Monthly Archive: May 2023

Music as Color

I Am. We Are. Circulating via Guidance. A musical score. Another learning curve.

A standard definition of a musical score is ‘a copy of a composition on a set of staves braced and barred together‘ (Oxford Classical Dictionary) or staves ‘that are vertically aligned so as to represent visually the musical coordination’ (Grove Concise Dictionary of Music).

Brain Spectrum

Supernatural! Home at 2:30 am and after three weeks off to work to see my babies at 8:30 am.

Realizing Dr Joe’s String Theory diagram is my Light Lineage!

Realizing that my words of personal experience regarding Heart Song are also words from ETs. Is this a mirroring? An echoing? I’m still wrapping my brain around this relationship with cosmic beings—as a Light ray comes in. More Light Lineage! Fun to learn as it unfolds Now by Now. Definitely a different brain. Whole Brain knowing includes a spectrum of brains! In Body and Field. An Embodiment of Light! And that’s a Turn On!

I had difficulty staring at the kaleidoscopes on screen. My physical eyes couldn’t get into it and kept diverting. Odd!

Heart Song

Remembering! In the Sunday Coherence Healing my heart cracked open across my chest as a purple amethyst. Another woman said her heart was a Diamond. Lots of mystics at AFU!

Less static on the lines allowed me to get what I wanted this weekend: Grounded Contact. Why has that been so important to me? It has everything to do with Love in 3-D.

Thoughts and Feelings

Don’t underestimate the power of demons. They live in the dark unconscious. They are a “band” associated with nerves. They tighten, constrict. They want control. The ultimate AI — artificial intelligence.

I remember now. During Baptism on the hill facing sun at the beginning g of Saturday meditation my right arm and hand moved behind me and there was— Serpent! I thought that significant but don’t have that info yet. Oh! Info coming through—the reptilian brain!

There’s a reason Angel Michael has a sword and a reason why he invites humans to use it—he told me this years ago.

I know electricity as Lighting up. I’ve been observing it as I see people I know and reach out to hug them. I know it with my Beloved when we connect—and when we don’t. It’s a radiant sensation or a void. And the void is okay because Light moves us through “with flying colors.” That’s good information— thank you! And a “thank you” comes back “around.” Is there a space on the learning curve where demons hang out to constrict flow? New questions. New answers. New terrain.

These new waves are different. They don’t feel electric in the same way. Maybe the difference between heart and brain generation. Is there not a new generation—of Body? The Union of Heart-Mind. It’s a learning curve. Demons are not fond of learning curves and constrict that part of the brain (not sure what that means).

I’m surprised that my two healing groups were not more joyful. As if people were numb or closed off. Light opens us up. Joy is radiant and the best way to keep demons in check. And the best way to expose them. So Dracula! My Healee was radiant!

Emotional intelligence is critical. I had a collision with someone yesterday who is on staff at some level. How we treat one another is more important than information—and I had the wrong information that caused her to be rude. What was going on in her nervous system to lash out at me? Stress! People who know me give me a lot of room when I don’t get details correct. Brain development must move into emotional intelligence. EI !!

Light of Love is Love of Light. There is no stopping it. New Earth shines through its learning curve.


Just saw an image of a rainbow watching Dr Joe’s video Do Demons Really Exist and was reminded that during meditation ET friends (different than Arcturians and other Light Beings) showed how fingers emit rainbow colors and rainbows are links/paths into multi- dimensions. 

What’s all this commotion moving through my body? I’m guessing it’s Cerebral Spinal Fluid. It’s distracting as I can’t recall as well the information that came through.

The healee in my Coherence Healing circle had an experience similar to mine in that she kept shaking off tingling sensations  from her hands/fingers; experienced CSF around her eyes, face (I watched her); and talked about going into and coming out of another entity (merging). It was as if I was watching a re-birthing of my own birth. This is emotional as I write. At the time I simply observed as thought.

So, when Dr Joe shares info and instructs us to explain it to the person next to us my mind goes blank and I realized today the information is going into nothingness. Isn’t that the Quantum experience? Whatever—Joe explained and repeated string theory so well today that some of us got it so that we could explain it. Human brains switching gears!

Met a cool man whose shining eyes caught my attention from across the room. He has an association with Bee and it was my bee costume that caught his eye. We kept connecting. His female partner is connected to a Cosmic Federation. Wow!  And then a man connects with me from home saying he must have manifested it since he set the intention earlier and he is also connected to Blue Beings.

I’ve been trying to find a contact for Coherence Healing with Autistic children. A couple dead ends but I’ll keep asking.

I had no idea I was feeling so chatty! The body just dove into a stream of consciousness and I simply have the need to communicate for my Light Lineage / family.

Merging Life Forms

Birthing as merging as ET shows up entering my body or my body entering its body. (Some word for it at edge but not coming through) Pressing skeletal fingers together being to being. As if I wear its fingers now. Black — definitely black — space craft leaves this being on New Earth. ET experiencing Earth forms (bees, tadpoles) through humans. An upgrade in code.

We were, are, will be ET intelligence of information and inspiration. To inspire—breathe.

Thank you 💜🌀

Floating / Grounding

Good reminder for Dr Joe Live. I went there yesterday! Vacation has me really turned around, floating more than grounding. It’s been the best vacation ever 💜💜

Soon I gotta get in this body to fly out of town! More thinking than floating 🌀 Brain power and wing power. Maybe back spasms have to do with wings. Also aware that hugging matches my right heart with human left heart. Who’s making this stuff up?

This Human Life

Daily life, human body life:

Back spasm returned. I now know it’s not physical blockage or disease of liver, kidney, etc. Light prevails infinitely 🌟 It’s still…as if something is trying to be born on the right side of torso. A second heart? My vacation found me in an unusual amount of stillness. Am I giving birth? Or preparing? So glad to know from experience that more will be revealed.

Weird that I have to get a hair cut. The back of my neck and face don’t like the weight. It’s an irritant to skin. Don’t all human cultures value long hair? I’m accepting that I’m not from here !!


3:00 am Meditation. Blessing of the Energy Centers, BOTEC 7

A new route, Now by Now:

Laying down not generating CSF so I sit up and coordinates align N/S/E/W. I press into them. They press into me. Connecting as sockets

Center of universal space

Past, present, future

Time Space revolves around me

I get to relate to all of it

In its spiraling ascent

Upright spine! Happy spine.

“Aligning connection” 1 & 2. Intersecting w meditation now

“3…Find it…feel it… Moment by moment” “Center of power, will”

Top of head in focus. Locked in. Lower chakras not coming into focus. I let it be. “Receive”

“1,2,3,4….”  North Star dominating. “Enjoy it and receive”

5 is a blur ??  Focus still at top. Comical…looks like a tadpole. Spinal cord stem, secondary system

“1,2,3,4,5,6 at the same time” 

Tadpole looks like comet. ‘Configuration’

“6, find it”  Home base. Cruising thru space. “…energy of the mystical”

Want to focus here. At rest. Locked in. Circular. “Remember this feeling. Become this feeling”

“1,2,3,4,5,6, all at once aligning, connecting” generating substance.

Radiating head. Signals. 

“7” CSF pulsates, generates.  S/He plays her part, holding space. “Become more aware of it”

“Remember this feeling” Heart pressure

“1,5,6,7” I think he said. 7. Love this attention at 7.  “and receive…”. 

“8”  triangular design. Star.  Radiating head. Pressurized presence.

“Become it” Heart speaks again… Heart quake. “Be worthy”

“Become aware that you’re aware” “Behind you, way behind you” Propulsion thru space. “Energy and

Information”. “Become the Void”

“Order and wholeness” Music to my ears. Musical attraction !!  Follow the sound waves no, Pushed by sound waves.

“8 Be there”  Thank you for this pillow talk…comical! 

“Embody it”

“Center of your brain, back of your brain” Love this!  

Focus now on body parts. In focus!

“4”  Wow…New Earth focus. 

“Embody that energy”  Body loves the attention, feeling the music. Harmonizing.

Undulating tadpole!  Fertilizing space with conscious Light from a new human species!  “Feel that with your entire body”

“Who do you want to be?”  Head quake like Heart quake. Releasing energy. Radiation. Unified radiation in the Field, thru the Field.

Follow the yellow brick road….Golden Light 🌟🎼🌟