Get to Work !!

This image came through while meditating in Denver and continues to speak. I’m reminded that Buffalo came through with the word Pachamama that Alberto spoke today.

I wrote that the image was a being leaning in. Faces accompanied it. Knowing keeps evolving. Men and spirits who are unhealthy/unholy feed off of and feed this Earth stain. Humans can protect themselves. Humans can protect Earth. We work with Divine Presence. Begone toxins !!

I just got Now: My years of blogging is Spirit Tracking a spiraling DNA strand of parts and the whole. I/we witness creation as I/we create! It’s magical like mercury. Alchemical.

This image is a stain in middle Earth and on surface Earth. It has a penetrating effect. Alberto describes such a stain as “dark traumas in the field.” The extending arm signifies outreach for control. I drum and meditate to clear the fields. I cut cords with sword of Light. I walk and talk in purpose.

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