Monthly Archive: September 2022

Endearment Rising

I’ve had a relaxing week off in between jobs. One mom recovering from surgery and the other family undecided as to what their new schedule looks like. (Maybe they’re taking a vacation from me after I shared my concerns.) Now I get to decide how long I can go without a pay check. I trust the process and will take action soon. 

I am tickled again and want to ground it here/now. At our family’s Leo birthday gathering my oldest daughter, who’s been estranged from me off and on over the years, said goodbye to me by giving me a hug and loudly proclaiming that I am her “Little Muffin.” She has called me that a few times but not so openly. It’s so endearing and welcoming to my heart. So many surprises rising to the surface!!

Sleeping Lady, Leavenworth

Tickled with De-Light

Energy lines up with matter. I’m hearing “It’s a spectrum.” Ok, thank you for this information. And I ask: where’s the inspiration? What part of this process is inspiration? “It’s all inspiration!” Nothing—no thing—is not inspired. And that means it’s connected to Spirit.

That dialogue came through (was inspired) in my silent meditation. My brain-body is not enjoying meditating to words or music. Right now it’s about silence. So much is heard in silence. So much connects through silence.

I was shopping for a few gifts and blue napkins for my Turtle presentation. In Home Goods I wandered and started to focus on the napkins. I wandered clear across the store to a display that was facing the wall. (That store can be cluttered in places.) I looked down and saw a blue package. I pulled it out from under the stack and it has a turtle image on it! I was tickled! Turtle and I found each other and that was my intent!

At my hair salon I saw a Woodinville Magazine and picked it up though I rarely read magazines. But something told me to open it, read it. Last night I read about Molbak’s nursery expanding. The Gardens District will be “biophilic“—using architecture built with a special emphasis on creating the  experience of being in nature.

I read about Eastrail bike trails being expanded on our Eastside. 

I read about my friend Alexa and her Hawthorn Farm in The Homestead Down the Street: Imagining a New Suburbia. She speaks of “integrity in the suburbs”, how humans “connect to landscapes”, and the urgent need for “systemic change.” 

And in between the wine/farm/schoolhouse district ads I read an article by friend Tom Quigley, President of Sammamish Valley Alliance who says our connection to water and to soil is in our DNA and can be a spiritual experience. When I worked for him years ago he would not have been so open about using that language. I’m so proud of his leadership in this valley. 

That I was drawn to this magazine reflecting past Transition Woodinville (Rob Hopkin’s seeds planted) values tickles me! I had been disgruntled (yes, a rainbow spectrum of emotion moves through me) about the Arabian horse acreage being scraped off the face of the earth. What was once full green space is now now flat brown. Does this mean we live with development? That once the old is torn down we build with new green values?

And in this current of unintentional intention I was shopping in a department store yesterday and four women complimented me on my hair coloring. They were so happy about telling me this and—I was tickled!

I am thanking the magazine right now!

A Reroute

Went from my Drumming Tree to my Douglas Fir with black plastic bag to haul away the homeless shelter debris. I felt love for this man and his temporary home as I bagged rotting shoes, parka, tool kit, safety glasses and plastic sheeting. The years of decaying needles held his story and the Earth was fresh, clean. Going in and coming out the blackberry vines grabbed my clothing which gave me opportunity to connect and patiently release them. The sharp barbs made holes in the plastic bag. Such viscous creepers doing their job. Their contact on skin felt as if they were scraping old webbing off my body. 

My body has a mind of its own. (It’s more resilient than heart or brain because it can bypass both.) Body moves past Heart and Brain static with its own intention. I follow its familiar path of fluidity and get blocked by what feels like a punch to lower gut. Sorry, body! Wrong path! So, body learns to unlearn and reroute. Where will Body take me next? What new path of fluidity?

Greening the Earth

I Am coiled like a battery. Charged, recharged, charging. I have new wings that learn to fly in this small space ship Earth. I see Earth differently. From new angles and distances. I Am different. Charged with happiness on a dying planet. Time to turn spirituality into grounded action. That’s the purpose of Light. To ground in matter—making all things green.


This post was a Facebook memory and I forgot some details! Thank you, FB.

I meet the “Tall Ones” at Mt. Shasta on June 15, 2014 with teacher Camilla Blossom, Nature Spirit Medicine. At a crystal shop I see a large StarGate quartz crystal, walking away something speaks pulling me back. I look again, listening. StarGate expands in height and rays pour through moving the ground under my feet. The force sends a jolt of electricity upward through my body, like a coiled dragon. I feel a whip lash at my neck. I grab something to hang on to so I don’t fall.

Later at Hedge Creek Falls Trail I practice stillness and feel crown chakra activation. My ankle “pops” and energy moves from underground, like that StarGate crystal. I stretch upward with “Tall Ones.” I am a Tall One!

Today, September 26, 2017, I know the Tall Ones to be Arcturians, my Star Family. These Light Beings have been assisting me in my hypnotherapy practice sessions with those who are receptive. 


Heart says to Brain: “Talk to me. Send signals. Connect.” This is done in our “chamber.” I received images and words in CoHeal last night but didn’t feel it was appropriate to share. The message I receive consistently is for healees to heal themselves. How to say this lovingly? It’s easy for this Heart to receive images. I need Brain power to wrap them in words that will assist others in shining their Light.

Actually last night in CoHeal I received both image and words at the same time: “Head Light”’ which moved full circle around brain-bodies—like the Circle of Life!—in order to see oneself and know oneself. For some reason I didn’t feel free to say this in the crowd. Maybe I’m learning to know and trust this inner Heart-Brain—through communion, communication and community. Maybe I’m learning to fit into community. 

Driving to visit brother in Ashford yesterday I was astounded that I had no emotional charge in seeing mountain, trees, lakes. (one exception! I did get a charge from seeing this rock that identified his driveway.) I did carry a sense of peace and contentment and realized that I’m no longer taking from Nature. I’m now with Her to give! It’s a different relationship and charge. 

The other night I was exhausted but wanted to make soup for brother which meant I had to go to the store. I felt the weight of gravity on my body but I overcame it by ignoring it! I didn’t let gravity pull me down! As if my head-light was on and my body fell into line. As a result could have been up all night—charged rather than depleted. A most delightful revelation.

It’s good to agree to disagree. It’s good to be emotional and observant. It’s good to give and receive slack in relationship. It’s that image of two arrows together but moving in different directions.🔁↔️

When two are aligned vibrationally in higher Love there is only one thing to do: learn to harmonize.

My Truth

Scientific research is not the language of mystical experience. Science is logical, detailed and left brain in focus. Mystical experience is knowing all at once and right brain in focus. The two complement one another when respected for their differences. Shamanic and Spiritual practices reveal it’s the Heart that makes a difference. This missing link has, is and will cause disruption until humans work with a whole brain, a whole picture. Why is it so difficult to see and honor the difference between the positive and negative charges? They are, after all, the building blocks of matter.

My inner male and female recently merged at a new level of awareness and expression. As a result I’m teaming up with men in my life to do Turtle’s Circle of Life presentations. It may seem like a simple, childlike activity but The Circle goes deep and wide. (love that Sunday School song)

I’m grateful for this inner integration that now comes alive in my 3-D life. It’s been 50 years of inner evolution. I’m celebrating Love, Truth and Life on Earth via the Sacred Masculine and Feminine. I Am plugged in to Life Force and not Ego trying to push and prove something in 3-D. I get to be me—free!


Ecstatic Dance was bliss. I danced with grid lines under my feet and into Earth. Very spiritual. My head was charged. Others commented “it was fun.” That word does not encompass my experience. When my crown and body are charged it’s Divine. Much more than personal pleasure.

Speaking of grid lines: I had a healing a few days ago. My body was no longer tilting, creaking and off balance—disjointed. I can walk down stairs with ease. I can stand on one leg with ease. Before I had no center. I’m not sure what happened (I sensed it was a larger tilt) but my body now feels lubricated, oiled, anointed. I’m listening within for guidance and I like the new choices my body is making. Is this an inner alignment of heart and brain? Emotion and logic? This is a match I know and trust.

Energy in motion gives me information. When I keep hitting the same wall it’s time for a new path. It’s logical. It’s intelligent. I do this detached from externals. It’s a dance of grid lines above/below and below/above. It’s a match with grooves that align. Thank you feet!


In the middle of a beautiful meditation and I have clarity (with words) so I’m shifting gears to express them. I’ve never been a good student—one who follows external rules. I can get back to meditation.

Why? Why dive in and take action recently with a Circle of Life class I’m not prepared for externally and why put my family in the GOLOV spotlight when I’m usually quiet about family? Why? “I was pushed over the edge.” It’s birthing time — Spring in Autumn. Something likes this—it tickles them—and me. Must be those Nature Spirits who also experience revolving doors. ( Here I go! Following another “light beam.” A better term than “rabbit hole.”)

Strengthening my pelvic floor I learn how it moves with my diaphragm. These parts are elastic bands like the ones I saw/sensed in CoHeal the other night. I’m appreciating information! now that I’m grounded in my body! I have a new “receptacle” for information! 

Driving in freeway traffic is like being in Gaia’s blood stream. I drive in peace, emitting peace. I am local and global blood cells. Why stop there? Red, white or stardust gold? Im talking in riddles—Dragon Speak!

Back to meditation.