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Relationships are creative partnerships. Creativity gives life meaning through its expression. Creativity is Life-giving expression. It is also Life-receiving expression—Ah-Ha—the Circle of Life! Meaning fills in our life when we feel part of a larger field, a larger whole.

I see an art activity here: Draw a small circle at the center of a piece of paper. This represents me, a person. From the circle I draw lines outward to dots that represent creative relationships in my life. This whole picture is a community, a constellation, a shining crystal. Creativity restores Light. Creativity is enlightenment!

This artistic “creation” reminds me of the spider and web in New Zealand during GOLOV meditation yesterday that led to the idea of energetically weaving in the hole in Earth’s ozone layer! Isn’t that what healing is all about? Finding our missing pieces and filling the empty space in with Life Force? Soul Retrieval!!

We weave webs of Light as we relate creatively. In this 4:00am creativity zone I reached out (my body has a mind of its own) and touched a hand that was grounding, comforting. This relationship is at center of my heart. I’ll add him to the picture. Ah-Ha a Mind Movie!!

From out of the blue I thought of a cameraman who assisted in our UFOiTEAM project. I had been thinking that I need good lighting, camera, etc. to film my Circle of Life class (as requested in Alaska) and this man filled in the space. He is enthused to work with Turtle’s Circle of Life. Next step is to find a classroom, students and the Native American Indian, Mike Evans, who was first to open the door to a Circle of Light class at the Duwamish Longhouse—and who is now Chief of the Snohomish Tribe. The book will be printed soon! It’s fun to let it unfold, to watch it as a Creator.

I heard from a friend that Turtle Island is associated with the Pleiades and that Native American Indians believe they came from the Pleiades. I hope to ask Mike.

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