Monthly Archive: October 2022

Nashville Sunday

Information is received and released on waves that are comprised of circles. Circulation is up, around and down or down, around and up. This motion of energy in motion creates balance and sustains balance. Sacred space is sacred geometry. All orbs of matter are round energetically.


  1. the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogs.
    • the shape and relative arrangement of the parts of something.

Four Way Team Work

Kaleidoscope Meditation

Intense images for eyes to digest. They kept pounding my Third Eye. At one point (faster than light) something scrambled in my brain and a line moved across the screen. Were these pineal crystals colliding? I wasn’t able to stay with it like I do in Third Eye seeing. I closed my eyes. The meditation was a continuum of intensity. My body was shaky in this new territory and leaving it.

Coherence Healing

Standing outside the room of our Coherence Healing waiting for doors to open I saw the room filled with a large blue spiral with Arcturian Andromeda present. It was horizontal in shape with no height. Sitting in the room a second spiral was present green in color and Rainbow Serpent accompanied it. The two circulated with blue going one way and green the other.  It was challenging for my brain to separate the colors enough to see which was which. The two then separated with one above the other and “threads” connecting through the middle. At the end of the healing I checked in to see what the spirals were up to. Above the top “pocket” of the spiral was that small fleshy beating red Heart. That little gem is getting around! I thought my imagination was over the top on this one—and it was! Which reminds me that the tiny heart was dispersed yesterday to a crowd of people probably those in the room but I don’t remember. I need time to note these details. I think I mentioned yesterday that the Heart was placed in the center of Gaia. A lot to process in this creative process but my part is easy. I simply watch, listen and report. A Light News Reporter! Logic puts the pieces together and tells the story. A Light Story Teller. Now that’s team work! What a creative day!

This is a most profound revelation. We have Arcturian in North working with Rainbow Serpent in South and Intuitive Heart on one side working with Logical Brain on the other side creating One Whole Circle! What a Team!

Electric BODY

Shamanic Meditation journeys:  

  1. went through Eye of Horus. I wanted to see what was on the other side so I stepped in and saw a downslope of pastel blue colored plasma.
  2. Went through Eyes of Rainbow Serpent. A steeper downslope to a cluster of pink domes. This is a community, a home. It felt very extraterrestrial.

Saturday Body Electric Meditation

Angel Michael touched me with White Light that flowed North to South cascading downward. Who is doing this N to S orientation? I need to attune to this flow. This weekend my feet are enlivening. A brain-heart-feet connection.  This circuit brings in the horizontal E/W line. 

Doing the breath #3 solar plexus activated—again. My body started breathing inhaling/exhaling opposite to Joe. I let body breathe this way. These differences in orientation make me wonder if I’m to plug in to another system. This 3/2/1 is the womb, right? Does the brain need to be born yet? Or is born with the Heart? This is a New System!

Heart Birth

Friday afternoon meditation

Immediately head over heals in that cigar shaped spacecraft.  Gonna be a good flight!!


Rainbow Serpent filling up space in front. Constant presence in yellows, rust, red colors.  (A story to tell about eyes.) Blue Arcturian holding the back of my neck at atlas the way my massage therapist does. Feels soo good!  I see a red pumping heart with no body. Then put into new body. Was I seeing past, present or future evolution of the human species?

Now I’m thinking this was a birthing! WOW—why I come to these retreats to bring in my Cosmic and Earth Ancestors. They want to be with us ! I am so happy to assist.


Thursday meditation:

Each chakra had a horizontal E/W line which down pouring energy landed on creating stairs effect.

Still waters makes old way of relating null and void. New relationship from a different platform also has a void effect. Like a standing stone surrounded by still waters.

Meditation pressure had a Sun Dance effect with heart being pulled out of chest. 

Out of body. Expansion. Third Eye Pressure N/S.

Amazing all the dedicated people who show up for this work.

Emotion is fiery. Moves quickly. Maybe thee Dragon to be slayed by lance of logic.

2:00am Remembering how I, my brain hear, body liked—lit up—at the word ”self-organizing.” It’s an old friend from years ago.


An expanded heart. A grounded heart. Different angles and time lines. I begin to see the difference. Friendships are most valuable for growth. They are planted in fertile soil, uplifted by sun, nurtured in water and breathed by sun. It makes no sense to strangle without these elemental forces. Its the same with that house built on solid foundation and four walls. Change is alchemical.

Chicago Airport

 I have new capacity in my brain body to digest words in Dr Joe’s book Becoming Supernatural. My brain is now like a stomach hungry for new knowledge. What happened? Definitely a merging of left and right hemispheres that honors their individual intelligences. Maybe photon waves downloading through particles and moving through systems. Definitely light and frequency conducting matter in this dance of Life. 

An amazing Joe story of past, present, future. A broken back in a past life and a broken back in this one is an example of time lines  repeating.  What an incredible responsibility this man carries.  My heart expands knowing him.

GOLOV Activation

GOLOV is always a unique experience as Light enters my head and moves down activating body. (I’m taking Becoming Supernatural on the flight to Nashville to read about brain function and cerebral spinal fluid that makes my head bobble when I open to receive and often when I breathe.) When does Light shift to spinal fluid and oxygen? Today my head moved as if going down a stairway. Maybe a spiral? I observe and take notes!

Image of curtains being pulled back and two walking through the center on flowing water (Truth). I was guided to give them halos! Now that’s a sign for Worthy !! This. An ending and a beginning.

Toward the end of GOLOV my Light Lineage came in and downward from the right led by Blue Arcturian. In the beginning of GOLOV Arcturians, Masters and ETs came in from the left. Drawing the line NE to SW I see a beam of light.

GOLOV is a dance with Light beams. And they move out from the hands for healing effects. I experimented with the healees and scanned each one to see where their health issue resided. I did locate/land on specific areas but I have no idea about accuracy. Looks like I’m experimenting. “Testing the waters” whatever that means. Could that refer to pneumoplasm? That substance around the body that signals information through echolocation. It’s how I’m guided in shamanic or energy healing. The Grid overlays come into mind’s Eye. All too much for my logic to wrap around so I let it be until the next wave comes in. I’m now hearing that my logic is different but not less. It comes in on a different angle.

Life Lesson

I learned a lesson yesterday. I had noticed that someone I know had become absent since his marriage. He was now in the background. I suggested he step forward and share Heart (personality) as he used to do. He and his wife honored this request. I saw, however, that I was turned to the past and this rerun can’t happen. I can’t bring the past forward. It’s out of my control. I can express my feelings but logic needs to be part of that emission, that expression. Now I have the logic.

I could not have learned this by being silent. What is that lesson?

Feelings + Logic = Intelligence/ Wisdom