Coherence Healing Meet Toroidal Dragon

Interesting developments: With each healee I saw a different colored spiral.
#1. Prya had a blue spiral from the neck up. Then golden sparks appeared next to the blue. She’s to breathe blue light. My hands went inside the blue spiral and it felt like the rib cage. A blue transfusion.

#2. Breathe yellow

#3. Breathe white light to cool down colors. Breathe white light into color spectrum/spiral. This man totally encased in spiral.

#4. Inhale white light; exhale orange to balance spiral spectrum.

This breathing is what I called Quantum Activation (?) at the Alien Open Mic. INHALE white Light from top of head, down through chakras to root of human body, through to central Sun of Gaia body, to outer edge of Gaia body then EXHALE up and around body to top of head.

This breathing spiral spectrum is the Toroidal Field. How Dragon is that ? πŸ‰πŸŒ€πŸ‰

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