Monthly Archive: November 2022


Day 27 Pineal Meditation

— Watery sounds waving, touching shore.

— Wing chakra speaks. Part of ascension tube.

— Wing chakra tight in womb. Now stirring. Now birthing. Unfurling.

— White Wings outstretched as Angel identified himself by giving his name “Michael” many years ago.

— Wings connecting Heart and Throat uplift lower body. Head attached.

— Angel-Human in flight. Free fall out of womb, nest. Free fall to rise.

— Gifts received. Gifts returned. Winging activation. Gratitude.

Birth Day

t’s a miracle! All family members are together for Christmas Eve. I did some bridge building with two members who hadn’t spoken in two years. They walked over that bridge and both called me afterward to report their good news! Oh my Happy heart!

My nanny twins, now 8 weeks old, are starting to smile and chat face to face, eye to eye. I’m witnessing Light shining through baby bodies. They’re no longer unconscious. They both look ET ish. The girl especially with her large almond shaped eyes. I love holding them. Don’t love all the details that need to be tracked cuz I forget to do so. 

So grateful for my local meditation community. Feels like family. GOLOV doesn’t have that same energy. Interesting how life steers one away from some people and groups and toward others. 

Walking Meditation group shared another group hug last Sunday. I heard a hissing rise from the group and sensed Cobra. I mentioned it—again. I speak up to honor what is moving through and no longer care what other people think. Maybe I’ll explain myself by saying that I speak Dragon 🐉 

Cobra was mentioned in the Tantra presentation with Naomi. Moving into this territory is enlivening /enlightening physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It’s a fluid continuum—very sexy. ❣️🎶❣️

Water Rising meditation is the answer to my question. Aware that it may not have the same effect of Pineal but it will have effect!

As I turn a year older I feel younger and happier than ever. ❣️🎶❣️


Day 26
Tomorrow is my mystical #9 day of completion. It’s my birthday and I’ll celebrate with one of the three meditations that have revealed themselves in this journey. I’ll know tomorrow morning which one—unless it reveals itself sooner. Unless something else shows up. The Now of Knowing is the Now of Seeing / Hearing as it pours through. Genuine! Authentic! Pure!

The Pineal Gland – Kundalini Meditation

— I had to stop at 18:47 and record as this feels Large. Words came in: “There’s no energy in space.” As in instantaneous knowing. What does this mean? As in sequential logical questioning. Space is buoyant emptiness. Nothingness. A fertile field where dense matter particles and subtle energy waves unite to radiate substance of Love.

I sense a new Presence unlike any other I’ve met in Light Being Lineage. This Presence is Large—Omnipresent.

My hand is at Source. A pressure point for more than blood. Without matter and light energy there is no Kundalini Life Force. (Hah! Walt Disney portrays this Source well. The Dark Crystal movie for one and Moana’s green heart.) This unified force is Love.

There IS something new under the Sun. It is US — generating as and in New Earth. Source is not renewing. Source is creating! Herself/Himself as conscious humans of hummus, of Sacred Earth.

We honor those before us, ahead of us as they honor us here Now. The ripple effect is in effect in One Fertile Field. And I give Thanks 🙏


Day 26
— “Be moved by the Spirit” resonates as head does it’s spiraling fluid dance on exhale.

— That which observes blackness is not black. White Light observes this morning.

— “Inside the room” took me inside the flesh body. With hands I felt tissues and organs. Felt the pressure of blood moving and sound comes in as I write about it. “Swoosh” of fluid.

— The “rotation” was turning that wheel 🔆 again observed through Eye imaging and felt through hands. Coordinated (Guides want me to use the word “Inherited”) intelligence.

— In a bubble of fluid intelligence. I tune in or tune out.

— “Awaken the center of a new energy” is new to my ears. Maybe this meditation never gets old. Ever new as in evergreen!

As I look for an image online to add to this experience I run into a lot of dark negativity associated with blood from vampires, and knives to spilled blood. Guides guide with “the container is flawed.” Guides suggest I can claim my own intelligence and not refer to them. However, I value the relationship, the connection, and choose to honor those sparking new intelligence on Earth, in Earth. Such is Love. Such is Life Blood 💜💜

Earth Activation

Day 25 of Pineal Meditation Challenge
— 38 minute version. Water waving motion. I am water. Reminds me of the meditation Water Rising. Looks like I now have 3 meditation homework assignments: Electric Body, Flow, Water Rising.

— New Earth Body holds and delivers new inspiration and information.

— “Room” is 3-D. I receive rotations of information re 3-D activities: Drum Circle structure and Holiday festivities. More homework. Like seeds planted to be harvested later. Meditation fields of diversity feed me.

— “Doors of dimension” opening in New Earth. Downward direction.

— “A new energy” (words inspiring) JD is commanding in Earth and Commander in Space. (just reporting what’s coming through)

— My barrier with JD website. What’s that about? Why the distance? Instructions to explore that terrain.

— Very different meditation. Must be these happy feet! 👣👣👣👣 And crown and hands. All points along radiant lines. Activating!


I’m letting Spirit guide me and it’s taking me down many rabbit hole vortexes. The latest just happened as I reconnected online with Corey Goode and David Wilcox via AscensionWorks.TV. Here’s my submitted emotional and logical angle of crystal engagement.

Crystal Activation

Reconnecting here! I was led, guided by my Light Lineage: Light Beings, Angels, Archetypes such as Dragon and Serpent, Masters, Nature Spirits, ETs and S/He.

We all experience life from different angles that spread out along the edge of human consciousness.  (think circle)

For those of us on the journey of Higher Consciousness we meet at Center where Light dwells. This is more than human consciousness and why I say that we are Angel-Human.

We carry Light and radiate it through our living which includes Feminine Intuition and Masculine logic. 

These angles of Light that we signal outward are activating our Crystal Earth Grid. 

High frequency consciousness and living brings in beings of higher intelligence. I know them through higher chakra meditation. Life is meditation in Acton. An inner and outer space journey. 

So, I’m adding my angle of Light to this consciousness of AscensionWorks. I don’t resonate with everything said but I resonate enough to connect. 

This agreement as parts of one whole Light system and grid creates the New Earth. We are the parts and the whole both holy and worthy—ready for more activation!

Rapture of Intelligence

Day 23 #2 session
— Busy brain. Filling out space to the edges. Stillness at center.

— Pineal breathing and words activate, invigorate. Music calms me into stillness.

— See/observe. Listen/hear. Different wires. She (-) knows instantaneously in flow. He (+) analyses sequentially in flow. (Flow is another inspiring and informing—intelligent—meditation by JD) In this meditation She kept telling Him to shush in order to get to stillness. They are very intertwined. S/He @ (-/+).

— Self-realization happened: I am student and teacher! Light came into my life via meditation and Angel Michael at age 25. I’ve been writing about Light ever since!

— Experience as student. Write and speak as teacher. Both receiving (-) and giving (+) happen in meditation. Gratitude for Light Beings I meet in meditation.

— Electric Body is alive and well. We ground this activated intelligence in New Earth.

— Music at the end finally took me into trance. Sweet center! He observed the S/He feeling. These two cannot be separated! It felt like sun bathing: Radiant bliss. 🔆🔆

— She (Sacred Feminine) and He (Sacred Masculine) are in a constant embrace creating a circle and circulation. This inner Love relationship is what I experience and teach!

— Meditation rocks my world !!

Do-Over Meditation

Day 23 #1 session

— Listening to the 38 minute version that begins with the sound of waves on shore. I wasn’t focused and didn’t hear. I wasn’t in my body. Where was I? My nerves and senses plug me in to 3-D. As a Mystic I float a lot in Light Body. Do over and ground in Earth Body!

— Letting go of breath at the top of head I saw Serpent. Shape shifting happens. S/He exhaled as a spiraling/bobbing head all the way down. Are cerebral spinal fluid and Serpent related? A Kundalini relationship? Photon dance? Light bounces off matter and through matter. 

— I’m going in and out of brain waves to record. Wave to particle and particle to wave. Inspiration waving from above and information participating from below. Heaven and Earth 🔷 

— “We share to plant seeds in soil underground.” Guides nudging me. “And to ignite higher intelligence on Earth, New Earth.” The “Father and  I are one” is now Serpent and I are one. S/He !! The positive and negative charge creates the spiraling flow through chakra activation.

— I’m shifting gears and leaving this vortex rabbit hole. I’m going to listen and meditate with no recording. I’m shutting off that part of Beta (?) awareness flow. Going in and staying. See you on the other side!

Thankful New Earth

Nap time Thanksgiving a.m.

Falling asleep but not asleep I experienced a man I know in 3-D unwrap a snake around my neck. I had this vision years ago and wrote about it in my S/He Dragon book, page 58, entitled Serpent Dream. The significance is an unleashing in time space at Throat Chakra of Truth. Thankful I Am as 3-D is made new—as in New Earth.

Eternal Blackness

Day 22
— At center. Words dominant. Large field around me. Invite Light Beings into this field.

— #4, #5 I feel, I become aware of Center as bar magnet. An empty core holding revolving parts.

— “Back of head” led me to wings at back of shoulder blades taking me to prehistoric raptors. Time capsule meditation.

— #7 Wheel at top center, Command Center. Geared up, down for maneuverability. Circle power circulating.

— #8 Power Source. Vibrating platform for wings coming in, going out. Home base.

— Now a craft in buoyant space. Inner and outer fluid equal. Power for Take Off.

— Trance ~~~~ Eternal blackness.