Freedom #2

Freedom is not being triggered by certain incoming signals, egotistical people and food cravings all of which are downward spirals. Not that I’m 100% there but I’m having my first glimpses. It’s as if my nerves are rearranged. (egotistical people have low self-esteem needing reinforcement from externals. love them anyway. love them especially. thank you wise “vein” — deep in Earth — for turning me around right!

Freedom is acknowledging when a relationship is dissonant. Deciding what to do with the design of that relationship is the next step. Instead of running away (flight pattern I know well) I’ll dialogue and then decide how to proceed. This is the wise thing to do. I could invite friends to do Walking Meditations with me. Many of my friends are overweight and might want to walk for the health of it.

Dawn chorus…morning song 🎶 Birds know how to greet the new day! They know how to BE.

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