Monthly Archive: July 2022

Sacred Feminine, Dragon and Shadow Work

I wake up to marching orders being moved by Spirit that moves all the gears. No, mental mind you are not the ruler of this land. You listen and yield following impulses from deep subtle realms.

I Am honors (through inclusion) the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine. These lost soul parts are re-membered. 

I am an advocate, a voice, for the Sacred Feminine because I know Her through experiential flying and walking—living. In the same vein I am a voice, an advocate for Dragon. 

Feminine Dragon of the Underworld, of Shadow and Shadow work—in the depth of Dark Matter. Matter is Light’s Shadow. 

Why do humans exclude the Sacred Feminine, Shadow work and Dragon? Why is this critical part of human intelligence and cosmic consciousness left out of human brain-heart-body function? Why the loss?

This Dragon re-members and flies. This Sacred Feminine lives, breathes, and speaks—Fire! This Shadow and Light do their Happy Dance.

Pituitary Waves

It happened again: Alchemy!

As I started to disagree mentally and emotionally with something being said on YouTube I noticed an energy wave moving down, meeting the reaction and making it neutral. (Smoothing out rough waters or turning lead into gold.) One chemical reaction rose upward (or tried to) while another chemical Master put it in its place. So fun to feel this/see this in my body. A Spiritual Support System!

So many people are based in their heads mentally and hearts emotionally creating drama after drama. Where does this positive home base reside? I give credit to the Pituitary Gland that coordinates the whole—democratically—through chemistry. The parts might try to do their own thing to get what they habitually want but the Pituitary sends her waves of peace to the part(s) acting out of line. This higher chakra Master/Mistress is aligned with and fed through Quantum Field Light waves.

The 3D field becomes the Quantum Field with waves and particles lining up harmonizing with intelligence.  Light is distributed, circulated.

Oh, another thought:  Negative chemistry turns counterclockwise alerting the Master gland to turn it clockwise. More alignment ??

Creator / Creation

Body loves music
Responding to vibration
Dancing rainbow light

I’m not enjoying blogging as I used to. It’s more fun/alive to talk to people—now that I have people in my life to talk to about spiritual, mystical, shamanic topics. More change externally as I change internally. Such a mirror!

During GOLOV yesterday a woman came to mind who got on my nerves the other day. She had irritated/agitated me. I immediately shut down the negative ripple in my GOLOV field—with a smile. It’s an alchemical smile of recognition, of Seeing and Knowing. This woman acts the way she does because of insecurity giving me an opportunity to use language that teaches rather than body language that reacts chemically through a nerve system. I’m doing this “lead to gold” change instinctually. During GOLOV “disturb the web” shifted to “shimmer the web.” This is my happy music and dance!

I hear dramas from people. One friend acts like a teenager talking on and on about a guy she is attracted to. Boring! I change the subject. I see this as arrested development. She’s stuck in drama. A woman called me for advice yesterday. It was a good conversation because she stopped herself from being negative by asking for feedback. Another developing friendship.

My life is full and abundant. So abundant that I have more energy going out than coming in—financially. Since I don’t get into debt some activities get put on hold until I have that financial energy.  

In this moment as I consider my day I feel like a painter with a clean pallet. I have so many beautiful colors to use and so many ways to use them. Life is waiting for me today in Now by Now bytes. 

Healing is Teaching

A second Co-Heal session and I zoom in to see matter in relationship with energy. Is this seeing Quantum and Particle because I Am that I Am?

I saw a woman’s heart with outstretching strings in her field that were attached to drama/trauma. She’s the one to follow the strings to the other side and love that Now time/space. I suggested this to a healer friend recently and she bucked like a horse in reaction. She is attached to the drama. Our heart strings are meant to arc in fullness of Love rather than be flat and dull.

Seeing is “zooming in” as in my tent experience with that expanded “arrow,” which is what I want to say/write but the word “laser” comes in from another angle.

“A laser is a quantum mechanical device that emits light with a well-defined wavelength in a very narrow beam. The operation of a laser is based on the quantum mechanical process of stimulated emission, predicted by Einstein when he studied the photoelectric effect.”

My healing is seeing to educate rather than seeing to heal for them. People must learn to heal themselves, to love themselves. It’s their inner work and journey. Maybe I say this because I’m a beginner at this seeing dis-ease in others, working with it and speaking of it. As always I learn as I go—experientially. My brain/heart/body has an experience and then I know by moving forward to make space for the next knowing. Sounds like energy-in-motion of emotion! Sounds like the Language of the Sacred Feminine. How far off course humans became until they re-membered their lost soul parts and claimed their true inheritance—Light!!


In my tent at Wiley Creek Campout and before falling asleep I had a traveling sensation in my head. I was moving/expanding/stretching in space—like a telescopic lens. I mentioned this might be a Third Eye ”transmission” (just came in) to someone at the campout who is very psychic and a metaphysical scholar with layers upon layers of knowledge. He associated my experience with the Merkaba (chariot).

I had a dream about hugging a man—a full body hug! We whispered (no one else knew) in each others ears with excitement that we couldn’t wait to be married. “Marriage” has many definitions. Partnership takes many forms. Loved that the emotion was clear, sweet—pure!

Light and Chemistry

This thought process is very sketchy but the writing of it helps with its unfoldment.

From Dr. Joe Dispenza’s July blog:

Brain Pathway Clarifies How Light Affects Our Mood

By Corrie Pikul-Brown, Futurity

“The findings build on previous research by study coauthor David Berson, professor of neuroscience, who in 2002 discovered special light-sensing cells in the eye. Unlike rods and cones, these “intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells” are not involved in what’s known as “object vision” or “form vision,” Sanes says, but mainly function to sense light intensity.”

This article brings up questions regarding what “chemistry” activates the endocrine glands. Do these glands and their corresponding chakras have rods and cones? And how is chemistry activated? What chemistry activates chemistry?

How does Light and light enter the physical body? Is Light frequency that Angel Michael touched me with at the top of my head different than light frequency from the sun that my eyes pick up? Is the former felt and known with inner Eye and the latter known with outer eyes? 

This learning/understanding is not a linear process but more circular with negative space. Meaning the answers are in the field and I get to listen and watch for them. It’s a carefree process. A Quantum way of learning/knowing.

I posted the article on our Drum Circle Messenger thread. Two responded positively. It’s helpful to have this backup for those in my orbit.


Alberto’s Courageous Dreaming Masterclass leaves me with the impression that the Body Particle is more aligned as particles with the waves of One Quantum Field. My heart is full of Gratitude for our collective journey upward.


This camp out opened up for me (thanks to a friend) and I’ll be sharing my Turtle’s Circle of Life book and mandala mapping with 80 children. Yesterday I went to my storage space for camping supplies and found a bin with 50 previous editions of the book. I decided to donate these to the kids rather than charging for the new book. My friend asked, “Don’t you want to make money this weekend?” I do tend to give my time and books away without charge. Is it that I feel unworthy? No. In the Now of those give-away moments I feel abundant. I live a simple life that feels abundant. I have a small living space that feels like a castle. I’m happy from the inside out. 

Another friend invited me—and my drum circle—to offer drumming at a community event.  I’m realizing that soon I’ll have a foundation and will ask for compensation. I’m observing that process of inner and outer development.

My drum circle. I’m continually suggesting that participants contribute instead of relying on me. A leader builds and a teacher teaches how to be in a circle rather than on a linear ladder. It’s like my friend who listens to psychics and leans on what they see and say. She expects me to do the same but I turn it around and ask her to go within. So much external drama to get caught up in. So much spin and spin some more. It’s so boring! I’m now able to straight-talk Truth in many situations. This, too, is my abundant New Earth.

10:00 am Courageous Dreaming with Alberto at The Four Winds. Yay!!