Monthly Archive: February 2023

Sealed Container

Notes from GOLOV 2/4/2023

Sealed container is protective power. No leaks, solid, bonded within. Circle w 4 quadrants. “That’s Life.”

Breathing brain. Aligned within highest frequency. 

Sealed, sacred space, temple, container.

A specific memory when I was co- dependent on a man. When I gave my power away. Today White Light ray came in with suction power and dissipated it. Gone! (Radiant Light has suction power. This is news!)

What does suction and sealed container have in common?

Now, today I reach out to touch without desire, need. Natural action. Pure expression. 

Lots of invisible friends = happy. Visible to All Seeing Eye.


Heart is sealed container. Body is sealed container. Breathing photons of cosmic Light (four seams) into dancing light of Cerebral Spinal Fluid into hormonal chemicals of happy.

Stuck on You 🎶🎶

Love is in the air. 🎶 ❤️ I’m stuck on you. 🎶 🧡Two songs that are ringing true for me right now. I’m simply enjoying it while being aware of past patterns of closeness then distance—a certain orbit. 💛 So, why not enjoy the moment and learn in them, from them? In the past it was my emotional reaction to fear-based thinking (Ah-Ha, here thought preceded feeling) that caused me to pull away. 💚 I’m not sure what this New Earth pattern of Loving relationship is. It’s so new. 💙 It was fun to choose Valentines cards for my grandchildren. 💜 All the sentiments held new dimension, fullness. I write about it to remember—and celebrate. 🤍

Protecting New Earth

This afternoon I was getting sleepy 4-month-old Raina ready for a nap but when I looked at her she was all smiles. So I moved closer to her face and we engaged in conversation. Seriously! She was speaking beyond baby talk. She intently chatted on and on and I responded. It was delightfully surreal. Then, in a split second, she was screeching mad and her body went tight acting like a wild child. Then, in another split second, her head jerked and she snapped out of it. Her relaxed smile returned. I turned to Andromeda with “what was that” but received no answer. Driving home an intruding entity (male face) appeared. We tersely acknowledged each other. I knew he had something to do with Raina’s behavior. It was then I received insight. Children are open and there are “body snatchers” who prey on those who are innocent. As protector my role is to keep them away. After the incident I intentionally put my hand on Raina’s head offering energetic attunement. I am doing this energy work with these Star Seed twins. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. I am ready to meet it with Light!

A similar entity (maybe the same one) appeared recently. I didn’t ground those details but remember. I’ll be paying closer attention now.


Thoughts produce feelings? My thinking brain is not dominant so I “think” differently. As I turn within to see and understand I get that at Center Core is joy, peace, contentment. It’s here thoughts and feelings express, generate as energy in motion. Maybe thought/feeling is One expressive Light Beam.

New Earth Bodies as One Body

A new body is now right next to my body. It’s how my Dragon body feels—part of me. So now I have a Light Body, Rainbow Dragon Body, Earth Body and Earth Bodies. Is this fusion? Is this Quantum Entanglement? Definitely new relationship. New Earth!
This feeling, image, thought is new and in process.

A day off of work allows me to write as impressions come in. “Galaxy Glue” is substance between the parts. This allows individual grounded identity and freedom of motion in space. Parts are in agreement/coherence as they revolve around central/core Sun. It’s a grand micro/macro design of energy waves and particles of e-motion.

For me, at a human level, this carries with it total detachment of outcomes. Peace and contentment reign when Love is in motion. “Dominion” comes to mind.

Detachment is proof that I trust the workings of the Core Sun in myself, another and others. Attached detachment—sounds like enlightenment.

Love of Mystics

I Am Love and I Am in Love. The parts and the whole moving like a multidimensional wheel.
Pure Center turns the emotional color wheel. Love gives Life expression of dancing color. Grounded and uplifted as in mystical enchantment Love is a mystical experience within oneself and with another.