Emotional Change

I was drawn to an outpouring of emotion from a member of Evolving Hearts. There is so much to say about emotion that is Feminine (opposite of thought that is Masculine. These two wires/coordinates are in process of Change. My words: (or Our words)

Let dark emotion move through knowing you are more than your human feelings and thoughts. You are Light/Divine dispersing darkness—just like Sol substance disperses dense clouds. Emotions are teachers and deserve respect with honest and non violent expression. Voice them to yourself or with someone safe. Someone who listen will listen and not judge you. Emotions have roots and—like the Lotus flower—have purpose. Stir up the mud, wade through it respectfully because you are identified with Light. Emotion is part of the Creative Cycle, of Creation. We live in a vast emotional field that is personal, planetary and cosmic.

Emotion as chemistry deserves respect rather than ignorant suppression and violent expression as war. Time to change this story.

Meditation (don’t see the name of it)

Endless nothing brings up something. We are stirred, moved by Light particles that transmute matter particles into enlightened Matter.

Endless nothing as a resting place of knowing, Being. Angelic Being. E-motional scale is human. We get to purify dark density and create Change.

“Sense it. It’s nothing on both sides of you.”  Light and Dark as two sides of one coin, circle.

“Feel it”.  Feeling it is knowing it. No feeling, no knowing.

“Black Sea of Nothing”  I know this as Feminine. The Language of the Sacred Feminine.

“Experience it. Become it. Become more of it”

“Infinite nothing” a field of possibility for mind, heart, body

“Unifying frequencies” “Frequency that unifies creates order” “Find it, feel it, stay connected to it” 

Lotus connected in mud

Dark and Light coordinates, frequencies. When connected in harmony there is chemical change—transmutation.

“Circuit board of frequency” Plug in to Light and Dark from center.

Rules !! What are the rules? Gotta learn rules to fit in as humans. Spirit has greater Law and Order.

“Receive its power”

Did he say “hook up?”  That is emotional action. How clean is one’s action? Mud cleanses, purifies. What is that chemistry?

“Harmonize” Need all the notes and colors to harmonize. High and low notes 🎶

“In your throat” A music box of sound. What’s the intent of sound? What’s behind sound?

“Harmonize, connecting the circuit board. The frequencies in the field.”

“Pay attention to it, in the field”

“6”  “the Mystic” “Receive”

“Harmonize”. Red to black is purified. Black acquires me substance.

“7”  Chemical flow changing matter. “Hook up”. “Harmonize 7”. YES !!

“8” “Feel your connection to it” “Harmonize” “Feel it” “Enjoy it” is emotional content!

“Nothing…Something. Energy of the Mystical”

Nothing contains, releases chemicals of Truth. Crystalline. Chemistry hooked up in higher intelligence. Emotional intelligence.

Plug in to Higher Intelligence—with Beings of higher intelligence. Plug in!

“Drawing it to you with your heart”

Higher intelligences off world.

I live in between worlds. Opposite plug ins.

“Lay down. Patterns and systems” Yes, I’ve heard this meditation before. This is New! I have new chemistry and hear more. “Patterns of Light” 

“Connecting energy to matter” the whole scale from Light to Dark. New intelligence reveals more Light — enlightened dark, dense matter. Lighten up!

A Quantum male and Earth male. Relationships. I stand in the middle. Empty space versus emotional expression. I accept this orbital pattern. I change as it changes. It changes as I change. 

Chemistry of Opposites includes

All Knowing Eyes

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