Monthly Archive: February 2023


Again, I watch body override mind. I think/feel one way but act another way. This isn’t about conditioned behavior. It’s not involving past patterns. It’s very much being in the fluid moment without attachment. Very elastic with stretching of shape  —shapeshifting—of body with thought/feeling. (Now seeing! One chemical burst into blood stream.)

“Back to normal” is what my mind says but another mind corrects it by saying “there is no back and no normal” now that Reset occurred. 

Reset was hellish. One night. Sick and delirious. Difficult to walk, no equilibrium. Intense aching. Serious sweating during sleep. Thought “electrodes” exploding throughout body. Woke up with a bump on my forehead, now black and blue. I must have stumbled into a door. I don’t recall. Did I encounter Covid? Whatever it was—it was a wild ride.

As a result my stomach purged all content and I am gifted a new and empty one. Amazing how much influence the stomach has on equilibrium. Now I have to eat enough so I don’t faint or lose my balance. Now I nurture this new part of myself. I call this opportunity a Reset.

I focused intention and listened to JD Live conversation. Such a brilliant mind! The comments about Walking Meditation brought up for me that it’s an experience of actualizing one’s chemotional Rainbow Body—expressing colors while tuned into passionate guidance. 


I wasn’t feeling well and had low energy at my talk. I felt that I let people down. Later I received this Facebook image and spirited comments from friends in attendance such as “Look at our rainbow you talked about Trish.” This is another example of support from the larger whole. Another example of manifestation. 💜🌈💜

A complete Rainbow… photo was taken at around 30k ft above the Earth. On the ground, we usually only see the arc half of the circle — Smith H Tammy


I want to zoom in on the image that I saw recently. 

A passageway with substance moving from right and encountering a  blockage. The substance continued with bursts of pressure. Then—free flow!

I originally thought of this as pineal/pituitary but now as I write I wanted to use the word “arterial” to describe the passageway. Perhaps this image is white light putting pressure on all the chakras to break down rigidity.

The Alchemist Meditation

After breathing into the pineal I felt/saw (sensed) a being on my right. He was round with energy circulating to the right. I was next to him as a circle with energy moving to the left. Brain hemispheres. Two gears as One.

Breathing created pressure at top of head that says “enough.” In this high frequency I do sensual breathing rather than the fast paced breathing that feels beta. (Inhale/exhale/inhale/exhale to my inhale / exhale / inhale / exhale.). Electro-magnetic Body is Rainbow Body. (Inspired by JD words about vertical energy and horizontal magnetic energy) I saw + inside circle as rainbow body.)

#2. Two circles as feedback loops, colors matching colors. Spectrum of expression. “Does this line up all the way,” I wondered.

#3. Golden color drab and needs polishing 🌤

#4. Two circle/hearts as One. Breathing she/inhale; breathing He exhale. New Earth is new Toroidal Field of two in One.

#5. “Gotta go BIG.” More sensual breathing of Blue. Noticing the point of connection—where the two circles join so I draw a line between the two.

#6. Feedback. Sparking edges. Back of brain. “They want to speak thru us.” Core.

#7. Draw the whole picture. Matrix.

#8. Crown of Toroidal Field.

Manifestation in Nanometers 🌈

7+ hours of straight sleep was divine! Thought I’d go back to sleep but no. Information is pouring in!

Open Circle at talk: Drum. Honor Directions. Honor Elements. This circle is a color wheel differentiated in nanometers!  

Violet has the shortest wavelength, at around 380 nanometers, and red has the longest wavelength, at around 700 nanometers.

Honor my Light Lineage, Light Beings of attendees and Light Beings of the event. 

Nature Spirits are sparks that want to be mentioned—honorable mention with rising of Spring. 

And honor Source at Center of All. Micro sparking particles. Macro sparking waves. 

I and they have so much to say! What I say depends on the NOW colors.

News flash—breaking news!  The Rainbow Body is an electromagnetic color wheel or disk that turns/emotes in temperature, sound, “frequency” of differentiation or “contrast” to use Abraham’s word from the You Tube video with Wayne Dyer Making Clear Choices. It’s a signature of Hope as waves relate and connect to particle. It’s the expression of Love between the invisible and visible spectrum.

I’m manifesting breakfast at a local cafe because I can. My new relationship with food is loose and free. Satisfying without the pressure of do and don’t. It’s more automatic these days. More natural. I’m now recycling jeans that are too big and buying a size smaller. Less body; more colorful energy in manifestation 💜

Relationship Breathes

I woke up to this awareness—a download with image and words. Thank you “whole brain”knowing!

There are two currents of energy that flow as One. They are omnipresent in micro and macro matter through forms and systems. One is masculine (+) the other feminine (-). These two know how to relate in their natural state of intelligence.

The Toroidal Field is an image of a functioning / harmonious relationship where all parts move for the good of the whole. Imagine the song of this celestial Body of energy and matter!

N/S poles charged

Electromagnetic field engaged

Colors breathing Life

Of S/He Dragon

Coherence Healing Meet Toroidal Dragon

Interesting developments: With each healee I saw a different colored spiral.
#1. Prya had a blue spiral from the neck up. Then golden sparks appeared next to the blue. She’s to breathe blue light. My hands went inside the blue spiral and it felt like the rib cage. A blue transfusion.

#2. Breathe yellow

#3. Breathe white light to cool down colors. Breathe white light into color spectrum/spiral. This man totally encased in spiral.

#4. Inhale white light; exhale orange to balance spiral spectrum.

This breathing is what I called Quantum Activation (?) at the Alien Open Mic. INHALE white Light from top of head, down through chakras to root of human body, through to central Sun of Gaia body, to outer edge of Gaia body then EXHALE up and around body to top of head.

This breathing spiral spectrum is the Toroidal Field. How Dragon is that ? 🐉🌀🐉

Agitation to Harmony

There’s someone in one of my meditation communities that really annoys me. I don’t like being around her. She talks constantly. I’m listening how to handle this within myself. Maybe laugh about it? Lighten up about it? I’m sure some people feel this way about me! Too happy! Too bubbly! Too smiley! Life is such a — how funny—a bowl of cherries! Forrest Gump advice?

So fun to get grounded by writing out one’s feelings. Good to look at it from another angle and let the process of intelligence move. In Walking Meditation I got EMPATHY and saw myself in a clear bubble. I choose what comes in and goes out. Also fun to feel Greek God Pan and Eros in the green Gardens of Bellevue. If I attend the next Alien Open Mic I’ll read my poem about my original encounter with Pan.

Today’s WM was bonding. Someone said we felt like family. The person I referred to earlier was mellow rather than manic and I had the opportunity to tell her that I liked her mellow energy. I became aware that we both shift gears, emotions, colors, moods.

After today my feelings change about our next meditation retreat. For some reason it was bonding. That change of energy, chemistry, color is expansion and contraction—coiling and uncoiling. Harmony happens when we feel the feelings from a distant detachment and let them shape shift when it’s their time. That means being part of a larger creative process. Gratitudes expand outward and return inward 🌀