Holographic Light Beams

“Hologram” has come into my seeing and thus vocabulary as I do energy healing work with friend David. It seems to have a story to tell. I’m getting that the images I see during CoHeal are holographic. Are they generated via the pituitary which is negative/feminine receiving? To be threaded through the pineal to make logical sense? Do these two live in right and left brains hemispheres? And do these two gland serve as light beams that “refract one another.” That came in so I use it without a logical base. Light beams are at play!

David is like a new orb in my field. He’s very responsive like QJ. I feel like a central sun with orbital relationships coming into my space and moving out of my space. Same design applies to an atom. This can be seen through negative space which is not ego matter although ego matter does matter.


  1. a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.
    • a photograph of an interference pattern which, when suitably illuminated, produces a three-dimensional image.

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