Monthly Archive: February 2023

Catching Myself

I heard from a guy pal whose been out of town. I can invite him to drive to Tacoma and Pierce College today! Then I caught myself. Why am I wanting to be with people all the time? It’s quite odd. It’s like a test seeing if I’m paying attention. I’m used to the food test. (Drama!) I choose to stay on the balance beam of emotion and logic! I can and do catch myself and align upward with higher intelligence.

Oh, it’s about Love. I have more Love to give. I am included in that giving—creating balance. I Am color wheel that spins without wobble!

Food today. I’m aware of space between meals. Encircling meals. Drawing lines around meals. Enjoying food. The lines have been murky. I’m changing chemistry and wiring.

New Cord and Color

Now, after a nap I remembered something from GOLOV. I felt a cord at the back of my head/neck arcing downward. I noticed it again before this nap. The cord moves from back of lower head to lower spine. It’s a familiar sensation yet new. It’s a “home” base. Earthy. I’m sensing Pituitary~Rootedness. A spinning wheel emitting color, vibration, life force. A new color of connection.

GOLOV Meditation

Joining GOLOV this early morning was like greeting sun shine! The bright faces and smiles were radiant. Does being there less often increase my seeing? Is it that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” Good to find a balance in relationship so appreciation can shine. My body tells me, gives me cues, on how to do these “orbital patterns.”

Yesterday I thought about my Rainbow Body talk later this month and became concerned that I didn’t have enough material for the two hours. I looked at that emotional thought for Truth and realized I need to put my material in order on paper.  That order happened during GOLOV.  In an open minded/ hearted state one by one my talking points found paper. I’m grounded now!

Appreciated Dr Joe during GOLOV and how I and all the community have the ongoing opportunity to support his work which makes it our work. This bond of Love is grounding in Earth matter for all matter across time and space. 

Breathing Rhythms

Cancelled one activity. Another person/event cancelled so I’m breathing easier. Trees are calling me. Ivy also. Have cutters will travel! Trees also need to breathe 💜

I’m reminded that I was wrapping around tree trunks during the heart/chest attack pressure the other morning.

Thought in Process

Enthusiasm. What is this “spirit” called enthusiasm that births an idea and words then often stops before it manifests a more complete form? It’s easy to be enthusiastic. Not as easy to give ideas full form. I am looking at this. It’s enthusiastic pressure to be creative. To express creation. Is it possible to have too much enthusiasm? My life feels like this right now. I’m thinking my enthusiasm needs boundaries for balance. What do I reign in?

I am enthusiastic about friends, activities, projects, food. Yesterday I noticed how I put a boundary around three meals. This boundary was a circle! The meal was complete and I wasn’t left wanting more. I saw my choices logically. Why does this make such a difference? When I first detected the boundary I saw colors as having boundaries. Differentiation and connection. 

What? When? Where? How? Why? Who? It’s all in process of clearing to see…. Enthusiastic outlets for Light to shine that I get to manage. To ground. This post is not grounded…lots of loose wires finding “their circuit.”

Example: Four days off and I’ve double booked with different people each day. I was enthusiastic at the time but now I feel suffocated. I need open space! I need to put the brakes on my enthusiasm!

Pressure Chamber

Being without my phone for 14 hours is like not having a life line. Forgot it at work!

7:00 am earthquake crushing skull/brain E/W and throat, chest, heart. It went on a long time. I breathed with intention, focused Light. Was I having a heart attack? Was someone else in my field having a heart attack? I finally decided to intervene. I wish to never feel this pain again!

As I was choosing a tea bag I saw green plant material so shifted to my own herbs in jars. In front of me on the counter was Hawthorne, a heart tonic, from trees in my back yard near the river.


Fire propels me into and through space. Other elements are required to bring me around and back down on my feet. Trajectory.

Had several dreams. One included a voice that said, “The man with the guitar likes you.” My response was, “What man is that?” Potential lives in space until it’s grounded.

Amazing that at my age men are attracted to me—my Light. Can I have a telepathic 5-D relationship and an earthy 3-D relationship with different men? Seems the Love in one dimension pours over into the next. My heart is not sure how this works in New Earth. As always open communication is my pathway. One that comes back around to me—my reliable circuit.

Trish Talk

Friend in Grounded Spirituality comments, “Trish Talk is a good name for a podcast.’ Am I ready for this learning curve? Ready and willing? Tech is my friend ❣️ I love to learn new technology ❣️ My brain feeds on learning curves ❣️

Retreat Outcomes

Our Meditation Retreat was relaxing. I didn’t listen to the words during meditation. My focus was elsewhere as I fused with negative space. It was as if my circuitry bypassed that brain part.

“Your brain has many parts but speech is primarily controlled by the largest part of the brain, the cerebrum.”

During CoHeal I saw the receiver’s body in/as a container with two different circuits moving in opposite directions (-) and (+) at the outer edges. (They are red and blue as I write.) Seems to be the answer to my recent question about energy moving outward AND inward as in suction. My hands massaged the receiver’s colon (his healing intention) and I asked about intestines. I don’t know the body part locations and was told it didn’t matter. To work it the same way I work in brain parts with more  energy than matter and that includes words/parts. When Rachelle asked me to share my experience I hesitated. Would it be too invasive to share that my hand was inside this man’s body? I didn’t go there. 

Great dancing music today !!

Seams of Frequency

Woke up to downloads and uploads as I piece together my talk on Your Rainbow Body. Different brain parts bouncing off one another. Just like Light bouncing off water and earth to create the Rainbow Connection. Interesting how the aura is a container with color frequencies serving as lines of demarcation. Is anything seamless? The spiral is our enchanting seam of New Earth.