Energy Work

When someone in our lives has a hold on us that we can’t escape it most likely is a past life relationship. The accumulated pain and trauma from the past presses against the conscious mind for clearing/forgiving. It doesn’t matter what the past dramas were. It does matter that the bundle of dark energy threads unravel and aerate. There are several ways to access subconscious information for aeration: hypnotherapy, past-life regression, soul retrieval, etc.

When the grip of past lives loosens it’s hold one relaxes and feels lighter. The illusion is that it’s the person holding us in their grip when it’s actually the emotional chemical bonds that keep us entangled. We meet dark chemistry with Light of Love.

What a great opportunity when dark bonds surface to be seen and heard in order to be transmuted. This spiritual energy work is deep in the dark underground. It’s alchemical.

One’s individual clearing is a collective clearing. The only way through darkness is seeing with Light’s Love.

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