Monthly Archive: August 2023

Salmon Songs

I gave Brent colorful images of the human body’s energy field for his mindfulness practice as well as my Human-Angel graphic that evolved from my mystical way of Being—inside out. 

Yesterday with my naturopath friend I talked about a cranial sacral treatment which led to her questions about my shamanic experience during our Coherence Healing session Monday night. She then asked if we could do a trade. I have not been receptive to friends who have suggested this. I don’t know why I hesitate. Maybe the same reason I don’t market my books. Am I shy? Am I insecure? Or an introvert? I do know that my energy body has simply not been receptive. Yesterday a trade felt right. Will see if it happens.

Not many people know Dragon Speak—non-linear, mystical language—so I turn toward Nature and my Light Lineage. I descended from Light to BE Light. It’s a process of ongoing learning curves. That Drop of Water song by Dana Lyons comes in Now! with “busting through the seams, cracking through the concrete, bending down the steel in a raging that is real.” Light Beings applaud this song.

Yesterday — Being non-linear (mystical) in a linear (logical) world brought up a specific feeling, image and song. I felt like salmon in a dam hitting my nose on it’s hard walls. Some dams are being removed so water can flow and creatures of Earth can be free. Another Dana song coming in: Salmon Come Home.

My physical body is experiencing an occasional tremor. This morning I “caught” one of them at my right arm and noticed that it felt comforting. It was like a hug…endearing. That is so odd as I was thinking the tremors are due to stress. Maybe it means I’m attached to stress. Maybe I do my own shamanic chord cutting. Or find a shaman. Or learn to slow down, sit down and breathe deeply more often in the day. This fire sign can use some drops of water 🎶

A Set Up ?

That was very…new! I was laying on my back (4:00 ish am) thinking about circumstances and considering solutions. Then my body turns onto its left side (facing East) and experiences immediate…contact. Body to body contact! This circumstantial shift was also a solution shift. Where is this body intelligence coming from? What are these alignments and coordinates? Is it all a Set Up — a stage on which we act?

Meditation and Music

I nannied late last night so Mom and Dad could attend a party. When they got home at midnight the dad asks me if I’ve ever led meditation. He wants to start his mornings “mindfully” and thinks I can help. Such a compliment. How do I lead a meditation? I’m listening and watching to discover. Another learning curve shifting inner mystical experience into human language and action. I wonder if he’ll feel the same way when sober. Interesting how alcohol can bring out inner feelings and communication.

On my new page All Things Mystical I’m learning new ways of talking with people. My wiring is lengthening. It’s as if I’m out of a Dragon Lair. Learning intelligence on new terrain.

At 10 months this girl loves to dance and moves very rhythmically! Innate intelligence in motion.

Saturday music class 🎶🎶

Tubular Birth

Wide awake I was contemplating the words that came through as I was wishing Doug a happy birthday: “Happy Birthday, Doug. Imagine choosing this day with its coordinates and alignments as your time to descend into sacred Earth.”

Then I see entity with bulbous head in a tube. Moving through in birth. Breech birth, as I was. Born in a sac. St Bernard rescues and the new born cherub has wings. Flying. (I can’t make this enchantment (much more than “stuff”) up!

This article gave me the name of the dog I saw with a flask around its neck.

Why Are St. Bernards Always Depicted With Barrels Around Their Necks?

Substantial 8

Inspired words are pure — in flow — from Spirit

Creative center around which all things move in flow

Inhale up, around in back. Exhale, down around in front. 

Central pole and Axis.

Axis: an imaginary line about which a body rotates.

Axis: “a fixed reference line for the measurement of coordinates.”


Axis: “the variable that is thought of as a cause is placed on the horizontal axis, and the variable that is thought of as an effect on the vertical axis”

Seems to me cause is vertical; effect is horizontal. 

“Around your body in space”

Where do coordinates begin and end?

Coordinate coordination that humans call synchronicities 

Cause and Effect

Breathing central pole 

Breathing flow as 8 now. From top of head? From feet? 

Has my full attention

“Around this center” Chakra breathing. Planetary breathing. Galaxy breathing. Cellular breathing. Seeing 8 flow patterns. Energy/Matter. Matter/Energy. 

Interchangeable flow. Parts as One. Weaving of web.

And my hand/fingers reach out for specific matter! Where does this come from? My chakras! It’s a match! Happy on this end. Except there’s no end!

“8 Eternal black space…above your head” and below your feet.

Above is below. 

Is Sun substance Light? Is Earth substance Light. Is there Light within Light? 

Wave to particle. Particle to wave. Shape shifting 8 — vertical and horizontal — circular. Steady not wobbly.

Looks like a flower. Lotus flower with stem in mud. Sweet mud

Breathing now is 8 after 8…. Holding at top. Exhale to feet. Does this match what I’ve said before?  

Now my head does a breathing dance of 8s. A Bee dance!

Dancing pattern — rhythmic

Parts came together as awareness, as consciousness. As newness.

“As awareness”.  It’s a match of words within the Word. Wave and particles.

Listening and acting at the same time. Listening and stillness at the same time.

“Slowly rotate 360 degrees” Serpentine 8 now. S/He 8 with babies! Lots of baby 8s~~~~~~~

“Raise your energy”  “Raising frequency” Words take on new substance—eternal intelligence. 

“Mystical” manifestation

Discernment within “ new energy”

“Aware that you’re aware”

As if Joe is the architect building the NOW model. Channeling.  Substance fills in. Channeling. Substance of 8. Full, round, robust. Flow channel 8. 

“New Energy” 

Change of Flow

I woke up remembering the tense dream I had about men and being trapped. Then I saw this image of a new flow pattern that wraps around from a new direction. This Life Force of Love on Earth has new dimensional flow in color and temperature. It feeds the body with new support.  

How often do women give in to men thinking this is Love? Do men do this with women? This boundary blur has us in a messy, muddy soup. Clear substance must flow to level the field with balance and purity. To be true to oneself is a commandment from higher ground. 

Rocking the boat and making waves is not pleasant. These are rough waters. In this process I have a new potential friendship with a man. Thank you! And I have some confusing emotion about a woman who told me what not to do and now tells me what to do. Is this obeying how I learn to fit in? I’m not feeling responsive. 

Qi Gong Challenge. Day 2. This focus helps me unwind. It’s a Dancing relationship with Chi, in Chi. Producer, Director and Cast all in One.

I’m so thankful to be in new S/He territory even though so much is yet unknown. Staying true to oneself is the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.


My heart-brain-body is in transition. Seeing how my language steps on people’s toes has me changing but not sure if it’s internal or external change. Probably both. Seeing how I step on my own toes definitely has me changing by adding a new filter.

So freeing to be in CE-5 meditation and letting my words flow as Daphne responded. This Dragon Speak (Now downloads) moved through me and out my mouth without stepping on toes. A free flow loop and linkage. How much flow is allowed? I have so much to say — “they” have so much to say through me.

I also experience flow in 3:00 am meditation. I will get back to that.

I’m not relating well in yet another healing group. I don’t remember people’s names afterward. It’s as if they become details that I don’t wrap around and remember the way others do. However, I can do the energy work (insights with vision and words). I need to add a filter here as well. Zip my lip! Discernment, please !!

My Beloved relationship has changed. I’ve changed and am in new territory that has boundaries. Just a few days ago I was happy and blissful about being responsive. But that red flow stopped abruptly. Now, it’s not about red response. Now, I take the lead in new territory. It’s definitely a new boundary with new colors. What fills in this boundary is yet to be created and revealed. I move forward Now by Now.