Monthly Archive: March 2022


I managed to listen to Dr Joe’s live conversation today while nannying. After work I tuned in to his voice and teachings and noticed that he felt circular/round. I asked what that meant and got “grounded.” Maybe more will be revealed.

More incoming information: “Grounded” refers to “presence” and “3-D.” That’s so logical


Pure energy moves/circulates. Water, Air, Earth, Fire. Heaven and Earth DNA.

I woke up this morning and immediately turned to the word “sacrifice” and a biblical story of someone killing a loved one due to love of and obedience to God.

Does the Contract say: Must be willing to sacrifice flesh—one’s own and others?

“The Meaning of Sacrifice means giving to the Lord [Source] whatever He [S/He] requires of our time, our earthly possessions, and our energies to further His work. The Lord [Spirit] commanded, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). Our willingness to sacrifice is an indication of our devotion to God.”

Language has not been inclusive, pure and true. It’s music silenced by darkness. Light shines through— spark by spark, ray by ray, beam by beam—and Truth is seen and heard.

Eye See

I thought there would be a resting period but no. 2:30 am and my brain is spitting out questions. What’s a better term for “spitting out?” “Creating” is the answer. Okay. Questions are creative? If this is left-brain logic in motion than this is true for me.

  • Order / Chaos
  • Light / Shadow
  • Cause / Effect
  • Alkaline / Acidic
  • Radiant / Reflective
  • Positive / Negative
  • Day / Night
  • Male / Female
  • Energy / Matter

Quantum Physics breaks these opposites down into nothingness—pure energy. Is this our path of evolution? Nothingness is Divine. Why can’t Divine be known as Divine Matter, Female, Night, Negative, Reflective, Acidic, Effect, Shadow, Chaos? It can’t be known if it’s not seen. ☯️ It’s why yin/yang opposites have two circular eyes—so they can each observe what they create together: Change.

The change I want in my life is to be more alkaline and the meditative path I’m on is teaching me how to to do this. I resist but keep moving forward. I keep communicating which is the force behind Seeing Eyes. It’s natural to communicate what I See. Thankfully it’s not always ego seeing and judging. The more clear I see and know myself the more clear is my physical body. The more I evolve my Light Body the more so know my Self. And what is there to know? Balance! Communication creates balance. Why? Because it honors relationship.

Do we evolve out of opposite relationships and into Eye of Oneness. Or do we evolve Eye of Oneness into opposite relationships?

Brain Chain

GOLOV Meditation 3/29

An image comes through immediately. Two arcing lines in association/relationship. “Hallelujah” song playing. I draw the lines around the sun—I know not why. Words flow through supporting the images.

The N/S linkage reminds my body (not head) of the 3/22 Ascension drawing in that one circular line/wire is supporting the next and their movement is upward.

I ask if the two wires are coming in from different angles. I get “left brain/right brain” and the image of the two lines/wires crossing are nodes or knots being tied as in the previous bow tied package.

Are images and words the components of imagination? Is imagination images + words from Third Eye imaging. Are tied knots and nodes bonds? The answer is that they support one another in forward motion.

I probably owe people apologies for the way I’m wired and thus behave at times. I’m definitely under some spell that is an ongoing mystery in its order through chaos.

Spiritual Sacrifice

I had an experience of pure energy circulating: Mind, emotion, body still. New territory. Water, Air, Earth, Fire. Spirit & Earth DNA.

I wake up and think of a Biblical story of sacrifice. Someone killing someone they love as a test from God. As a test of trust and obedience. Reminding me of the “spell” I’m under.

Yoga Wild

Yesterday I introduced my Circle of Life booklet and mandala mapping to the instructor at Tahoma Audubon’s Yoga Wild at Swan Creek in Tacoma. After I mentioned the subconscious bringing up memories from the E/S/W/N of our lives she said with emotion, “I can use something like this right now.” She got it! She sensed the healing potential of this circle art. For me it was a sign from the Universe and my 10-year-old granddaughter witnessed it all. It will be fun to see what opens for Turtle. Twice yesterday I answered the question as to how I was drawn to write this story. I was inspired to use the Medicine Wheel model for my mom’s eulogy. It’s how I told her story. Mom approves !!

One Whole Package

That package with bow on top is ME !! What a journey up to the 8th floor and more where I see with new eyes and hear with new ears. I am new! As is my orbit. As is my world and worlds. Integration happens. I Am at peace AND ready for more.

I’m surprised that Carl Jung’s archetypes are so limited. He’s missing a few floors where Light shines bright and clear.

These are my Qigong hands and Sam Garrett dancing hands and meditation hands. Hands enlivened by Spirit that moves me and all living matter — rocks, trees, water say, “Me, too!”

Bow Tie Package

GOLOV meditation shapeshifting word to image.

“Connection” word brought up a tied shoelace

Loops as in eternity symbol

What is a bow? “Wrap around and tie a knot.”

Bow image (- & +) shape shifts to heart image (+ & -)

“Heart” word becomes a package in hands/arms with bow on top

Circular motion of wrap around, tie, knot, let go

Expansion out/around with Contraction down/around creating center knot

Radiant (beaming) arch W/N/E above two

So grateful for this stimulation !!

Bobbing head dancing in Cerebral Spinal Fluid communicates with ET’s, Masters, Light Beings

Join in substance — tie in substance

First time I felt left hand as dominant while right hand wrote. Both giving/receiving.

I hold in hands/arms a package with bow on top.


Diversity moves me, circulates me: I wake up and say, “You are my Sunshine.” Then this song from childhood sings: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.” The Sun is a powerful life force. Get too close and you burn up. Stay in right relationship and all is well. It’s why planets are a good distant from their sun in a solar system. How does my inner sun relate?

What is boredom? Do suns, planets, stars ever get bored? Why am I bored with a certain aspect/angle of my life? Because it’s not moving in full-potential, exponentially? How do I know I’m bored? My 3D body tells me. So I make adjustments to honor this vehicle that carries me all the while keeping communication transparent—inside to outside.

So weird: I bought a pair of walking shoes with memory foam and I walk like I’m intoxicated—not grounded. I have to focus on walking straight with feet on solid ground. It’s unnatural. What is this foam?

All this diversity from sun to feet at 4:30 am !!

“Boredom is an emotion or signal that lets you know that you are doing something that doesn’t give you satisfaction. Boredom could tell you two things: that you are not fully present and engaged in your current task or that your task is not meaningful to you.”

Stimulation and creativity is the opposite of boredom and it’s my responsibility to generate this in my 3D life.