White Light of Protection

I appreciate Facebook memories that gave me this previous post today.

In my book S/He Dragon I did not write about the psychic attacks I’ve experienced. Since I experienced this last night I am going to write about it now, rather than wait to write another book. My life is an open book.

Many years ago, after I was touched by Light via Archangel Michael, I experienced my first psychic attack. I was sleeping in a friend’s Victorian home when dark entities came toward me. I was alarmed, yes, afraid. I instinctively knew to hold out my hands and radiate White Light. These dark force came at me three times and three times I dissipated them.

A man I had a telepathic love affair with years ago started to harass me and attack me psychically after I cut the connection. I have learned to focus energy through his attacks using mind over matter. Light and Dark in battle is associated with Archangel Michael.

Last night I was awoken abruptly by a psychic attack. I felt it in my body and when I opened my eyes I saw dark movement in my dark room. I was not fully awake in beta brainwave. I was in a deeper state of awareness, alpha and theta. In this non-ordinary state I confronted this force. My energy body jumped out of bed and met her at the door. Then my hands were holding her wrists which, after squeezing, felt like two thin wires. I almost went back to sleep but she came at me again. I saw the pattern of her attack. This time I squeezed with both hands, tighter and tighter, until that energy was gone completely.

This is shamanic experience. And sorry to say, it is often two-legged shaman/shawomen who are doing the attacks. Why? Because human ego is insecure and separate thinking something or someone external is to blame.

I share this with the intention of healing. White Light heals. It is the Angelic way and we are Angel-Human. Remember who you are! Remember who we are as the children and protectors of Mother Earth, of Gaia.

A significant healing opportunity is in our hands.

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