Healing Dense Matter

Time for another episode of serious self-healing. Knee so much better—I can skip again! Now for the next episode as I learn to unlearn.

My new dentist had not seen (via x-ray) wisdom teeth like mine—half way through the gum. One is inflamed so I get to heal it with meditation and changing my relationship with food.

Food has distracted me, comforted me, grounded me. And food, my most intimate relationship, needs to change its alchemical grip. I have tools and support teams. I have freedom to choose. Here/Now is a wisdom tooth healing opportunity to find balance in my relationship with food. It’s work of a life time and life line.

Seems I’ll have to shift identities and not be this physical body. Seems I’ll have to act from my Light body. Which means extending the rays all the way through this dense matter. I have that visual now. I have this inner support and my muscles need to respond. My muscles are doing just that—extending their force.

GOLOV 1/20

Focus is above my head—a North Star gear. It draws energy down (West) and around each chakra gear engaging the Southern gear and bringing energy back up the other side (East). I drew this and thought it odd that energy would move counterclockwise. In Medicine Wheel circles we always move clockwise. I know one direction is feminine the other masculine.

notes: it’s not food, it’s an energy pattern from childhood. No boundaries in place when emotions are silent. No lines to contain energy in motion. Always surface of who, what, when. Never any whys. No self-realization. Open to the whims of tides that move. No grounding. This frenzy will be screened, filtered, released.

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