Monthly Archive: June 2023

Grounded Circuit Board

With my nanny kiddos I just had insight! The plug-ins and unplugging is the circuit board! The “creature” moving in my brain in meditation the other night is the current.

A new circuit board has shown up. I noticed it this morning when I saw that unplugging in one location led to plugging in to a new location. There is plenty of creative space. And it’s self-contained.

This circuit board holds grounding of thought and emotion that has to do with commitment to a design. Commitment to a purpose. Commitment that is independent and interdependent. Commitment comes into play as I discover I can unplug and plug in within one circuit board.

Soulmate came up today. A circuit board as Soulmate?

I need to process this to clarify. I do know that this new experience of self-containment holds emotion without static and gives me a lot more room to be creative and loving. Expansive rather than restrictive.

Love is a circuit board? Truth is a circuit board? Life is a circuit board? Where does the hologram fit in? Hologram is a circuit board?

It’s easier to live this out than explain it. I’m enjoying staying connected in this circuit board and expressing myself in the flow. Self-contained flow that is independent and interdependent. Sounds like freedom !!

Unplug to Plug In to Harmony

I unplug when something isn’t working. And how do I know when something isn’t working? This body tells me so. This body with its emotions and thoughts is governed by something larger: Spirit. It’s Spirit that does the unplugging (and plugging in — reminds me of Avatar). 

A previous life pattern has been that it took me many turns before I would listen, hear and act. A relationship, job or activity goes on and on until I get the message (and nerve?) to unplug. Often it’s been plug in, unplug to plug in again. The wires tell the story of corrosion or development.

Unplugging leaves a void that rattles the nerves (past experience) or keeps one calm (current experience.) I am now comfortable with and in the unknown. Why? Because Love surrounds me. Love of Light and Light of Love. Spirit.

“Sounding Board” woke up with me this morning. Life has been a journey to find Sounding Boards in people and community. As in resonance. As in echoes of agreement in and with higher spiritual purpose. 

Harmony. I unplug to create harmony. I plug in to create harmony. Thats a lot or wiring and rewiring.

Thanks, Google:

What is the true meaning of spirit?

: an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms. 2. : a supernatural being or essence: such as. a. capitalized : holy spirit.

Spiritual Intimacy

Morning meditation. Turning within. Listening. Watching. Scanning.  

Serpent is everywhere. As the people in my life.

Serpent is the foundation, the base of human form. Must be DNA strand. 

This Spiritual Intimacy unifies us. 

Put wings on this Serpent and Dragon flies, transcends. Wings of consciousnesses.,

Looks like a thin wire. Cosmos is filled with this substance. As is Earth. 

It’s a way of seeing. Eye of Serpent. Dragon Eye. 

As a Mystic I get to venture through realities, planes of existence, dimensions, revolving doors as mirrors, unfolding-enfolding.

Lots of words. One knowing/seeing. Spiritual intimacy.

I keep noticing that I don’t have the need to be in nature. It’s not calling me as it used to. I’m understanding this as I Am nature. I hold and carry that Braille. It’s in my cells, blood, bones. 

Interesting turn of the wheels of consciousness. Serpent takes on diverse forms of Cosmic proportions.

So grateful to share. So grateful to have a space partner—traveling, winging through space/time. So grateful to share adventures of Spirit. So grateful to share the same passions. 

Serpent Breathing

9 PM Meditation. Tuning Into New Potentials

Serpent did the breathing for me, as me !!

Serpent moving through space, filling space.

Serpent around neck. Feels snug. Familiar. Supporting

Back of head. Serpent massage. Undulating serpent is undulating head in meditation response

Back of head-neck bliss. Feels Light!

Center of head bliss. Light headed. 

Brain in head is one coiling/moving Serpent. Never felt—saw—that before!

There’s a living creature in my head!

Must be parallel reality. Shared DNA. 

The “unknown” !!  

Serpent as Cosmic “code” What is code? A message, as in messenger, as in Cosmic traveler.

Change energy. Serpent is red, orange, yellow with 🔶 pattern. 

“Feel it” I feel Serpent as solid. Fills in mind’s Eye. Freud association? Comical! 

“Body lifted to a new mind”  of Spiritual intimacy. Serpent as Spiritual Intimacy. Lowest chakras shift to highest gear. Highest to lowest. Coiling.


Imagine what words and actions do beyond thought and feeling. Living meditation.

Porous Effect

Body led me. Not emotion. Not thought. Body. It’s like letting go of the steering wheel and coasting. Or putting gears in neutral. It’s less noisy and cumbersome.

I sense a spotlight on me, my life. It lights the way. It’s central sun of Galaxy and central sun in humans that are in my orbit and not. This spotlight raises the landscape of thought, feeling, word, action. As in Braille—Light lifts us. Earth is made new.

I have new work to do. Blue work of communication with those Beings I want to be in Contact with. I don’t have to go anywhere. I do need to take time for this intention and action. Another learning curve as in waves of motion through feeling, thought, action. Somehow they are all relating in a new way. More Light is getting through is the “somehow.”

Bike Pedal

I write to honor the language of my Sacred Feminine supported by the language of my Sacred Masculine. This morning She gives me an image of a bicycle pedal. He offers words of logic. I get to create something intelligent with both of them. Who is doing this Creation? The parts of the whole— spirit, heart, brain, body.

For years I’ve been traveling and orbiting around a particular orb. The experience has been enlivening, life changing through ease and turbulence. Recent phase of grounding has zoomed in on turbulence. Being transparent I choose to speak of it—transparent translated as open and honest propelling me forward. 

Two recent experiences have felt like black holes creating tension for the bike pedal—my Angel-Human. One occurred when I expressed physical passion. The second occurred when I expressed emotional passion. The bike pedal has now braked turning away from this passionate orientation altogether. No more black holes!

Does this mean leaving that part of space? Does this space craft move to a less turbulent field? There are definite changes in terrain. Thank you bike pedal.

The pedal is the part of a bicycle that the rider pushes with their foot to propel the vehicle. It provides the connection between the cyclist’s foot or shoe and the crank allowing the leg to turn the bottom bracket spindle and propel the bicycle’s wheels.

Passion Opposites. hate , indifference , apathy , coolness , coldness , calmness , frigidity , unconcern.

4:00 Am Downloads

Downloads pouring through. What chemistry is this? What is it called when Light moves through matter chemically, alchemically.  Do I let it settle out or catch it in this blue netting of resounding communication? 

Hologram is reflection of Light. Moving through matter. Bouncing off matter. 

Will reading The Holographic Universe help me understand this. Help me knit this together?

Words shape matter. Speech shapes matter. If matter is becoming less dense so is our speech. We find one another through the sound of words. Wow! What is sound? “Echo” bounces back. Like a hologram. This is a stream of consciousness and subconsciousness. The plate and Petri dish of Truth. It’s a blue Petri dish. 

I’m not making this stuff up—I’m letting it flow through. Porous substance is holographic. Light dancing through matter. Creative. Full of vitality. New cellular structure.

“Dragon Speak” captures this enchanting language. Blue netting.

Hologram is less dense than matter. It rises out of matter that serves as plate. A Petri dish? As I connect with others through Dragon Speak a holographic network sinks and rises, rises and sinks. Waves.

Sensations speak. A different part of the brain. A new part. Yes, new! Why new? A merging of matter and hologram. Matter becomes less dense. 

Blue attraction. Truth! Dragon Speak Truth.

“That’s heavy” I say.  No, “that’s Light” We say. We of higher intelligence bring Light and Enlightenment.

I love this Arcturian woman, Andromeda. She is so very Blue! She loves me. It’s a bond. An agreement. Emotion waves up through this physical body. Is emotion a holographic sensation? Communicating wave to wave.

Are the waves moving through this body during Contact with Light Beings in meditation and in telepathy holographic?

It’s a good word for these new sensations of awareness. Intelligence as instinctual awareness through physical sensation. The physical as Petri dish. Not as experiment! As expression! 

Blue throat chakra speaks at the neck (behind) and throat (in front). It connects Heaven above and earth below.

Welcome this blue landscape and watch holographic waves give shape and form to matter. Intelligent design. Like working clay with hands—sound creates form.

Holographic wings. We touch, we speak, wing to wing. Enchantment in New Earth.

Seeing is Believing

Holographic image in my mind’s eye presents itself as parts of matter in an ocean of empty yet charged space. Each and every part has unique design manifesting through sound and color as form. To be alive is to thrive with vitality. To die is to lose vitality. Vitality = Light energy.

Tara Mantra

We chanted this mantra during the Summer Solstice Meditation Manifestation:

OM: Magnificent: total purity and unity of body, speech and mind. 

TARE: Homage to liberating lady Tara, Goddess heroine.

TUTTARE: Completely dispelling all fears.

TURE: Granting all benefits to all scope of beings.

SVAHA: From the foundation of my heart, I bow.