Day 26
Tomorrow is my mystical #9 day of completion. It’s my birthday and I’ll celebrate with one of the three meditations that have revealed themselves in this journey. I’ll know tomorrow morning which one—unless it reveals itself sooner. Unless something else shows up. The Now of Knowing is the Now of Seeing / Hearing as it pours through. Genuine! Authentic! Pure!

The Pineal Gland – Kundalini Meditation

— I had to stop at 18:47 and record as this feels Large. Words came in: “There’s no energy in space.” As in instantaneous knowing. What does this mean? As in sequential logical questioning. Space is buoyant emptiness. Nothingness. A fertile field where dense matter particles and subtle energy waves unite to radiate substance of Love.

I sense a new Presence unlike any other I’ve met in Light Being Lineage. This Presence is Large—Omnipresent.

My hand is at Source. A pressure point for more than blood. Without matter and light energy there is no Kundalini Life Force. (Hah! Walt Disney portrays this Source well. The Dark Crystal movie for one and Moana’s green heart.) This unified force is Love.

There IS something new under the Sun. It is US — generating as and in New Earth. Source is not renewing. Source is creating! Herself/Himself as conscious humans of hummus, of Sacred Earth.

We honor those before us, ahead of us as they honor us here Now. The ripple effect is in effect in One Fertile Field. And I give Thanks 🙏

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