Thanks Giving

Spiritual substance births new thoughts and new words. My inner Eye looked at the words as one whole and smiled at the “green” signal to share: “Thank you for giving me space and ground to Love you.” I like the feeling and sound of that!

Additional creative thoughts also born this day of Thanksgiving: Turtle’s Circle of Life is thinking about Dana Lyons’ Circle the World song and Jane Goodall’s Peace Dove puppets flying around the world celebrating September’s International Day of Peace. I will hold that and see if the seeds germinate. Creative ideas are held in the field, nurtured and birthed in seasons and directions called the Circle of Life.

Another sign of grounding: Since I am a Senior (in the North of my Circle of Life) I have free membership to a local gym! That I now want to build muscle is significant because my physical body has been in the background while my mystical body has been in the foreground. My body with its diminishing debris field is triumphant!

Giving Thanks to Gaia for providing creative space in which humans align with Creator. Turtle Island is made new!

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