Earth Activation

Day 25 of Pineal Meditation Challenge
— 38 minute version. Water waving motion. I am water. Reminds me of the meditation Water Rising. Looks like I now have 3 meditation homework assignments: Electric Body, Flow, Water Rising.

— New Earth Body holds and delivers new inspiration and information.

— “Room” is 3-D. I receive rotations of information re 3-D activities: Drum Circle structure and Holiday festivities. More homework. Like seeds planted to be harvested later. Meditation fields of diversity feed me.

— “Doors of dimension” opening in New Earth. Downward direction.

— “A new energy” (words inspiring) JD is commanding in Earth and Commander in Space. (just reporting what’s coming through)

— My barrier with JD website. What’s that about? Why the distance? Instructions to explore that terrain.

— Very different meditation. Must be these happy feet! 👣👣👣👣 And crown and hands. All points along radiant lines. Activating!

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