The Alchemist Meditation

After breathing into the pineal I felt/saw (sensed) a being on my right. He was round with energy circulating to the right. I was next to him as a circle with energy moving to the left. Brain hemispheres. Two gears as One.

Breathing created pressure at top of head that says “enough.” In this high frequency I do sensual breathing rather than the fast paced breathing that feels beta. (Inhale/exhale/inhale/exhale to my inhale / exhale / inhale / exhale.). Electro-magnetic Body is Rainbow Body. (Inspired by JD words about vertical energy and horizontal magnetic energy) I saw + inside circle as rainbow body.)

#2. Two circles as feedback loops, colors matching colors. Spectrum of expression. “Does this line up all the way,” I wondered.

#3. Golden color drab and needs polishing 🌤

#4. Two circle/hearts as One. Breathing she/inhale; breathing He exhale. New Earth is new Toroidal Field of two in One.

#5. “Gotta go BIG.” More sensual breathing of Blue. Noticing the point of connection—where the two circles join so I draw a line between the two.

#6. Feedback. Sparking edges. Back of brain. “They want to speak thru us.” Core.

#7. Draw the whole picture. Matrix.

#8. Crown of Toroidal Field.

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