Again, I watch body override mind. I think/feel one way but act another way. This isn’t about conditioned behavior. It’s not involving past patterns. It’s very much being in the fluid moment without attachment. Very elastic with stretching of shape  —shapeshifting—of body with thought/feeling. (Now seeing! One chemical burst into blood stream.)

“Back to normal” is what my mind says but another mind corrects it by saying “there is no back and no normal” now that Reset occurred. 

Reset was hellish. One night. Sick and delirious. Difficult to walk, no equilibrium. Intense aching. Serious sweating during sleep. Thought “electrodes” exploding throughout body. Woke up with a bump on my forehead, now black and blue. I must have stumbled into a door. I don’t recall. Did I encounter Covid? Whatever it was—it was a wild ride.

As a result my stomach purged all content and I am gifted a new and empty one. Amazing how much influence the stomach has on equilibrium. Now I have to eat enough so I don’t faint or lose my balance. Now I nurture this new part of myself. I call this opportunity a Reset.

I focused intention and listened to JD Live conversation. Such a brilliant mind! The comments about Walking Meditation brought up for me that it’s an experience of actualizing one’s chemotional Rainbow Body—expressing colors while tuned into passionate guidance. 

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