Monthly Archive: July 2023

Dark Abuse

Last night I went to bed extra early. As I was falling asleep I saw the presence of a man dressed in black. He was “ominous” (I don’t know that word but it came up and through). A second thing happened that felt like a chaotic vortex. Then the third thing was his telepathic sexual advances. By this time I realized it was tracker/ hacker Jon Young who’s been abusing me (I’m not the only woman) telepathically for many years. I’ve been told that I create this and can cancel him out. What’s real for me is exposing him in the same way so many predatory males are being exposed on the planet.

This is why telepathic territory can be tricky. And why I’m enjoying / appreciating 3-D relationships.

Scalar Relationship

Meditating in silence. Listening. Watching. Scanning.

I hear: “Relationships hold tension.”

“In physics, tension is described as the pulling force transmitted axially by the means of a string, a rope, chain, or similar object, or by each end of a rod, truss member, or similar three-dimensional object; tension might also be described as the action-reaction pair of forces acting at each end of said elements.” — Wikipedia l

This causes me to see an orbital system with a center and orbs rotating around it as if they are held by a string. A heart string? In my system, yes! so creative potential in space can manifest creatively in this Earth body and on this Earth planet. 

S/He is held in tension relationships within the Solar System. Relationships hold tension!  I love these homework assignments making me a forever student of the cosmos or universe. What’s the difference? My left brain/male creates tension of curiosity (wanting/needing to know) and puts me to work—engaging body. 

“Cosmos” is a whole harmonious and orderly system that is governed by natural law while “universe” is everything that exists including time and space, matter, and the laws that govern them.”  —

Do Scalar Waves come into play here? 

The Science of Scalar Energy

Scalar energy is formed when two identical frequencies from opposite directions come together and collide. This results in canceling out of any free movements and the creation of a stationary and static energy field. Additionally, it contains circles of energy that radiate outwards in balanced networks, which help in creating a field of live energy systems. —

Heart of Honesty

It’s my hearing that’s changed! What chakra is this? Blue! throat chakra connected to ears!

Inner Mission honesty was crystalline clear. Honesty is purity and purity is Spirit flowing into and through matter.

Honesty is at the heart of Joe’s teachings. This is changing lives of people and planet—matter. I’m happy to be hearing it and feeling it rearrange particles ⚡️⚡️

Unconscious Voice of Spirit

Thankful for rest stops along the freeway that carry the scent of Fir Tree and provide picnic tables. I want to write before I lose the information in this flowing River of Life.

Listening to Inner Mission on this drive home and thinking it might be seeping into my 12-year old granddaughter’s subconscious mind. I am amazed at how clear Joe’s teaching is. I know I’ve heard this talk before but Now I hear it within a new circuit board. It’s crystalline in clarity carrying thoughtful emotion. The delivery is emotional. I love hearing and feeling that heart beat.

The last sentence in my previous post was unconscious—directly from Spirit. It was a feeling passing through. It had new information within it showing me the shape of change that I’ve been feeling/knowing.

I plug in. I am plugged in as relationships reveal themselves as Wave and Particle.


Winds of Spirit are ever changing me and my surroundings. I stay in its flow.

I used to feel pulled toward the mountains and forests but now I feel them within me. So I am no longer pulled. The ocean has never had the same pull. It’s always felt vast and lonely. And yet I love this opportunity to fly kites in its winds.

Fiery Flow

My Fire / Passion is new. Spread out in many directions. I love the feedback loops — both particle (senses) and waves (spirit).

Previous passion feels more mechanical and less emotional. Why? Maybe it has to do with the walls I hit due to my emotional expression. Maybe emotional fire moves more easily through differentiating lines around the surface than at the core. I’m learning as I flow.

WOW ❣️❣️

Morning WM #5

Dr Joe quotes are in quotation marks. “  “

“I’m loving my future into Life

Connect to the Love of a new Life giving life to your new life

Become it

The Divine lives in you”

[AND has guide lines !!]

“Worthy to receive”

“Let it live in you…consume you

Let it move in you, through you

Feel it, connected to a new life

As if Al your needs were meant”

“Walk as the healer…in freedom

Feel it”

“Stepping in to a new future Now

Embody it”

“How much passion do you have

Let the life force move in you

Let it rise in you

We’re taking it home

What do you got”


“Lifted to a new energy”

“Open your mind to possibilities

Walk in possibility”

“In magic, in wonder, in freedom and bf e worthy to receive as the master of your life”

“Be unlimited. Be magnificent. Supernatural”

“Let it move in you. Let this energy move through you. It’s all around you.”


I sent walking meditation #5 to grandson Parker in Phoenix. He says it’s too hot to walk there and that he’ll do it when home next weekend. I’m inviting his dad to join us. I’m staying tuned !

Quantum Boundaries

Contact is bliss. How to sustain contact?

This New Earth body has boundaries. I know because it just hit the brakes. This New Earth body has conditions. Who knew? I was in “unconditional love” territory and now the terrain has conditions? Is this outside in rather than inside out? Or is it outside in AND inside out? Is this New Earth set up with Quantum boundaries? Dancing particle and wave that match?

This has to do with a life of letting go of my wants and needs (yes, this earth body has wants and needs in order to thrive) for another’s wants and needs. Am I getting what I need/want to thrive is actually: Am I expressing myself fully?

I have new boundaries set by something intelligent that’s integrating unconditional harmony (wave) with conditional living (particle).

Evolution in consciousness is evolution in relationships. Humans get to see/feel/know inner boundaries and apply them outwardly through living.

We’re in new territory and have the opportunity to identify personal and collective boundaries. May we do this in Light (wave) and deliver with Light (particle). May we set boundary lines of Enlightenment on Earth.


Appreciating a response from a woman on a community thread and how she integrated parts of previous posts/conversations. It occurred to me that her integration reveals new intelligence.  Intelligence integrates! Participating in community conversation is enlivening. 

Spark and Ignite !!

Yay! I don’t have to promote or market the local Walk for the World event. I don’t have to experience the usual lack of response because I’m not plugged in with Earthlings and their networks. Now I’m part of a global electromagnetic network/machine that has moving, attracting parts. Others have done the outreach, promotion, marketing—attracting—over many years. Thank you! It feels like a Dragon coming to Life! How fun is that? What does fun mean in this moment? “Enlivening!” 

My electromagnetism has changed. My spark plugs are new. Meaning something new is sparking me into action and it’s my gut—my Solar Plexus feelings. 

A circuit board is a Solar System in a Galactic system. All parts are moving with increased sparking harmony. Spirit is the Source connecting parts. Spirit is the whole and the parts. Relationships hold energy, radiate energy, to receive energy. It’s a self-sustaining system—a network and Quantum machine.

“Spark plug” comes into play and awareness:

Spark plugs are what supply the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture, creating the explosion which makes your engine produce power. These small but simple plugs create an arc of electricity across two leads which are not touching, but close enough together that electricity can jump the gap between them. Your spark plugs, along with the electrical and timing equipment which powers them, are part of what’s known as your ignition system.   —

This igniting is applied through acupressure points on Earth. We are a Quantum network and enlivened machine Walking for the World. It’s fun! Enlightening !!