Harmonizing with ETs

The YouTube video with Grant Cameron and Jimmy Blanchette (posted on FB) reveals an integrated relationship between Earth and Space, Science and Higher Frequencies, Humans and ET’s.

It also reveals to me the mathematical frequency in my drawing of the chakra system that I experienced and drew in meditation. It’s a two way communication system of signals. What is sent out via frequency signal generates response via frequency signal. This communication between parts of one whole system becomes more clear because it’s our human desire to understand and know oneself, another and others. The only path to understanding is Love. And, as shown so clearly in this YouTube video, there are many harmonics at play.

I can see and hear the hearted Love (e-motion) from these two men, Grant and Jimmy, in their work. It’s this Love that fills out the numbers, equations, codes, lines of reason, etc. It’s this Love that gives matter Life of sound, color, texture, fragrance. And it’s this Love that continues to integrate us as Cosmic Beings of Light.

I appreciate these men using words that include the mystical experience because they have the experience! This revelation is an ongoing integration of left and right brain—is a scientific and spiritual breakthrough on Earth, in our Solar System this year of 2022.

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