “music will put me back together again.” Reminds me of Humpty Dumpty—with a new ending.

Dark Space Tumbling

Yesterday 1 year old twins sat next to me putting flat discs into a container through a slot. Raina was just learning and each time she succeeded she’d look at me as I gave her sparkling eyes of positive reinforcement. Then when her disc went in and made the clunking sound her eyes would sparkle as she looked at me eye to eye through the Language of Light beams! This teaching moment continued as Raina and Wiley (he had already learned this) learned to take turns. It was my expectation that they take turns and they fell in line with a little guidance. These moments of teaching and learning are bonding. What a gift of giving and receiving.

Turbulence in deep space. The craft bouncing off edges of 3D reality. Tumbling. Turning. Lost in space. Feeling the effects in 3D body as meridian in left hand (at thumb area) feels pressure, activates pressure. Tumbling. Turning. 3D body has convulsions (“merging meridians”) riding the intense currents. No orientation. No center point of stability. Spacecraft lost in deep space. Nothing making sense. A signal? Is there a signal in deep, dark space? Can I detect it? Receive it? Yes, I grab an arm to hold onto (like otters). 

“Otters frequently hold hands to keep themselves from drifting apart while they sleep, which is one of the main reasons they do so. Otters frequently rest while floating on their backs in the water, and they can stay together by gripping hands and preventing separation.

Furthermore, otters may hold hands to create a raft, which aids in their flotation and energy conservation while they sleep.”

Had a dream about friends and meeting a local guru. When I stand in front of this giant of a man he hands me something. My brain lights up and I fall to the left going unconscious layer by layer. It was a sign of relationship connection. He gave me “salts” for healing and could see inside of me.   

At 4:03 am I feel less lost in dark space. I need sleep lately so I sleep when I can.

Middle Ground

3:00 am meditation

I have a new relationship—with my stomach. I’m learning to listen and feed it in ways that keep it happy, in health. It’s an emotional, mental and physical relationship that teaches me about being centered within.

“Giving it life with your attention”

It’s a chemical rearrangement

“Breathe in life”

“It’s the energy that creates a new life”

Hot to cold with no middle ground again and again

I am that middle ground holding hot/cold. Trust worthy.

“Become aware”

“Feel your connection to it”

Solar Plexus as middle ground holding N and S in balance

Trust worthy according to what I put into it

Feelings change with chemical change hot/cold. Middle ground neutral. Unmoved yet moving anew.

“Sense it”

Solar generator

“Feel more of it”

Adhesion. Lack of adhesion. Story of chemical relationship— attraction.

Baseline 🔺🔻

“Feel your connection to it”

“… connection to Oneness”

“Stay present with it”

Transcend high/low, hot/cold in middle ground. New choices “from the field”

“Become aware of the frequency, a new life”

Drumming tree, rooted presence. Connecting Earth and Sky.

“Time to draw your new life to you”

A life of new choice from middle ground

My heart is in a new place, emotionless. Trusting middle ground.

Logic 🔺 Emotion 🔻

“The energy of a new life in your heart”

Emotion 🔺 Logic 🔻
Exchanging chemistry

“Energy of inspiration”

Internal combustion; gastric

“Change your energy; change your life”

“Inspiring experience…with your heart”

Heart loves Solar Plexus’ middle ground

I mold my reality. I shape it “by heart”

Potter at the wheel creating form out of formless

“New opportunities”

“Drawing it to you” A horse ranch has been drawing to me via physical senses. Why am I immersed in a horse ranch?

“Synchronicities in a new life”

“Opportunities out of nowhere”

No feeling, no attraction

“Tune in to the energy of a new life”

“Worthy to receive”

Change in Process

This morning I observed myself in action as I helped implement an art activity. I confidently covered every angle as if I was a pro orchestrating from center. It was as natural as it was unnatural. I don’t have words for it other than I was a different person. One with new seeing, knowing, expressing—new intelligence in and from left brain.

A couple days ago my lower right teeth and gums were very sensitive when biting down. This morning all my lower teeth were sensitive. For a moment I wondered if infection was spreading but I cut that short. Knowing more now about the stomach meridian I’m concluding there’s some rearranging going on behind the scenes. Healing is a fascinating process.