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White Light of Protection

I appreciate Facebook memories that gave me this previous post today.

In my book S/He Dragon I did not write about the psychic attacks I’ve experienced. Since I experienced this last night I am going to write about it now, rather than wait to write another book. My life is an open book.

Many years ago, after I was touched by Light via Archangel Michael, I experienced my first psychic attack. I was sleeping in a friend’s Victorian home when dark entities came toward me. I was alarmed, yes, afraid. I instinctively knew to hold out my hands and radiate White Light. These dark force came at me three times and three times I dissipated them.

A man I had a telepathic love affair with years ago started to harass me and attack me psychically after I cut the connection. I have learned to focus energy through his attacks using mind over matter. Light and Dark in battle is associated with Archangel Michael.

Last night I was awoken abruptly by a psychic attack. I felt it in my body and when I opened my eyes I saw dark movement in my dark room. I was not fully awake in beta brainwave. I was in a deeper state of awareness, alpha and theta. In this non-ordinary state I confronted this force. My energy body jumped out of bed and met her at the door. Then my hands were holding her wrists which, after squeezing, felt like two thin wires. I almost went back to sleep but she came at me again. I saw the pattern of her attack. This time I squeezed with both hands, tighter and tighter, until that energy was gone completely.

This is shamanic experience. And sorry to say, it is often two-legged shaman/shawomen who are doing the attacks. Why? Because human ego is insecure and separate thinking something or someone external is to blame.

I share this with the intention of healing. White Light heals. It is the Angelic way and we are Angel-Human. Remember who you are! Remember who we are as the children and protectors of Mother Earth, of Gaia.

A significant healing opportunity is in our hands.

Quantum = Light + Love

Light is a wave. Love is its particle. Lovers they are, shining, expressing as One. The more Light the more Love and the experience in/on Earth frees up the ego. Insecurity—gone. Inhibition—gone. Matter, turned inside out, is made new. This earthy Love feels erotic like a deep tissue massage. Enter Spring’s Green God Pan 💚 This pure stimulation of enlightenment opens the gateways to 3-D drama. May hard hearts soften. May closed minds open. May egos shift from fear to love. May emotions spark joy and spread that fire. May old stories end. May Light’s Love shine in and on Earth.

💚 PAN 💚

On ley line of earth
turning to greet sun
co-creating dawn of new day,
on ley line of still space
 between worlds of night and day,
a hearty presence laughs in my ear 
of merry-making and joy,
very signal that cues bird song.

I came to know him that day
as Pan, horned pagan god.
He is of the rocks that spoke to me saying,
”Take me home to your windowsill.”
He is of the seals that surfaced
for the four of us sitting circle, coven style
adding magic to the mystical day.
He is of the tree that caught my eye
in northern country.
Cedrus deodara of draping green.

He dances and plays at home in misty rain,
singing to mortals, “Undress and be free.”
His presence, his tune
arouse erotic energies of subtle nature.
As I listen he guides me to faery country
where sexuality of earth body dances new song.

S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings, page 35.

Energy Work

When someone in our lives has a hold on us that we can’t escape it most likely is a past life relationship. The accumulated pain and trauma from the past presses against the conscious mind for clearing/forgiving. It doesn’t matter what the past dramas were. It does matter that the bundle of dark energy threads unravel and aerate. There are several ways to access subconscious information for aeration: hypnotherapy, past-life regression, soul retrieval, etc.

When the grip of past lives loosens it’s hold one relaxes and feels lighter. The illusion is that it’s the person holding us in their grip when it’s actually the emotional chemical bonds that keep us entangled. We meet dark chemistry with Light of Love.

What a great opportunity when dark bonds surface to be seen and heard in order to be transmuted. This spiritual energy work is deep in the dark underground. It’s alchemical.

One’s individual clearing is a collective clearing. The only way through darkness is seeing with Light’s Love.

Light in the Body

Wow! That’s my kind of language!

The Find Your Flow lecture by Alberto Villoldo is just what I’ve been listening for. Light is included! I’ll listen a second time and take notes. I learned new information and saw where my path of experience blended with this shamanic teaching. It’s fun to step into a new path but not leave where I’ve been. It’s different than a transplant!!

The Whispering Wind

Wind currents create change. They move within the body if one is quiet and attentive enough to listen and to hear. This is the first step. Subsequent steps require action. The soft whisper builds up to the level of commandment.

This was my response to JD’s video Start Doing This and You Will Change Your Life Forever.

Change happens from within the body. It moves as a whisper at first, like a soft breeze that changes temperature. The wind pressure builds and one notices moments of discomfort. The wind pressure builds some more causing one to move, to take action in order to change the disharmony of imbalance. It’s being root bound. It’s needing more room to grow. Making change is creating an unknown externally while trust does the steering internally. Change is a response system as in the way plants, flowers and trees respond to weather patterns. Change is body/matter responding to inner stimulus of spiritual substance. Change is the wind of Spirit. Evolution is its signature.

The Feminine Divine

Thank you, Marcela Lobos, for The Feminine Divine video and introducing me to the Rite of the Womb. “The womb is not a place to store grief and pain. The womb is a place to create life and birth.” I look forward to learning more in the upcoming course Seven Heavens.

My recent experience/expression of a new personality and diet opened a new connection with my Solar Plexus. This alignment opened a new relationship with Spirit or the Quantum Field. It’s a new cycle of creation that calls forth gratitude.

Get to Work !!

This image came through while meditating in Denver and continues to speak. I’m reminded that Buffalo came through with the word Pachamama that Alberto spoke today.

I wrote that the image was a being leaning in. Faces accompanied it. Knowing keeps evolving. Men and spirits who are unhealthy/unholy feed off of and feed this Earth stain. Humans can protect themselves. Humans can protect Earth. We work with Divine Presence. Begone toxins !!

I just got Now: My years of blogging is Spirit Tracking a spiraling DNA strand of parts and the whole. I/we witness creation as I/we create! It’s magical like mercury. Alchemical.

This image is a stain in middle Earth and on surface Earth. It has a penetrating effect. Alberto describes such a stain as “dark traumas in the field.” The extending arm signifies outreach for control. I drum and meditate to clear the fields. I cut cords with sword of Light. I walk and talk in purpose.

Ask and Receive

After listening to Become a Modern Day Shaman I realize I have a full circle of Presence teaching and guiding me. This inner landscape continues to be my focus. Now that I’ve opened up space I allow the New Earth Garden to grow.

Do I return to Wilderness Awareness School community to teach Turtle’s Circle of Life to the children? Do I go back to the environment where I became involved with Stalker and Hacker? As I ask Now I am told “No.” It opens up my field to his dark, predatory behavior. And it would encourage him to attack me and others whom I love. I encircle him in White Light. May he evolve. I continue to separate from his field with protecting Light within me and around me.

I am a Seer, Shaman and Mystic. My certification is stamped in my Soul.


Woke up to these thoughts and words so I express them here.

Change is not loss or abandonment. Change is opening doors for new creativity. Creativity is contributing more of one’s substance spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically because there is more.

Time (the repetition of sun cycles) brings change. It’s natural. It’s growth and expansion.

“Everything is an experiment.” In what dimension? In what reality? Science? I choose not to be an experiment. I Am wave—alive and moving in the whole ocean of waves. I am experience—a verb rather than a noun.

Addendum (s)

I’m getting that offering Fire Ceremony could be my grounded and grounding work. At this thought Buffalo speaks— snorting. He’s quite intense ! Makes me chuckle. I ask about his pounding hoof on Earth but he is no longer expressing that way.

When we did The Four Winds Fire Ceremony earlier this week I noticed how similar it was to my hypnotherapy training and short lived practice. My teacher told me that state certification rules didn’t allow me to work with the colors or visions and Beings that were showing up as I worked with clients. And I couldn’t work the energy field with my hands that had a mind of their own! That earlier training and experience can support new Shamanic Energy Healing work. Yay !!

My mechanic says my car issue is mechanical and it might be the cable to the transmission but it’s not urgent. Another Yay !!