Agitation to Harmony

There’s someone in one of my meditation communities that really annoys me. I don’t like being around her. She talks constantly. I’m listening how to handle this within myself. Maybe laugh about it? Lighten up about it? I’m sure some people feel this way about me! Too happy! Too bubbly! Too smiley! Life is such a — how funny—a bowl of cherries! Forrest Gump advice?

So fun to get grounded by writing out one’s feelings. Good to look at it from another angle and let the process of intelligence move. In Walking Meditation I got EMPATHY and saw myself in a clear bubble. I choose what comes in and goes out. Also fun to feel Greek God Pan and Eros in the green Gardens of Bellevue. If I attend the next Alien Open Mic I’ll read my poem about my original encounter with Pan.

Today’s WM was bonding. Someone said we felt like family. The person I referred to earlier was mellow rather than manic and I had the opportunity to tell her that I liked her mellow energy. I became aware that we both shift gears, emotions, colors, moods.

After today my feelings change about our next meditation retreat. For some reason it was bonding. That change of energy, chemistry, color is expansion and contraction—coiling and uncoiling. Harmony happens when we feel the feelings from a distant detachment and let them shape shift when it’s their time. That means being part of a larger creative process. Gratitudes expand outward and return inward 🌀

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