Monthly Archive: August 2022

Portal Stillness

I finally have some energy! I’ve been in a stupor since the root canal procedure. I felt relief when the antibiotics were discontinued. It’s as if my spiritual portals were shut down. This was a lesson in handling physical discomfort/pain—something I have little experience with. Not fun!

I now remember other incidents with physical pain and I handled those much better than this tooth issue. My brain was rattled and I couldn’t focus. So odd.

Light Years

“An exoplanet just 100 light-years from Earth appears to be the best candidate yet for a sloshy, water-covered ocean world.”

“Light-years from Earth” is not far at all. Not when brainwaves of consciousness are riding waves of Light. An increasing number of Earthlings are having this transcendent experience so get ready—for polar shift. I wonder what this means? However, I’m to be in Now! And that impression and motion simply came up and through Now.

Sheet Music

Music takes one beyond mental thought and emotional feeling into transcendence that feels neutral and freeing. I feel neutral and this looks like a round space ship free from the pull of external tethers. I get to discover what this looks like, what it means.

I’ve created some Now moments for tomorrow: GOLOV, coffee at a friend’s house and hiking with a granddaughter. Happiness is when an 8-year-old granddaughter wants to hike—again—and it feels like a rite-of-passage for our relationship.

Now relationships sing harmonious sounds of Love.

Surround Sound

Freedom is Observing—beyond chemical reaction. Freedom feels like feet planted in Earth, Brain tuned in to Cosmos, and Torso a bar magnet. I Am battery charging, discharging, recharging. This e-motion is musical sound (signals) attracting others into my field and being attracted. Giving and receiving, coming and going—in orbital patterns. Do I revolve around others? Do others revolve around me? Or are we all revolving around sound as music—surround sound? Orbits within orbits from atoms to stars , planets and galaxies?

Music changes in beats, tones…

“Melody, harmony, rhythm, and form and the expressive elements of dynamics, tempo, and timbre (tone color).”

Change is a constant, as in music, as in Life. It’s best not to be attached to forms that change but to keep feet, head and torso attuned to the music coming in. When music coming in harmonizes with music going out there is refinement and balance. Is the musical term “cadence”? This dance keeps us on our toes ever learning new dance steps. Today I call it Freedom of Detachment. I am the center of my universe making music with those around me. I, in turn, add to the music of others who are at center in their universe. All of us attuning in melody, harmony, rhythm and form to the music of the spheres. Wheels within wheels 🌀🎶🌀🎶

I was in the dental chair for nearly two hours yesterday. The equipment was/is archaic. I kept seeing myself in a white cubicle with rays of music and color healing my infected tooth. It was a “complicated” procedure the dentist said and that my tooth is going to be sore. Not! Not now, anyway. A friend asked if I needed food such as ice cream, chicken soup, or applesauce. I ate chicken curry salad instead—so yumm— from Fit for Life nutrition book. Food is music for this battery!

Grasshopper bringing Good Luck !!

Symphonic Sound

This body is a circuit and symphony board! I was watching/feeling different parts light up and noticed that certain telepathic communication lights up in the upper front of the brain. Very different than this new music at the lower back of brain. The heart has a consistent pinching feeling. Does this mean high pitch? The root chakra has its own sound very different than heart. And the feet have another sound. These parts create one electrical sound system. I know them, I feel them, in relationship—not in a vacuum. This is why relationships deserve quality control—time in refinement. Blessed are those who take time to learn and know harmonious sound.

Hacker/stalker must be in town. Signs of chaos and interference were also present. What species does he belong to? Maybe it’s the broken and lost Earthling. May these dark beings find harmony sooner and later.

Close Encounter

Driving home with water from the artesian well there was a Now moment at a stop light when I looked at a semi truck and driver and felt waves of goodwill go out to him. Then I felt and saw angles coming in from behind me and a little above me. These angles were that of a space craft. My thought was that the unconditional love I just radiated unconsciously is how alien beings love us.

I was very serious during GOLOV meditation—a bodily temperament. I started to see and feel that this “close encounter” experience was as if I had an eye at the lower back of my head. When I thought this I felt a charge and validation.

I worked at understanding the angles of the experience and settled on < coming in from the back of my head and > my seeing eye = ><.  I usually sense Light moving North to South. This was horizontal. I then associated this with the physical eye. Now, I’m getting it’s the Third Eye! I’ve never associated this being located at the back of my lower head. My reptilian brain likes this !!

So much unfolding and I just want to sleep!! I’m having to work at staying focused. “What am I supposed to be doing?” More disorientation. So I ground!

Connected Batteries = Electrical Currents = Sound

Batteries produce electricity

An electrochemical battery produces electricity with two different metals in a chemical substance called an electrolyte. One end of the battery is attached to one of the metals, and the other end is attached to the other metal.

Batteries, fuel cells and solar cells all produce something called direct current (DC). The positive and negative terminals of a battery are always, respectively, positive and negative. Current always flows in the same direction between those two terminals.

What is the sound of electricity?

Mains hum, electric hum, cycle hum, or power line humis a sound associated with alternating current which is twice the frequency of the mains electricity. The fundamental frequency of this sound is usually double that of fundamental 50/60 Hz, i.e. 100/120 Hz, depending on the local power-line frequency.

What is the purpose of batteries connecting, generating electricity and producing sound? To harmonize the larger whole.

Making plah doh I was showing Viv the way to unscrew the twist cap. Doing so I got that the out of harmony twist is the “kink” (previous blog post) and associated this with the spinning chakras. 

I refer to this in my S/He Dragon book:

Shamanic Tools

“…the Life Force has a sound (though ordinarily it is inaudible) because it is essentially movement and movement is what produces sound. The Life Force pulsates like a heart beat, or the regular, monotonous rhythm of a drum, and it also vibrates, swirling and spiraling in flowing, circular motions like seeds swishing in a rattle when it is shaken.”

Where Eagles Fly
A Shamanic Way to Inner Wisdom 

By Kenneth Meadows

Straighten out the kinks to pick up and bounce back (circuit board) clear signals of sound. This is emotional circuitry—round rather than flat. This roundness holds new sensorial chemistry. It’s Light waves and particles dancing to the music of the spheres—as in the Aurora Borealis!

Next Steps to Healing

Symptoms that I need to change my coarse of action re a lifelong sweet tooth being infected:

  • Walking to cut ivy from trees my jeans wouldn’t stay up. I had to go back and get a belt. How much weight had I lost with my new diet regime?
  • A bloody nose and blood “blisters” on my arm suggested I didn’t need the second bottle of garlic supplements. (an uneducated guess)
  • A new sense of disorientation where no food tasted good and feeling ungrounded. Where is N/S?
  • Right eye watering consistently, suggesting what?    

Muscle testing with Laara after walking meditation suggested the tooth/gum infection was not diminishing. Today I’m calling two Biological Dentists and the Orthodontist to get information so I can decide the next step. 

This healing is a crossroad of old and new. The old passing away to let New Earth breathe new life. I’m turning to the dental system to assist with this process. It’s all educational. My head and body is thanking me already!

Happy to be enjoying food again but without the cravings. I know I have to keep a close watch as this is not yet automatic.