Substantial 8

Inspired words are pure — in flow — from Spirit

Creative center around which all things move in flow

Inhale up, around in back. Exhale, down around in front. 

Central pole and Axis.

Axis: an imaginary line about which a body rotates.

Axis: “a fixed reference line for the measurement of coordinates.”


Axis: “the variable that is thought of as a cause is placed on the horizontal axis, and the variable that is thought of as an effect on the vertical axis”

Seems to me cause is vertical; effect is horizontal. 

“Around your body in space”

Where do coordinates begin and end?

Coordinate coordination that humans call synchronicities 

Cause and Effect

Breathing central pole 

Breathing flow as 8 now. From top of head? From feet? 

Has my full attention

“Around this center” Chakra breathing. Planetary breathing. Galaxy breathing. Cellular breathing. Seeing 8 flow patterns. Energy/Matter. Matter/Energy. 

Interchangeable flow. Parts as One. Weaving of web.

And my hand/fingers reach out for specific matter! Where does this come from? My chakras! It’s a match! Happy on this end. Except there’s no end!

“8 Eternal black space…above your head” and below your feet.

Above is below. 

Is Sun substance Light? Is Earth substance Light. Is there Light within Light? 

Wave to particle. Particle to wave. Shape shifting 8 — vertical and horizontal — circular. Steady not wobbly.

Looks like a flower. Lotus flower with stem in mud. Sweet mud

Breathing now is 8 after 8…. Holding at top. Exhale to feet. Does this match what I’ve said before?  

Now my head does a breathing dance of 8s. A Bee dance!

Dancing pattern — rhythmic

Parts came together as awareness, as consciousness. As newness.

“As awareness”.  It’s a match of words within the Word. Wave and particles.

Listening and acting at the same time. Listening and stillness at the same time.

“Slowly rotate 360 degrees” Serpentine 8 now. S/He 8 with babies! Lots of baby 8s~~~~~~~

“Raise your energy”  “Raising frequency” Words take on new substance—eternal intelligence. 

“Mystical” manifestation

Discernment within “ new energy”

“Aware that you’re aware”

As if Joe is the architect building the NOW model. Channeling.  Substance fills in. Channeling. Substance of 8. Full, round, robust. Flow channel 8. 

“New Energy” 

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