Monthly Archive: September 2023

Chemical Change

More insights. More sight. More earthy chemistry untangled and identified.

I see that I talk about the shadow side of some people before their high lights. It’s an inside pattern as well and one that I’m recognizing, identifying and changing. This inner change of authority allows me to see my outer voice in order to change it. How to do this? I see emitting rays (pink and gold) of Light. How healing! It’s a chemical process.

This mystic has a Light Lineage of very loving beings showing me a different way to Be. They overlook my shadows. I unlearn in order to learn to be more emotionally intelligent—inside and out. It’s a chemical process of change!

He stood next to me and I felt it again—a red/orange chemical frequency/vibration relating to me, pulling on me (as if I’m a sex object) in order to charge his battery. I stayed within clear chemical boundaries and refused his advances that feel like sticky threads. He reads my warmth as sexual. It is not. He sees/feels through his chemical lens. He weaves his web of color. It’s chemical.

Imagine the numbers of people using one another to recharge. This co-dependence is murky. As we plug in to higher Source the chemical waters are purified. As we plug in heart-to-heart new senses awaken emotional intelligence. As I see this so does the whole making all things new.

Sexual hormones used to be dominant. Now I have different hormones based in spiritual intimacy that feels like warm, inviting waters. This chemistry has changed me and my relationships. This internal polarity shift has been a chemical process. My sea of chemistry awaits more change and I get to steer through it intelligently.

My diet is more green. Another chemical process of change. I’m working it! Cleansing, healing. Healing, cleansing. 

Texture & Plasma Chemistry & Color

5 am meditation BOTEC X Blessing of the Energy Centers

“It’s your presence, it’s your passion, it’s your intention, it’s your energy.” …”for the love of life.”

Breathing puts me inside body feeling/seeing organs. New sensation. Pink organs. Reminds me of my hands/fingers clearing cords (not cutting).

“Let’s go again”: Liver ! I feel it with fingers.

“Let’s go again. Move some energy”: Lungs ! I see lungs.

Isles of La

Heart. In hands. Beating. Pulsing. What is this moisture? Galaxy Glue. I feel this moisture. It’s chemical.

“Pneumoplasm” from EDL days 

External substance = internal substance. Environmental 

Wrapping around plasma. New sensation.

“1 find it with your heart, feel it” Tubes. Thanking 1.

“2 find it with your heart, feel it.” Love this repetition. Song like, poetry like. See orange. 

Sense of Joe as gardener. Gardening expertise. In Order. With Order.

“3 find it, feel it with your heart” Gut as Connector. Teacher. Yellow flowing through body. Fluid substance. Moist substance.

All colors want to be in this parade. 

Inside is crystal caverns. 

“4” Red flowing. Red!

“5” Green. Color exchange. No complacency! Taking turns. Motion of emotions.

Presence. Acknowledging presence. Moist presence. Environmental presence. Cooled. Personal, planetary, cosmic cooling. 

“6 find it, feel it” Mandala of motion. Crystalline. Purple hues—light to dark. Body convulsing neck up. “Feel your connection to it” Beaming rays. In/out.  Contact. Moist rays?

“7” Feeling motherly and why I’m wrapping around these orbs of matter. Head bobbing with feeling contact.

Chemical balance. Pure pour. Intelligent pour. Activating colors, frequencies, sounds 🎶🎶 “7”

Chakra songs of colorful expression

“8” White as immediate response. Colors of light and dark— full spectrum inclusion.  Love pours forth. “Balance your energy with your heart.”

Heart thanks JD ❣️

A story pole meditation. 

“Blessing of Life” with ribbons of color. 

“Relaxed in the heart, Awake in the brain”


  1. 1. the colorless fluid part of blood, lymph, or milk, in which corpuscles or fat globulesare suspended.
  2. 2. an ionized gas consisting of positive ionsand free electrons in proportions resulting in more or less no overall electric charge, typically at low pressures (as in the upper atmosphere and in fluorescent lamps) or at very high temperatures (as in stars and nuclear fusion reactors).”the current passed through a column of plasma”

Emotional Change

I was drawn to an outpouring of emotion from a member of Evolving Hearts. There is so much to say about emotion that is Feminine (opposite of thought that is Masculine. These two wires/coordinates are in process of Change. My words: (or Our words)

Let dark emotion move through knowing you are more than your human feelings and thoughts. You are Light/Divine dispersing darkness—just like Sol substance disperses dense clouds. Emotions are teachers and deserve respect with honest and non violent expression. Voice them to yourself or with someone safe. Someone who listen will listen and not judge you. Emotions have roots and—like the Lotus flower—have purpose. Stir up the mud, wade through it respectfully because you are identified with Light. Emotion is part of the Creative Cycle, of Creation. We live in a vast emotional field that is personal, planetary and cosmic.

Emotion as chemistry deserves respect rather than ignorant suppression and violent expression as war. Time to change this story.

Meditation (don’t see the name of it)

Endless nothing brings up something. We are stirred, moved by Light particles that transmute matter particles into enlightened Matter.

Endless nothing as a resting place of knowing, Being. Angelic Being. E-motional scale is human. We get to purify dark density and create Change.

“Sense it. It’s nothing on both sides of you.”  Light and Dark as two sides of one coin, circle.

“Feel it”.  Feeling it is knowing it. No feeling, no knowing.

“Black Sea of Nothing”  I know this as Feminine. The Language of the Sacred Feminine.

“Experience it. Become it. Become more of it”

“Infinite nothing” a field of possibility for mind, heart, body

“Unifying frequencies” “Frequency that unifies creates order” “Find it, feel it, stay connected to it” 

Lotus connected in mud

Dark and Light coordinates, frequencies. When connected in harmony there is chemical change—transmutation.

“Circuit board of frequency” Plug in to Light and Dark from center.

Rules !! What are the rules? Gotta learn rules to fit in as humans. Spirit has greater Law and Order.

“Receive its power”

Did he say “hook up?”  That is emotional action. How clean is one’s action? Mud cleanses, purifies. What is that chemistry?

“Harmonize” Need all the notes and colors to harmonize. High and low notes 🎶

“In your throat” A music box of sound. What’s the intent of sound? What’s behind sound?

“Harmonize, connecting the circuit board. The frequencies in the field.”

“Pay attention to it, in the field”

“6”  “the Mystic” “Receive”

“Harmonize”. Red to black is purified. Black acquires me substance.

“7”  Chemical flow changing matter. “Hook up”. “Harmonize 7”. YES !!

“8” “Feel your connection to it” “Harmonize” “Feel it” “Enjoy it” is emotional content!

“Nothing…Something. Energy of the Mystical”

Nothing contains, releases chemicals of Truth. Crystalline. Chemistry hooked up in higher intelligence. Emotional intelligence.

Plug in to Higher Intelligence—with Beings of higher intelligence. Plug in!

“Drawing it to you with your heart”

Higher intelligences off world.

I live in between worlds. Opposite plug ins.

“Lay down. Patterns and systems” Yes, I’ve heard this meditation before. This is New! I have new chemistry and hear more. “Patterns of Light” 

“Connecting energy to matter” the whole scale from Light to Dark. New intelligence reveals more Light — enlightened dark, dense matter. Lighten up!

A Quantum male and Earth male. Relationships. I stand in the middle. Empty space versus emotional expression. I accept this orbital pattern. I change as it changes. It changes as I change. 

Chemistry of Opposites includes

All Knowing Eyes

Frequency Coordinates Coordinating Frequencies

I listened to Evolving Hearts meditation while cutting vegetables for soup and salad. The music and I found stillness at the same time.

Morning inspiration of coordinates:

When coordinates and their lines make contact a signal goes out. So many coordinates, so many frequencies. It’s Light contacting matter to create—what?—more creation. Law of attraction is equal to Law of creation. 

I receive external signals from cosmos, nature, this body, these cells, vegetables to be cut, friends I’ve not heard from in awhile, family and nanny family with their move. It’s quite a spiraling emotional soup stirred up moment to moment. To respond with heart, to react with body (not ego) is brain work. What are the highest inner and outer coordinates/frequencies I receive and give?

This field of influence is held in consciousness. I continue to learn as I watch feelings, thoughts, actions. Some are off some take me higher. Evolution through conscious observation, awareness.

Coordinates/frequencies coordinating this process called Life. So grateful to feel more grounded with “roots”under ground supported by a heart-to-heart network and “roots” above supported by Light-to-Light Lineage. (Roots as live wires beaming through inner and outer space.)


I Am—center—scanning my field.  I Am more centered. I Am centering.  Contentedly centered Now.

Aware of Change. Joining signals in deep space. Change of focus. No. Change is more focused. New lens of Chakra Body.

“Deeper”. “Intelligent Love” of Cosmos. Nothing to prove or achieve. Love of Being. Love in Being.

“Patterns”  Wheels within wheels. “Passing through you”

“Electric Universe”


Nanny family is moving to Texas mid November.  I may see them in Dallas in the Spring when I attend the Grapevine Meditation Retreat. I’m processing emotions. I will miss our vibrant exchange of Light through matter.

Technology & Nature

5:00 am meditation

Center of the Magnet

With JD

“Become more of it”

Become more Nature and less technology is a personal message moving through. Do I go on vacation? Or does Gaia get a solar blast and lose the man made power grid or…. ?

In East of new creative cycle I listen and watch the signs/signals coming in.

“Sense it” is less tech and more Nature

“Feel it” is less tech and more Nature.

“Experience it” as less technical and more natural.

“Surrender to it”

“Become it”

Natural world is the “Mystery”

“Become the initiate” of the Natural world, the Creative Cycle

“Aware of the Greater Awareness all around us”

“Become aware of It… of you”

“A higher Love”

Body as a computer or as Nature, the Natural World?

“The Living Matrix…Patterns of Order”

“With instruction and information…Atoms, molecules…”

“With a consciousness from the Field”

“Information exists in the Field” “Patterns and systems” “Harmony…order” “Integration of systems of order” The Body, the Temple, community…”

Patterns of Nature the Natural World “being projected thru/by (?) Source”

“Patterns of body…condensed by gravity”

Love this info inspiration 💜 …info as Tech, inspiration as Nature. Rays of Light radiating through Matter.

New Waters Rush In

Waves of new water rush in void of the sadness and dark memories of inner child. These waves are aligned in Oversoul, with Oversoul substance. The Creative Process with its dark mud never ceases to amaze me. I am so very grateful as relationship gets a “pat on the back” for work well done. 💜💜

Voices of the Natural World & Oversoul

This afternoon I started to weed the side yard and was thinking about the twists and turns of relationship when frog appeared.

Just as one person has a spectrum of light/dark emotional content so does a relationship. “How to maneuver through the highs and lows,” I asked. “Through the hot, warm, cool and cold?” “Oversoul” was the response. 

So just as one person has an Oversoul so does relationship. Now I’m getting that Gaia has an Oversoul. All relationships are to align with Oversoul. How is this accomplished? One step at a time.

The waters can get murky quickly. In the same way they can get clear. Water is chemistry! How to clear the muck through an enlightened pituitary gland? The Lotus flower steps into consciousness. With Roots in the mud Lotus stays pure. 

Thank you Frog who joined me this afternoon under the sun.

The frog totem, symbolic of cleansing

It is said that the frog is symbolic of the cleansing. You can call on the frog spirit to support you in clearing negativity and “toxic” energies. The frog being associated with water, it may be a good spirit animal to call for emotional release.

Perhaps it indicates you need to “detoxify and take care of your health differently. Or it encourages you to release your emotions or carefully at how you spend your energy in relationship to others or some matters of concern in your life.

Information comes in with the chemical waters. Waters of Truth. It’s unsettling to be out of harmony within oneself and in a relationship. The body is our best communicator informing us when something is off center. Oversoul holds center.

Conscious relationships engage in alchemical work. It’s a deep commitment that repeats itself over and over again. What’s the focus? What’s the Truth? Here we change again! How potent! How omnipotent!

Earth Intervention

Cutting vegetables for a lunch salad—just before Dr Joe’s talk about our Walk for the World tomorrow—that dark emotional energy seeped in and took me under. I identified more of it this time and went back to times as a child when this feeling gripped me as I hid in the bathroom beating fists against the wall. It moves me emotionally now. So much emotion around this. Where did this and where does this come from? I was an innocent child! And I remember mom hiding in the bathroom with deep depression. I guess it leaked out and over me (and my siblings?).

Dr Joe speaks of an Earth Intervention. I’m going through mine. It’s personal and collective in us humans and global in Earth. Matter is feeling a new frequency of Love and the old is passing away.

What to do with the less peaceful energies? Feel them. Get to their roots embracing them. Encircle matter with New Earth Love. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it soon!

It’s a gift for this subconscious debris to come to the surface of consciousness. It’s exactly when, where and how emotional and physical Change happens.

Healing Happens

Can I go back to my days of solitude— in my dragon cave? Nope! Those days of isolation are gone and I get to learn how to maneuver in this human life.

Some recent collisions brought out my “I’m sorry” story and how this started early in life because I’m different. I hear NOW that each one is “different” and see our angles. A mystic I Am —learning to love my human self.

I’m remembering driving home from work yesterday and feeling a rush of energy that said—matter cannot contain the Love that moves. It made me very sad emotionally then as it does now. And—I get to prove that is not the Truth.

Hand in hand with negativity is positive experience. My toddlers and I love each other 32 hours a week ♥️ and I’m healing lower back and knee in the moment when my body sometimes gets stressed with constantly picking them up and getting on the floor with them. My nanny work is a workout. No gym needed!

This healing has a definite circuitry. I notice body discomfort in lower back muscle and knee cartilage (guessing as I never did get the X-ray) from my brain and then I embrace those parts by focusing my attention and intention on them. The release of stress is immediate. Oh, it’s chemical! What is this chemistry of intention? For emotional stress a good night’s sleep works well. 

Time to meditate NOW