Monthly Archive: January 2022

Restorative Wake-full-ness

Changing things up. Meditating this morning to an evening meditation: Restorative Sleep. “The brain” conjured up a gold/orange crystal ball that I observe and hold in consciousness. Back to music of meditation. Love this meditation—it lights up my circuits!

Recharge, charge, discharge is the creative process of engagement with Spirit. Heaven on Earth.

As women in my drum circle share their excitement about crystals, gem stones, musical instruments, healing practices, etc. I feel separate. My focus has not been in externals. Outer “stuff” doesn’t excite me including certificates and degrees. So, I get to unlearn my feelings of not fitting in because these women have good hearts and we are harmonizing. I also get to learn how to tell my Truth so I do fit in.

New Layer of Dimension

If N/S lines are stable and changeless and E/W lines are ever changing in an electromagnetic field/grid how does this translate to molecular structure?

Last nights’ Walking Into the Future meditation had many layers of musical tones. My brain was in a sound bath! I realized there are layers of engagement in my meditation experiences/relationships depending on internal and external factors. Would that be molecules and orbs in motion of e-motion?

I woke up a few minutes ago and brushed my hair. I wondered how to add “cushion” to this moment of relating to my hair? Doing so I sensed an additional angle of mind-full-ness. I can apply this consciousness to any relationship in any moment. What a fun exploration that has to do with being anchored, grounded. It’s a larger gear—an overseeing gear that’s more spiritual than mystical. Maybe I’ll discover what this means. Oh! I’m getting that it includes more of my physical body! (Thank you subconscious for that information!)

My Turtle’s Circle of Life book begins to have traction. I sense the directions to move and do so. My brain function is different in that it is challenged with planning ahead (thinking through book marketing, promoting) and moves forward relationship by relationship, response by response. As if I’m testing the waters and wading in. My brain is also challenged remembering details. Some people take this personally such as when I can’t remember birthdays, someone’s age, or something that happened in the past. This is a handicap in this linear world. It’s as if my brain is in neutral with the stimulus of NOW and fired by non-linear design.

Chatty today! My nanny family has a close relative who is near death. They were discussing how to tell the daughter that her mom was going to die. They had no context in which to talk about death. I suggested they say that her mom is going into the Light to be with Angels. After they digested that I said that the granddaughter is also an Angel and that’s how they can continue to be together. They did listen. Later I texted the grandmother that she, too, has Angels supporting her and suggested she read the stories from those who have had Near Death Experiences. I’ve been with this family 2.5 ish years (“ish” is my cushion for not remembering exactly). They know me now and are accepting, or at least listen, to what I have to say. The other evening my granddaughter said that her dad needs my “spiritual healing.” I loved hearing those words of acknowledgment as I don’t always know how I come across to people—of all ages. I pray for this blood family of mine.

Listening to Native Wellness with Gene Tagabon I felt kinship of heart—again. I like the way he thinks and speaks. I like his stories. I am aware that I, a white woman, am not always accepted by Native Americans. I am Native in Heart and that spiritual blood is the most potent. I’ll probably reach out to Gene regarding groups/organizations who might be interested in my Circle class. Indigenous people “get” the Way of Circle, the Circle of Life. Caucasians seem to do the class in a more self-centered way. Is that fair to say? Is that Truth? I think so. It’s cultural as Indigenous peoples live with the land not on it. (This statement reflects the new angle of cushioned mindfulness that might be a new layer of dimension. Yes, it’s that substantial.)

Here, layers of daily life. More external and practical than mystical. And yet, necessary for the new layer(s) of dimension. Matter is sacred even though science says it doesn’t exist. Goddess—the Sacred Feminine—has a lot to say about consciousness that is inclusive.


I woke up at 2am with questions about this and that. It felt like sputtering gears. Then I meditated and felt that “cushion” of familiarity. Then I blogged. It appears this new gear outshines those other gears!

Feeling new substance in meditation that is prayerful. It’s like a cushion that is not centered around me but rather a larger whole. I recognize this inner emotional space and it occurs NOW that I know it from childhood when I fell in love with Jesus. (This is how my non-linear “memory bank” works) I adored this teacher in the Bible who healed the sick. He touched my heart, no, he astounded my heart, and I listened to the Bible stories about him whole heartedly. This cushion adds a new layer, a new level that has its own informative inspiration and inspirational information—its own gear of energy in motion. It’s a grounded gear!

Walking In Resonance

Walking Meditation #6 chose me. Takeaway is Schuman Resonance of Earth is Cosmic Resonance.

Time for me is circular with loops. I flow with the loops not knowing where they take me. In this void that has its own activity I end up in North receiving downloads. My Goddess and Mystical path circulates/breathes in downloads. My higher purpose at work through me!

Walking today I heard inner voice say, “I’m hungry.” I looked it in the eye and said, “No, you’re not!” I’m straightening out tangled wiring of communication between my physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Harmonizing with ETs

The YouTube video with Grant Cameron and Jimmy Blanchette (posted on FB) reveals an integrated relationship between Earth and Space, Science and Higher Frequencies, Humans and ET’s.

It also reveals to me the mathematical frequency in my drawing of the chakra system that I experienced and drew in meditation. It’s a two way communication system of signals. What is sent out via frequency signal generates response via frequency signal. This communication between parts of one whole system becomes more clear because it’s our human desire to understand and know oneself, another and others. The only path to understanding is Love. And, as shown so clearly in this YouTube video, there are many harmonics at play.

I can see and hear the hearted Love (e-motion) from these two men, Grant and Jimmy, in their work. It’s this Love that fills out the numbers, equations, codes, lines of reason, etc. It’s this Love that gives matter Life of sound, color, texture, fragrance. And it’s this Love that continues to integrate us as Cosmic Beings of Light.

I appreciate these men using words that include the mystical experience because they have the experience! This revelation is an ongoing integration of left and right brain—is a scientific and spiritual breakthrough on Earth, in our Solar System this year of 2022.

Healing Dense Matter

Time for another episode of serious self-healing. Knee so much better—I can skip again! Now for the next episode as I learn to unlearn.

My new dentist had not seen (via x-ray) wisdom teeth like mine—half way through the gum. One is inflamed so I get to heal it with meditation and changing my relationship with food.

Food has distracted me, comforted me, grounded me. And food, my most intimate relationship, needs to change its alchemical grip. I have tools and support teams. I have freedom to choose. Here/Now is a wisdom tooth healing opportunity to find balance in my relationship with food. It’s work of a life time and life line.

Seems I’ll have to shift identities and not be this physical body. Seems I’ll have to act from my Light body. Which means extending the rays all the way through this dense matter. I have that visual now. I have this inner support and my muscles need to respond. My muscles are doing just that—extending their force.

GOLOV 1/20

Focus is above my head—a North Star gear. It draws energy down (West) and around each chakra gear engaging the Southern gear and bringing energy back up the other side (East). I drew this and thought it odd that energy would move counterclockwise. In Medicine Wheel circles we always move clockwise. I know one direction is feminine the other masculine.

notes: it’s not food, it’s an energy pattern from childhood. No boundaries in place when emotions are silent. No lines to contain energy in motion. Always surface of who, what, when. Never any whys. No self-realization. Open to the whims of tides that move. No grounding. This frenzy will be screened, filtered, released.

Alignment in Radiance

Nice to receive downloads while I nanny two young boys today. Adds meaning to my day. I’m seeing White Light encircling Earth body and rainbow colors emitting response. It’s a rhythmic inhale / exhale system of gears from core through core to surface. Strata layers are affected and respond in new alignment.