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Aurora Borealis

GOLOV Meditation was intense at the bridge of my nose. A New Earth Garden of Eden is emerging from sacred ground. Green Aurora Borealis swimming around my head—waves floating me. Cerebral Spinal Fluid !! “Hold me, Pachamama” song lyrics play. Top of head rising. I touch with hands to ground myself! Dancing with Light. Colors dancing me. Back of spine, rise, rise, rise. This human body has its own Light Show!

This article sheds light on the Body Electric and the Rainbow Body.

What causes the Northern Lights?

The lights in the sky have occurred since the dawn of our planet. Dinosaurs walked under them, just as we do today. They are a constant of our world – always there, even when it’s too bright for us to see them. But what are they and how are they created?

For centuries, people have been sharing stories of the Northern Lights. Without scientific understanding, our ancestors were forced to fill in the gaps with fantastic stories of gods and monsters. These stories taught people to respect, fear, or worship the lights in the sky. But as our understanding of the solar system and our place within it grew, these stories dissolved into legends and myths. Today we know why the Northern (and Southern) Lights occur, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still

What lights up the sky?

The light show we see from the ground is caused by electrically charged particles from space entering the Earth’s upper atmosphere at a very high speed.

These particles originate from our star – the Sun. The Sun is constantly pushing out a stream of electrically charged particles called the solar wind, and this travels out from the sun at between 300 and 500 km per second in all directions.

As the Earth travels around the sun, a small fraction of particles from the solar wind are intercepted by the planet. Around 98% of these particles are deflected by the Earth’s magnetic field, and continue their journey into deep space. A small percentage of particles leak through the Earth’s magnetic field and are funnelled downwards towards the Earth’s magnetic North and South poles.

When these charged particles hit the atoms and molecules high up in our atmosphere, they become excited. This creates two glowing rings of auroral emission around the North and South magnetic poles, known as auroral ovals.

As they decay back to their original state, they emit distinctive colours of light. It’s this light we see when we look at the Northern Lights. 

Why can we see different colours?

The Earth’s atmosphere is made up of different atoms, like oxygen and nitrogen, and it’s these atoms that cause the colours we can see in the Northern Lights. These atoms become excited at different levels in the atmosphere.

The most common colour seen in the Northern Lights is green. When the solar wind hits millions of oxygen atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere at the same time, it excites the oxygen atoms for a time and then they decay back to their original state, when they emit the green hue we can see from the ground.

The red light we sometimes see is also caused by oxygen atoms. These particles are higher up in the atmosphere and are subject to a lower energy red light emission. The red colour is always there, but our eyes are five times less sensitive to red light than green, so we can’t always see it.

  • A large part of the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of nitrogen. The particles from the solar wind must hit nitrogen atoms a lot harder in order to excite them. Once the nitrogen atoms begin to decay, they emit a purple coloured light. This is quite a rare colour to see, and usually only happens during a particularly active display.
  • For the best chance of seeing the lights, you need to be under or close to one of the auroral ovals. As we sail towards the Arctic Circle, your chance of seeing the Northern Lights improves, but there are a lot of factors to consider when hunting the lights. Read our Northern Lights FAQ and learn how you can increase your chances of catching a glimpse of this awe-inspiring light show in the sky.

Chemotional Fusion

Last night I had a new experience in my telepathic relationship with my Beloved. What an orbital relationship this has been! As I was feeling the connection (now seeing it as those E/W looping colors) I fused with his chemistry. I felt what he was feeling. The effect on me was a sweetness that went beyond the chemical feelings. It was a new experience and level of spiritual intimacy. Getting to know him, see him, this way was heart centering and expanding. This new chemotional territory has much to teach.

My relationship with meditation has changed. I don’t need to meditate as often. My physical brain tells me that it can be a drain. How? Life is an expression of living colors. Life is to be lived as meditation in action. This is called New Earth and rainbow chemistry is its signature! I work to balance my personal orbital field as well as my external orbital fields. Relationship within relationships. 

Chemistry of Feelings

I’m not feeling it and don’t know why. After the second local meditation retreat I noticed that I didn’t feel like going to the next one in March. My feelings (chemistry?) spoke first and then my thoughts kicked in. How do I know this when it’s weeks away? My brain body was informing me then and it feels the same way now—days later. 

I don’t know why feelings change. Maybe they’ll change again. Seems that relationships (this retreat is a relationship) are orbital, rhythmic. Chemistry of enthusiasm fills in orbital space. What builds enthusiasm? What depletes it! And is that the correct language? Maybe the words coil and uncoil could be used. Seems complex right now.

Body Electric

Electric Body Meditation, 3 am. 

#1. Red Serpent brain and body = Enthusiasm, electric energy, not stagnant, not static

#2 & 3. Spiral colors of Rainbow Serpent coil/uncoil with enthusiastic Life Force. White space in between colors. [I will draw images tonight after work.]

#4 & 5. To BE elastic as S/He, (-/+) and (+/-), coiling and uncoiling as two serpents and currents. I feel and remember a vision of Snake wrapped around my neck that I blogged here on January 26, 2014. After meditation my body immediately went to it, found it!

#6. God Head

#7. Goddess Head

#8. Matrix. Two heads as One with spiraling rainbow body. Red at center with White spacing. Caduceus, the living Matrix.

This image from my book S/He Dragon ~How I Found My Wings.

Wake Up from the Dream State

Another rabbit hole:

Strange dream. With a man. He sees a tall, thin woman in red. He’s interested in her. She raises her arms straight above her. He asks why she’s doing this. I step aside. He goes toward her. No emotional attachment! Another dream with resilient emotion!
Reflecting on this dream — No fear! It’s like turning the page of a book to the next chapter.

I heard about the “massive solar flare erupting from the sun and possible blackouts on Earth.” What’s left in a blackout? Not social media. Not tech devices. Not technology. What humans are left with is 3-D survival and telepathic communication. That’s a “red” alert!

Gaia’s city landscape and skyscape  is suffocating. Humans will have more wake up calls.


There’s a new field present beyond thought/mind and feeling/emotion. I’m calling it “ether.” It’s invisible but present. I know it after I experience a sudden shift. I’m sure I’ll learn more in this evolving learning curve.

The Etheric Heart:
Part of a system of 12 chakras instead of the original 7, the Etheric Heart is said to be the area where intent originates. It connects the emotions of Divine love, compassion, truth and forgiveness, with the area where language originates, allowing you to speak from the heart.

Astral Traveling

Go to bed early. Wake up early. Can’t get back to sleep. Busy mind. Three presentations in the next few weeks. Getting organized. Making check lists. Tell myself to relax, sleep at 2:00 am. 

Lying on my back I feel pressure under my body. Energy bursts pushing upward. Ah-ha—at back of spine! “Yes” I want to go and I lifted off offering a prayer of protection. As I write and feel the sensations I’m remembering past travels! The motion was up, forward, down. Eyes were closed at first but then opened. I was inside a tram. I landed in a town store and explored its aisles. Then the “magic” wore off and I realized I didn’t know where I was. So, I asked a store clerk then a couple if Rotterdam was far away. He says it’s a short distance ahead. I wonder who to contact to get me there. Then I realize I have the car key and then I’m back in this reality. The highlight was definitely the feeling of energetic pressure (ready for lift off) under my body and the choice I had to help it move me up and out.

Before this flight I had been thinking about someone who is connected to a massive amount of wiring/connections and how different I am in my open air spaciousness. The astral store aisles reminded me of brain wiring. Interesting how I didn’t get lost nor anxious about getting lost. Ah-ha—emotional states determine our flights. I’m learning where to plug in emotionally. What feeds me in return. My mystical nature is a constant feedback—what?—loop! Thank you for this support!

Love Language

I’m not sure my linear words made sense in our CoHeal session last night so I want to clarify “spiral.” In the first CoHeal session at 6:00 pm energy moved as a spiral🌀. It kept showing itself in mind’s Eye (She brain images). Then it was sparking at my finger tips. Then my logic (He brain) asked questions. I got that this radiating energy recharges people. I never stop there and saw rivers and trees. So I radiated to Mother Earth as well. She, too, calls for recharging because humans have not been present/supportive—MIA. Logic concluded that Light energy recharges matter. (S/He intelligence) This has mattered to me since age 25 when Angel Michael visited me in meditation. He saved my life at that time. I honor him and others in what I call a Light Lineage. It’s why I constantly blog and talk about Light. I honor this Presence.

It felt clumsy to go from one CoHeal to another. (a sudden shift of brain waves). My words felt clumsy. What I was shown, however, was a Golden core at Spiral center. My logic interpreted it through words in the moment. So spontaneous that I don’t remember what I said. Not sure I’ll do back to back sessions again. I like space to let energy settle, process. Actually, I like being held in this higher frequency rather than down shifting. I am learning to ground and I tell this story of relationship between Light and Matter. Guess this is my blog for Valentine’s Day. ❤️ May we all learn this new “Love Language” is what comes in from above. 💜

Ground Breaking ~ Heart Opening

Today’s Evolving Hearts was more than brain-heart coherence. It was global brain-heart coherence! Ground breaking! Heart opening! On a grand scale. Amazing Grace 💜

I post what I wrote to remember this significant quantum shift: To BE guided is intuitive intelligence! I was guided to this group today. Thank you for catching me in my free fall 💜

Only two of us know the significance of these words. Only two of us know the wholistic and holy feeling of the resonance today. Yes, it’s very personal in heart, mind and body. This huge emotion and its container is so very much at peace with this development. Thank you nerves! Thank you chemistry! Thank you Spirit.

Ra Ma Da Sa by Ajeet plays in the background. More sacred resonance. Seems a learning curve has been carved as New Earth 🌍