I woke up at 2am with questions about this and that. It felt like sputtering gears. Then I meditated and felt that “cushion” of familiarity. Then I blogged. It appears this new gear outshines those other gears!

Feeling new substance in meditation that is prayerful. It’s like a cushion that is not centered around me but rather a larger whole. I recognize this inner emotional space and it occurs NOW that I know it from childhood when I fell in love with Jesus. (This is how my non-linear “memory bank” works) I adored this teacher in the Bible who healed the sick. He touched my heart, no, he astounded my heart, and I listened to the Bible stories about him whole heartedly. This cushion adds a new layer, a new level that has its own informative inspiration and inspirational information—its own gear of energy in motion. It’s a grounded gear!

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