Walking With the Divine

3:15 am meditation
Unwavering and waving wall of protection like cloaking.

Membrane. ===||||||| —overlayed

Toxic substance pours out (gravy texture) openings.  Begone old limited thinking, feeling, speaking, acting.

“Commanding matter to a new mind”

Toxins thinner now. Watery.

Cloak of protection in place. Intruder free zone.

Light coming through opening spaces, pores, doors. Shining rays cloaking, protecting matter. Divine Design.

I listen and respond. Receiving/ Giving. Natural Harmony.

As in Light, as in Matter.  Revolving doors as mirror as prism.

“Let your Eye be single and your body full of Light”

Smelling incense

Divine design of tooth/root canal activating; mesh healing ==|| —overlayed

Writing, listening, hearing is like holding hands — bonding Truth.

“One with everything”

More incense, sweet

“Thoughts matter.” Feelings? Emotional Intelligence.

Writing NOW a unique trance state—grounded, grounding.  50 years of writing inside out! Telling the story of Light moving through this matter. It’s personal !! I love contributing this way. “Thankful for this moment.” “ Worthy to receive what you’ve created.” 

Poetic instructions. “Baptized in Light.”

Heartfelt Gratitude 💜💜

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