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3 am meditation

“Move some energy”. Dragon! Brain, head of Dragon. Spiraling motion upward. Bobbing head. 

Dragon overflows at top of head. Expanding. Trance. 

#3  Mother Mary. Protecting. Earth Mother. 

#4. Green flow. Emerald. Bathing substance down back, spine.

#5. Deep Blue. Dragon body parallel. I Am 

Purple. “Become it” 

#6. Waving Dragon Serpent   South to North. Vertical

#7. North Star. Merging fluids. “Harmony. Oneness.” Energetic ripples, connecting. “Connecting”

#8. White overarching arc.  Fills in E/W.  Rainbow colors circulating, dancing, expressing

A collective Orb  12345678

”On both sides of you“ Equator E/W coordinates, boundaries, edges

“Unified Field”.  “Raise the frequency” 

Star “at top of your head”  N/S/E/W radiant

Body parts love this attention, recognition — responding as if they have their own personality. 


Laying down meditation. Ripples, pulses ~~~~ up through entire body. Key board effect.

Red-yellow wave ripples out from center. Speed of Light seeing or Gamma Ray seeing?

Gamma rays have the smallest wavelengths and the most energy of any wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. They are produced by the hottest and most energetic objects in the universe, such as neutron stars and pulsars, supernova explosions, and regions around black holes.


One of my characters on the stage of this 3-D life is Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. The one with no brain. That’s how I feel now that I wake up and remember, hours later, what the techs told me: When my phone goes into “No internet service” shut it down then open it. It worked. I was looking forward to 3 am meditation but I had no internet service. Interesting how the memory was there to greet me when I woke up. Also interesting — and victorious — is that I didn’t react. Intruder may interfere with something in 3-D but this manipulation never stops the Flow.

When the unknown shines in the Field as known it’s reflected in matter. The effect in my matter is that this event happened. It’s as if time/space has done a flip. And it’s a done deal, sealed. It already happened. It’s a new sensation of ease.

I have doubts — meaning I’m looking into my thought-feelings — about two comments I made in social media this week. Were they inappropriate? Why? Why not? I conclude that it’s okay to make waves. It’s also okay to pay more attention to cause and effect before any action. This would mean more logic (stop in my tracks and think) rather than flow spontaneously. Inspiration’s fire and information’s ice.

At the drum circle I had difficulty offering the Four Directions ritual. I couldn’t do sequential thinking. And nothing flowed which was the exact opposite from last month. My brain was blank, in nothingness. I told the women that someone else can do this ritual. Now I think about the work I’d have to do to offer this. I’d have to practice, get grounded, learn the details, practice more. Do I want to do this? It feels like going against my natural current. It feels unnatural. Do I want to add this logical and grounded character into my life? I’m listening and watching for the answer. There are so many teachings about how to honor the Four Directions. I prefer letting them speak in the moment. The “rules” never work for me since I live and learn inside out. It’s also about meeting others’ expectations — fitting in. I don’t want to play a role. I don’t want to act. I want to be genuinely me, myself and I Am.

Am image just came in regarding how this feels/looks: It’s a connecting squiggly thread in a circle, the whole.

Channel Light

The language of the energy centers  is Dragon Speak. A tribe. A fleet.

3am meditation

Radiate it. Cerebral Spinal Fluid carries radiant Light. 

Pineal breathing ignites Light awakening Dragon. 

Brain fills up to BE radiant. Brain cavity full to the edge. Why an edge? What else? Where else? 

Light Beings respond. To connect with Higher Intelligences. Out of 3-D dense body. 

Being entity in blackness. S/He’s greeted me before. Etheric. Wavy. Substance out of their mouth as wavy ribbons.

A new species! A new home planet. 

“Blackness” is rich with Life force and Life forms. Underwater blackness. Outer space blackness. Light loves blackness. Dances through it. Transforms it. Transmuting.

The veil as top of head. Beyond Pineal. Nothing to something. Something to nothing. Yin/Yang promenade.

Veil is thick. Stuck Darkness. Drip, drip, drip of golden light gets through. On top surface now. Creating commotion. Shake, rattle, roll. Veil breaking down.

“A new consciousness”. “ Mystical mind” “ Open Heart” “Genius”……

Calling out that which is beyond the veil. “Heart to Heart” “Mind to Mind”

“The living matrix”. “ The web”. “A new consciousness”. “Feel it!”

“Stay connected to it”. …..  Source — golden ribbons in Earth.  Around the globe” Mining gold. “Shimmer the web”

Appreciating Dr Joe Dispenza as a Channel of Light. 🌟

Overflowing Hose

After that overflowing meditation I see myself as a “hose”— receiving / giving / being. Radiant.

3:00 am meditation
Relaxing, exhale fils my brain with CS Fluid immediately. Top of head pressured. 

Diamond prism in upper central brain

It’s the exhale that has CS Fluid effect of filling brain-body up and out 

Feel charges around my head. Light. A hole at the top of head. Star connection.

Serpent bobbing head. Serpent likes this! Shoulders play a part —supporting. Pressure at top of head. Gut speaks. Back of head speaks. A cave. Going in. Heart speaks. 

Intention. Increasing immunity. White Blood Cells. Calling in.

Dancing Serpent Head. A radiant hose. 

Looks like 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺 but not red

Crown effect  Spinal hose

Hose and Serpent are One. Head full, radiant. Radiant energy

Call to order — white blood cells. Thank you for healing.

Self absorbed to radiating around Gaia

Trees come in, four legged ones, jungle, winged ones, water ones, cacti, waters, 

Hose radiating around Gaia

Bobbing head then “center of head in space”

Going in and out of listening and writing. Breathing style. Ribbon effect

Third Eye energy waves. 

The unknown known Now. I Am in the known unknown. Transcendent

Channeling energy through hose, head and hands. Serpent on Earth is New Earth

Bobbing head. CS Fluid moves through hose — I Am

Two Serpents. Entwined. 

An electromagnetic signature — into the field. Broadcast. Destiny. New reality. Be….

Future similar to Now. A mirror? A looking glass? —Creative !! 

Relationship with energy changes matter. Rainbow Serpent. 

Impressed in Spirit and impressing in Matter. Impress as “invest”


Hose as that waving ribbon 

Physical chemistry — responsive energy/matter

“Broadcasting” pulsating rays—rays!! Serpent as ray? Hose as ray?

Light beam — Dragon! Light Force of the Cosmos. Cosmic Battle of Light and Dark. Balance is the order, the intention. Inclusive. Loving.

Walk as a Light Beam Beaming 


Affirmation “it’s the Law”

My relationship with Light is why I write about it. It’s an Omni relationship. 

This. Such a gift. 💜

Post meditation:  healthy tissue is knitting old Now new

Rainbow Ribbons —Streams of Consciousness

3:00 am meditation
Too much pineal breathing. In trance early on. Words become noise. Music nice. 

Waving Rainbow color ribbons

Cross sections. E/W—N/S

Bathing in, absorbing, dancing with

At center of rainbow ribbons

Bathing in this collective Rainbow Serpent meditation being generated and pulsating

Center moves, now a swirling vortex

Emotional connection, emotional disconnection creates ribbons of waving color — ever changing — flow with it 

Raw Cabbage and parsley lie my future!

Brain to gut energy connection 

Wrapping in the Divine is wrapping in Rainbow Colors—a cloak to wear

Receive / Give with space in between of nothingness

Why do pineal breathing in the middle of meditation? Different brain waves. A disruption for me, my brain in trance.

Pineal breathing is about getting a result. Trance state is Being. Masculine / Feminine differences.

Disjointed meditation for me, my brain.

Charge, discharge, recharge is wavy ribbon effect. Aurora Borealis. Battery wisdom.

“Nothing”. Brain likes this space.

Must be an exercise to move from one brainwave state to another. 

Emotion I was feeling now feels sticky. Is that charge? Not there now. Change of chemistry, tone, color. 

What’s next? Only the moment knows. Only the moment delivers. This rainbow ribbon of effects is called Life.

This meditation is like background music. I don’t engage fully in it. I am engaging my own meditation/teaching. 

A different experience. Doing my own new thing. Independent I Am. Or Interdependent! This meditative space provides creative space. 

Streams of consciousness — meditation this moment, this day.


I’m stable enough, strong enough, worthy enough, healthy enough, clear enough to ask a new question:  Can the substance of Love spill over and transfer in another direction? Is loving substance that fluid and resilient? What is Love’s Divine Design?

Love flows with ease and my intention is to let it flow in whatever direction presents itself, opens up. There are natural lines/boundaries that communicate change. It’s up to me to flow in ease—a new state of health and wholeness—of Self-Love. 

Self-Love is a gut/Solar Plexus experience. To express emotion/feelings without internal chemical reaction is a new state of consciousness thru Love, Truth, Life.  Pointed! 🌟⭐️🌟 Thank you Gut-Brain connection 💛

Day 10 of no sugar, flour. It’s easy because the old chemical field is gone and thus no electro-magnetic pulls.

Walking With the Divine

3:15 am meditation
Unwavering and waving wall of protection like cloaking.

Membrane. ===||||||| —overlayed

Toxic substance pours out (gravy texture) openings.  Begone old limited thinking, feeling, speaking, acting.

“Commanding matter to a new mind”

Toxins thinner now. Watery.

Cloak of protection in place. Intruder free zone.

Light coming through opening spaces, pores, doors. Shining rays cloaking, protecting matter. Divine Design.

I listen and respond. Receiving/ Giving. Natural Harmony.

As in Light, as in Matter.  Revolving doors as mirror as prism.

“Let your Eye be single and your body full of Light”

Smelling incense

Divine design of tooth/root canal activating; mesh healing ==|| —overlayed

Writing, listening, hearing is like holding hands — bonding Truth.

“One with everything”

More incense, sweet

“Thoughts matter.” Feelings? Emotional Intelligence.

Writing NOW a unique trance state—grounded, grounding.  50 years of writing inside out! Telling the story of Light moving through this matter. It’s personal !! I love contributing this way. “Thankful for this moment.” “ Worthy to receive what you’ve created.” 

Poetic instructions. “Baptized in Light.”

Heartfelt Gratitude 💜💜