Frequency Generation: sending signals out & calling signals in for a New Life

New brain wave, new breath. Work with your body. Truth shining. 

Center of the magnet moving me, dancing me inward, outward and around.   

Become the breath of a new life.  

Gaia currents breathing. Who follows? Winged ones.

Form and Flow. Formless Flow. 

“More of it and less of you”

“Lose yourself” “It’s all energy…frequency” Head leads. Heart-Body follows. Head Light lead…to clarify.

“Lose yourself to connection” 

“Into nothing” Chrysalis as messy

Nothing. No judgment in Flow. 

Great music at Center of the Magnet. 

Winged ones sending signal out. Transmuting. “To change your life.”

Bee Pollen as Stardust. Sticking to humans like honey. I wish stardust for those on this call. A yellow pathway, golden.  “A connection to the energy that changes your life”

Experience change, transmutation. Wings know Flow. Create change in your life. “Become it” “Become the frequency of change that changes your life” 

“…Love you have for a new Life” “Drawing it to you…” “Receive…”. 

“Receive the synchronicities of that Life in your Heart” 

Receive the gifts of Flow in Flow as they expand making all things new. “Gifts of a New Life” “Feel it”

“Gratitude for a new Life” “‘Receive a new Life” ✔️  In process!!

“Aware of nothing but your connection to the energy of a new Life” Heart – Brain + Body = Body as Brain. 

Change happens through us, not to us. Change as a flowing process. Alchemical, with order, harmony.  By Design as a witness and participant. In the Field and on the bleacher. Creating changes of time as in clock work !!

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