Monthly Archive: April 2023

Frequency Generation: sending signals out & calling signals in for a New Life

New brain wave, new breath. Work with your body. Truth shining. 

Center of the magnet moving me, dancing me inward, outward and around.   

Become the breath of a new life.  

Gaia currents breathing. Who follows? Winged ones.

Form and Flow. Formless Flow. 

“More of it and less of you”

“Lose yourself” “It’s all energy…frequency” Head leads. Heart-Body follows. Head Light lead…to clarify.

“Lose yourself to connection” 

“Into nothing” Chrysalis as messy

Nothing. No judgment in Flow. 

Great music at Center of the Magnet. 

Winged ones sending signal out. Transmuting. “To change your life.”

Bee Pollen as Stardust. Sticking to humans like honey. I wish stardust for those on this call. A yellow pathway, golden.  “A connection to the energy that changes your life”

Experience change, transmutation. Wings know Flow. Create change in your life. “Become it” “Become the frequency of change that changes your life” 

“…Love you have for a new Life” “Drawing it to you…” “Receive…”. 

“Receive the synchronicities of that Life in your Heart” 

Receive the gifts of Flow in Flow as they expand making all things new. “Gifts of a New Life” “Feel it”

“Gratitude for a new Life” “‘Receive a new Life” ✔️  In process!!

“Aware of nothing but your connection to the energy of a new Life” Heart – Brain + Body = Body as Brain. 

Change happens through us, not to us. Change as a flowing process. Alchemical, with order, harmony.  By Design as a witness and participant. In the Field and on the bleacher. Creating changes of time as in clock work !!

A Transparent Life

So much aligning to do! Does consciousness ever end? Now it’s consciousness in New Earth as I (Earth body) learn more about balance within and with people. Seems my internal observer gives me feedback after the fact— as in “oops!” I was off because of “time”, that clock again. I double booked my day and was in a hurry. I wasn’t going to do that! I will learn this yet! Unlearning still!

I spontaneously (as if it called me) opened the book The Shamanic Way of the Bee and read a back chapter about the Bee Mistress. The ritual described made me of think of 3am meditation as a Bee dance. The power of this dance is yielding to a Force that is multi layered and getting lost in it. Lotus petal image comes up and in again.

I was surprised that I knew more about orgasm than my Kegel Physical Therapist did. She thought there was only one type of orgasm. How can that be? Her patients must not talk about the subject nor ask questions. And her sex life must be very boring. There are so many types of physical and etheric orgasm. In my experience, so far, the former doesn’t come close to the latter. In etheric realms there are so many electric energetic waves on the other side of nerve endings. Im getting/receiving that it’s a “brain orgasm.” So brain is outside the body!  I’m done with Kegel questions and appointments. I was a “simple case.” I’m amazed how information has helped me manage an overactive bladder in its beginning stage. Yes, I’m transparent about personal topics. Why not be transparent? What’s there to hide? Nothing!

My days are now filled with new territory. I walk a thinner line as I learn what works and doesn’t. Interesting lesson learning that heart can feel one way, mouth can speak on behalf of heart and then body can’t back it up with action. This was my GoLove experience and thinking I could return. When I went to bed my intention was to join the Zoom session. When I woke up I couldn’t go there. My body felt like a ship out of harbor and it couldn’t turn around! Now I have to be aware of all these layers. I think I can do this by using the word “now.” As in, I feel, think and speak this way Now and will see if body agrees in that same Now. Is the body slower to respond? Isn’t this about future “time?” How to wrap around this and then wrap up in it? How to make it full circle? There’s that Bee Dance again. 

N/S Serpent Coiled ~ E/W Wings Activated

Nerve endings are antennae scanning space for information. Do I do this or that? I sense the conditions and know. Sometimes more information is useful. A difference between knowing intuitively and knowing logically.

“…Eyes closed”  Buddha. Sitting, less writing.  Brain buzzing, full—before the pineal breathing exercises. 

Antennae like the hand of a clock scanning the field for inspiration. Body not inspired with this breathing. 

Observing. Sitting Buddha. Changed Body.  

“Serpent” is still, coiled. Volume too loud and I can’t turn it down. Not in synch. Will see what’s next. Not attached to outcomes, effects. 

Change of voice / tone gets my attention. Participating now. “Feel” 

Scanning disc. “Pure consciousness” “Aware that you’re aware”

Antenna as a disc dish.  Giving/emitting. Receiving/absorbing. “Tune in and receive” “More”

Mid back tingling. Wing chakra.


“1,2 aligning, connecting” 3:45 am, that was a lot of pineal breathing. An intrusive thought or an informative one? I wrap around it with non-judgmental wings. Wings of observation.

Solar Plexus (this is news!), Heart, Throat connect to Wings at back. Triangular. 

“1, 2, 3 all at once”  “Receive” 

“4”  “1,2,3,4 at the same time”

“5, locate it”  White Wings outstretched. Hah! Serpent replacement for Now. “Your center to express Love” “Feel it with your throat”

1,2,3,4,5 aligning, attuning. Serpent N/S. Wings E/W. Thank you for this information. 

Inhale is N/S. Exhale is E/W. Cross currents of Chi.  Thank you for this feeling.

“6, find it…feel it…” Exhale through E/W arms, hands.  

“1,2,3,4,5,6 all at once. Aligning. Connecting.” “Feel it…” 

“7, find it, feel it” Listening, watching for guidance. Quiet field and body. 

“Energy of harmony…within you and all around you” “Become more aware of it”

“7”  “1,2,3,4,5,6,7 all at once”  N/S alignment. E/W curved, a circle. 

“8, sense it” White Diamond, crystalline w many facets. Lotus flower w many petals. Like an umbrella, protecting.

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 at the same time…aligning and connecting”

Radiant particles streaming down. Skin receiving via nerve endings of inspiration — and information. (Thank you, Logic) Logic is inclusive in its purity, wholesomeness.

A space including space and time. Inclusive. “Greater levels of Oneness” “Raise the frequency”

“8, Bee 🐝 there” 

Wheels within wheels. All in One. One in All. Parts of One whole. Sewn, woven. A coat of many colors. 

Skin holds it all together. One package of nerves, blood and bone. Nerve ending Chemistry. Nerves respond/react. Muscles carry body here, there. Chakras wheels teach purity. Wings transcend. 

Daily Life Break Through(s)

Playing with Kenny the Cat to entertain kids.. Out of nowhere that “drip” takes me out of Now on that clock of time. Again it has to do with “how long is this (work day) gonna take?” “ How much time left?” Impatient nerves? Too much fire?  This “drip” effect creates a fork or circuit break in the road, the Now current. Or is it a greater connection? Not sure yet how to read or interpret this new territory of Awareness. I’ve been tricked to judge so much from a negative perspective. More Light brings new angles of Seeing.

Singing songs from my childhood to the baby twins. When little I loved singing while swinging in the side yard. Now these nurturing songs come up as my childhood joy nurtures additional childhoods with joy. Also peace/contentment. These are transmissions from subconscious to conscious. Like the dance in morning meditation.

This communication system is now in place as I heal food issue. I’m more conscious—Light continues to break through! The subconscious is aerated!

Getting that unwiring is counter clockwise while wiring is clockwise. Will see how this evolves!

Chi Observation

…”from the observation deck,” I’m told. I love this support that comes in. It enlightens my heart and I feel young, like a child!

Yesterday when I was dancing with baby twins my chi flow was counterclockwise. Today it’s clockwise again. Observing…

Lower back keeps stressing with binding tissue. I am conscious of it, talk to it, massage it. Overnight it goes away. I love this short recovery time. My tooth and gut are needing more work and time. Unwiring and rewiring. So much for-give-ness!!

I build muscle with nanny work. Too much bending over the babies irritates lower back. I adjust! Hah. My own chiropractor.

Dream Substance

Healing this body is that unlearning and learning. So many dead ends. I’m now watching closely and paying attention to my gut. Taste buds ruled for so long—emotional eating. I can eat any food. It’s a matter of when, what and why. I think my gut is happy with no food until lunch. Happy gut is happy tooth. Still unlearning and learning. 

Morning dream: at an event with classrooms down stairs. Leaving I give hugs to those who are withered, dry, brittle. A young boy, an older man. With two women and one informs me I have white substance on my nose. I try to remove it but it doesn’t detach. I pull on it and it doesn’t stop. I pull and pull this long white string from my nose. I sense its significance and ask the one woman to take a picture cuz I couldn’t see it from that direction. Never does take a picture and I wake up. 

Realizing these 3 am meditations are superconscious, subconscious, and conscious interplay. Sexual. Alive! Electromagnetic with Heaven and Earth and “middle Earth.” I was thinking the thread as a toxic release but no! Not toxic or negative at all!  What is the word for this “transmutation?” What is this substance? Reptilian brain substance and new sense of smell. Again, breathing under water. We lose something to gain something else. 

“The nose Knows.”

Whew !!

Emotional intelligence is a learning process that includes unlearning. Tangled wires loosen and drop away when wires, nerves, muscles activate with new Life. Change is alchemical.

“…transmute your life” Eager to breathe Life “Prepare the body for the act of creation” “Relaxing…”

“Relaxing”. Seeing stars. Crystal Stars near and far. Moving in Spiral… a pouring forth. I yield to Flow. Galaxy Milky Way. 

“Energy from the Earth into your Heart” “How much energy you got” Following this path way. A man present in white turban. Invite him to join us here on Earth. Sandals. A biblical life. Hands together at heart “Open your Heart” “Get Big” Images in synch with these words pouring forth. 

“Open up” Love this man, teacher. “Pull up”. A 🔷🔶 Crystal connection with lines and curves. “Let it build”

“Drawing energy from the Cosmos” I am surrounded in color. I Am 🔷🔶 “Let it build” Mental mind threw in an odd thought about not doing this. It has no chance to engage in this Flow. Where did that out of synch electric “drip” come from? “Solar plexus,” this body says. Will Power is not my will. Will Power is Thy will. White turban, sandals.

I Am Master. Learning! Teaching!

Many lifetimes. “And lose yourself” This experience is “mind mapping”

“More of it and less of you” Writing is grounding! That’s cool!

“…nothing but connection.” Thanking salmon for brain food dinner. Brain feels sharply grounded.   See staff of turban man planted in Earth. Arid desert. “You are the Source of the thoughts” “Every thought creates the frequency” We are mind mapping. “Sending the signal out” A blueprint past, present, future. “With your brain” Thank you Gaia for nourishing food, manna from Heaven. “Sending signal out from your brain” My heart chakra electrified—expanded. Likes this work of giving/receiving. Unique! Spontaneous combustion. “… that will transmute your life” “ with your brain. Another drip of resistant impulse. Begone, intruder. “Sending the signal out from your brain” From my whole body!  I Am in control. At the wheel. “Connection to the energy that will transmute your life” Adding color to words. Filling in space with colors.

Resistant tug. Has no chance in this Flow. Opposite current. “You are the force sending the signal out. Straightening wires. “Connected” For one, for all. “…transmutes your life sending the signal out” Nerve ending signals from Earth. Beings past, present, future respond. A welling up of energy at waste. Waves expanding, now Heart. “ Sending the signal out” “‘Aware of nothing but your connection to the energy that changes your life” 

Radiating body. Pulsating gold energy. “Experience it” Coloring in the lines. “With you brain” I add Brain-Body.  All colors serpentine in flow. My words are edited as if on a trajectory pathway. In stay in line—guided by this Head Light. “Trust this feeling” A supportive connection via these meditations.

“Become the change in your life” “You are the Source…” “Feel it with your Heart” “Fall in Love with it and it changes your life”  Impulse connecting Solar Plexus and taste buds on tongue. New relationship with food “molecules” (I’m told, informed) Molecular change. “And receive” 

“Receive the joy of that life in your Heart” “Let the energy of joy live in your heart so you enjoy a new life”

Distracting impulses resisting flow of Now. Clock work. What does the clock have to say? Instead of negating I’ll “Synchronize your Heart drawing synchronicities to you” view from a different angle. 

“And receive the gift” Clock has to do with future. “Gifts of a new Life…Feel it with your Heart” “ Drawing it to you with gratitude for a new life” Throat chakra just pulsated, activated. “Receive a new Life with your heart” Music keeps us on path, supporting the process. We meditators are music. 🎼🎼🎼

Hands open and release pressure. Big energy Now. “Same energy in the brain…in your Heart.” “Aware of nothing but your connection to the energy that changes your life”

Kaleidoscope of color patterns pulsating. Signals given received past, present, future. Clock also signifies Now awareness. Just transmuted that attitude and thought about a “distracting” impulse/thought. “When you’re ready…”

Wow, what an immersion! I could breathe under water! Those distractions were “air bubbles”

My brain is stretched! It’s all Good 🌀💜🌀🌎🌟🎶🐝💜🌀🔷🔶🛸💜

Those words after the meditation were bursting my bubble of substance. Enough words! Had to leave. Capacity for words full and overflowing. Why more words? No, thank you! Good to have choice sustaining round energies. My brain-body is rounding out in health and well Being. Gratitudes ✔️✔️

The bottom line? This is new sexuality! A robe of many colors.


Heart as sun. Lines radiate in/out. Rays. Thank you for all this Heart connection, attention. Goddess smiles. Gaia smiles.

White Light. Head bobbing circular, new movements. Feeling/seeing new space. 

Want to be still with/in this brain bliss. To do my own thing or “inhale-exhale?” that goes against internal current. I’ll do both!  Listening/responding within/without. 

Whole body feels like pineal gland. A roundness moving out with line > at center. Solar Plexus?

Energy upward meets energy downward creating >. Cool music! “Inspire yourself”

Whole body as brain! Pulsating, waving as One. 

Chrysalis is messy. Habit to new intelligence. 

I’m Buddha! Roundness of belly. Lines and curves. This stimulus can go on forever. Going into stillness with intention….

Sitting in roundness like Buddha. I want to honor that which enters here. 

Out of body flying around. Visiting. Bringing it back. “Feel your connection to it”

Hand reaches out to touch. A mind of it’s own. Comical! Light-heartedness—such is Love. A gift given/received within and without.

Stillness?  Backdrop for activity. Base support. 

Forces pull parts together. Design. Larger design. “Feel more of it and less of you”

Skin an organ. Nerve endings attract/repel. Nerve ending intelligence! Radar. Signals. Radiation of Sun. Rays. Nerve ending rays. Beaming messages.

Pulling back in to listen externally. 

Matter/Energy fluidity. 

White Lighting my pathways. Breathing through tubes. “Feel it, your connection to Oneness” “ Experience it”

Magnetic pull toe to head/head to toe. “Frequency…of a new life”  

 Beeing pulled. Being attracted. “Feel more of it and less of you”

“Feel the connection” “That’s energy in your heart” “The energy of a new life in your heart”

To nurture this Tree of Life. Lots of pruning going on. Messy. New patterns of intelligence shining through to matter! 

Sitting as Buddha. Round is happy.

“Tune in to energy of inspiration” Grateful for this focus that balances information. “Be moved by it”

Buddha — Seat of the Soul

New pathways of intelligence. Light shining through matter. Thank you Arcturian presence of deep Blue.

“Energy of inspiration” We see you! We acknowledge you from planet Earth with hearts wide open giving/receiving signals of Light. “A new opportunity”

“Draw the experience…to you”. Meditation is journeying through inner and outer space. “New opportunities” “Drawing it to you”

A different power surge.  The meeting of power surges!  “Feel your connection to it”

Relationships as power surges. “Know this feeling by heart” “Synchronize your energy” “…in a new life”

Heart pinging throughout this meditation journey. Heart energy impressing matter.  Bringing parts together. Extended family. Cosmic.  “Be worthy to receive”

What a rounded journey! Round is power. As in Buddha. Buddha belly laughing, content. “A new life” Team work comes into mind and out hand in communication here/now. Flow ~~~

A Meditative Journey

Darkness is not empty or silent. It buzzes.

Polarity. Ego or Angelic? Enlightenment as Angelic and Ego. Enlightened polarity. N Angelic. S Ego. N/S polarity. What is E/W called? “Radiation” (thank you Source for informing me) 

“Reaction” creates polarity. Response creates different polarity. Polarity as electromagnetic (+/-) charge. Plug in! Be Angelic. Let life be Angelic polarity in 3-D. 

A slanted orientation. Why slanted? “Light rays” come in at an angle. Light/Matter relationship of angles. Feels good, safe, secure. 

Connect to “the Divine within you”

Angles are lines that energy follows —softening and rounding out. Kundalini Goddess requires Masculine lines to follow. 

Keep seeing N/S pole of 🔷🔶 with serpentine thread twisting around outer lines.  Leaving this rabbit hole!

“Inhale, Exhale” Now breath is following these lines. 



Listening for the story,  teaching. Caught in the rabbit hole! Going down a tube. Inner body—human body, Gaia body. “You must feel divine” 

Hah!  I am the rabbit hole and can’t leave !!

What to do in this tube of matter? What to offer? Golden Fairy dust (pollen?) from wand which is extension of arm. Tube lightens up. Fire fly effect. Now wings emit stardust pollen. “Become your future now”

“I Am” exploring nooks and crannies of Body “celestial” emitting golden sparks /stardust. 

On my own journey. In my own space. Engaged differently. Brain full of substance. What does melatonin have to do with CS Fluid? How do they relate?

I Am that polarity tube of 🔷 design. Particle as line, Wave as energy. Not very engaged in external meditation. Having an internal journey—a different trajectory.



Trajectory— a curve or surface cutting a family of curves or surfaces at a constant angle.

“Become the vortex”  “Dimensional creation”

Breath as wavy line. In Pranic tube again. “Love your future” “Become divine” “Breathe, Feel”  

ET and Bee presence. “into the field” “ calling your future to you”

“affirmation” “radiating information into the field” “embody it” “radiate it” 

“Who are you?” In a bee hive. Lots of cells empty and full.

“Who are you in this moment” “A new mind”. 

“Who are you?” Broadcasting into the field. 🐝 Beeing. “A new state of Being”

Dragon Speak~In Color

We connect as ley lines around  Gaia. Breathing new Life.

Logic is so orderly. Grace full. 

JD words filled in with emotional content/power. I smile, inside out.

I am human with thoughts and feelings on a spectrum. I manage these attuned to another pool of influence. Plugged in to de-Light of the unknown Now known. Human — Divine breathe new Life. Informing, Inspiring. 

“A little more Light in your heart” “Breathe and feel” “That’s energy” “Feel it…in your heart” “Center of the magnet” “Energy from the Earth”

Good morning N/S Serpent. Pole activation. Feedback loops in place. Gears.

Serpentine design undulating. Head receives the current tilting back, receiving.

Pumping CS Fluid. Tilting head back aligns inner power points with Reptilian Brain. Touch it. Know it. Let Dragon Speak. Colorful 🔶🔷 pattern. Scales. Nerve endings.

Sexy voice. Color full.

Pumping via Serpentine scalar pattern. 🔷🔶 Throat extended. A gear in the coiling/uncoiling chain.

Words. So many words. “Fall in Love with it” Throat. 🔷

Moving through “Endless nothing”

Ley line. Moving as. Activating, pumping grid. Earth one grid vortex in cosmic grid system.

Outside forces pull strings, nerve endings. Response is a choice . Who, what do I respond to? 

Focus on inner Serpent/Dragon—showing off its colored scales. ⬛️🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪⬜️⬛️ “into the nothing on both sides of you” ⬛️ is nothing “on both sides of you” “it’s all around you” 

Diamond color full scales are outlined in black. Black lines/boundaries of design. Color fills in, fills out, blackness.

“Infinite black nothing” Top of head likes this nothingness. Resonates. Let the Eye be single and the body full of Light. “Oneness” 

“Energy of inspiration” is my focus. To breathe new Life. To live new Life.   

“Embody a new life”