That Cosmic/Quantum Crystal Light Ray is a sword of extraction cutting cords of shadow personalities associated with each chakra. (I heard Dr. Joe say in a recent video that each chakra has their own brain, chemistry, etc. Good information.) 

Food cravings are raging resisting change. I realize that lust for food is similar to lust for sex and power. The chakras are in process of reset to align with this new Light coming through from above as well as from below—as I experienced in GOLOV on Thursday.

I’m learning to sit in the fire/fear to face the many chakra personalities resisting change. This requires being present to receive at a fine apex point frequency. (This new music is rattling old haunts, bringing up ghosts and goblins.) My conscious friends and communities assist the reset by providing nourishing/enlightening environments—music that harmonizes. I’m thriving as I change. Rainbow Serpent appears! “Alchemy” in motion.

Another street fair day. I continue to reach out as Light continues to reach in. In (North), up (South), and out—East and West. The dynamic revolving Circle of Life! Ah-ha! Alchemy is circular—stir that cauldron! Left or right? I ask and the answer is near.

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