Chi Motion

GOLOV Meditation

Immediately saw a coated wire so I googled insulation:

“The safety and effectiveness of the wire depend on its insulation. Both electrical and transmission cables make use of insulation to protect their enclosed conductors from temperature extremes, abrasion, current/signal loss, and moisture.” 

Then I got “grounding wire.”

Google: “A “grounding” wire…is a safety wire that has intentionally been connected to earth. The grounding wire does not carry electricity under normal circuit operations. It’s purpose is to carry electrical current only under short circuit or other conditions that would be potentially dangerous. Grounding wires serve as an alternate path for the current to flow back to the source, rather than go through anyone touching a dangerous appliance or electrical box.”

I remembered that Pineal Breathing in 3:00 am meditation moved as flow of spiraling Serpent, inhale, hold it, exhale. Rainbow Serpent!

Body has been telling me to sit cross legged on the floor yoga style. It releases stress. (grounding wire?)

Day 6 and eating clean! Tension with dentist—drama!

Funny that a childhood memory of my beloved collie came up in meditation. I remember crawling into his dog house! Did not like that doggy smell. 

Stress! I create stress but am learning to be in relationship with chi. Tai chi—move with Divine Grace.

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