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Flow morning meditation reminded me of the radar field or ocean of signals I detected during GOLOV meditation last night. There’s stillness with its nothingness and then there are lines or frequency waves that move out from me and to me creating signals. Consciousness is a scanning process. One can “override the interference” which is commotion of waves. I now see waves crossing. Flow consciousness.

What is radar ?


The pituitary gland holds the positive, masculine charge and the pineal holds a negative, feminine charge. When the masculine and feminine energies meet in the brain it is known as the Mystical Marriage. The Mystical Marriage initiates the birth of our multidimensional consciousness.

The feminine earth energy merges with the masculine pituitary gland and the feminine pineal gland receives the masculine energy from Spirit. When the two awakened chakras’ essences meet in the third ventricle, there is the union and harmony of spirit into matter as the multidimensional forces of spiritual light merge with the matter of our third dimensional brain.

from S/He Dragon – How I Found My Wings
(my editor wanted me to include outside sources for the experiences I wrote about.)

Cloud “9”

Being knocked out of orbit by Love feels like a honeymoon — Cloud 9 bliss!!

The term “honeymoon” as defined today is shallow, far from Truth. What I see is the Moon, Sun, Earth relationship and it makes me wonder at the significant role of Moon. Does moon deflect or redirect Light? Does it protect Earth? Does it have direct influence on our e-motion? Does it bring balance to Earth? Does it arouse or calm waters or do both? Does it have direct influence on our hormones?

A new learning curve. The Moon thanks us for generating deeper meaning.

Thanks Giving

Spiritual substance births new thoughts and new words. My inner Eye looked at the words as one whole and smiled at the “green” signal to share: “Thank you for giving me space and ground to Love you.” I like the feeling and sound of that!

Additional creative thoughts also born this day of Thanksgiving: Turtle’s Circle of Life is thinking about Dana Lyons’ Circle the World song and Jane Goodall’s Peace Dove puppets flying around the world celebrating September’s International Day of Peace. I will hold that and see if the seeds germinate. Creative ideas are held in the field, nurtured and birthed in seasons and directions called the Circle of Life.

Another sign of grounding: Since I am a Senior (in the North of my Circle of Life) I have free membership to a local gym! That I now want to build muscle is significant because my physical body has been in the background while my mystical body has been in the foreground. My body with its diminishing debris field is triumphant!

Giving Thanks to Gaia for providing creative space in which humans align with Creator. Turtle Island is made new!

Creativity Web

Relationships are creative partnerships. Creativity gives life meaning through its expression. Creativity is Life-giving expression. It is also Life-receiving expression—Ah-Ha—the Circle of Life! Meaning fills in our life when we feel part of a larger field, a larger whole.

I see an art activity here: Draw a small circle at the center of a piece of paper. This represents me, a person. From the circle I draw lines outward to dots that represent creative relationships in my life. This whole picture is a community, a constellation, a shining crystal. Creativity restores Light. Creativity is enlightenment!

This artistic “creation” reminds me of the spider and web in New Zealand during GOLOV meditation yesterday that led to the idea of energetically weaving in the hole in Earth’s ozone layer! Isn’t that what healing is all about? Finding our missing pieces and filling the empty space in with Life Force? Soul Retrieval!!

We weave webs of Light as we relate creatively. In this 4:00am creativity zone I reached out (my body has a mind of its own) and touched a hand that was grounding, comforting. This relationship is at center of my heart. I’ll add him to the picture. Ah-Ha a Mind Movie!!

From out of the blue I thought of a cameraman who assisted in our UFOiTEAM project. I had been thinking that I need good lighting, camera, etc. to film my Circle of Life class (as requested in Alaska) and this man filled in the space. He is enthused to work with Turtle’s Circle of Life. Next step is to find a classroom, students and the Native American Indian, Mike Evans, who was first to open the door to a Circle of Light class at the Duwamish Longhouse—and who is now Chief of the Snohomish Tribe. The book will be printed soon! It’s fun to let it unfold, to watch it as a Creator.

I heard from a friend that Turtle Island is associated with the Pleiades and that Native American Indians believe they came from the Pleiades. I hope to ask Mike.

Living Words

I learned a lot yesterday by having conversations with loved ones. A dear friend opened her heart sharing that she lacked joy and wanted to know why. Her question revealed two words that came to her from out of the blue: Soul Retrieval. So she is reading books to learn more and is listening to her dreams. She may start a Dream Circle Meetup. This is a perfect example of how darkness in our lives is used as fertile soil for creativity. And that creativity is healing as parts once missing become integrated. She asked that I check in on her to help her stay on path. This is an example of the new open hearted friendships in my life. It means a lot to me after being alone for so many years—not alone internally but alone in this world. To now have soul to soul conversations is meaningful because it’s creative and this has healing effects.

During GOLOV it’s now the conversations that hold inspiration and Ah-Ha moments. What once happened internally in mystical realms is now happening through words of communication. It’s as if something shifted—a grounding in brains, hearts and bodies.

Yesterday during GOLOV conversation I heard myself say that gratitude prevents out of balance tipping which seems to be what so many of us are moving through. It was interesting when I received the “momentum” to express gratitude for Dr. Joe. This came in from my upper right field as energy that wanted to give birth through words. It wasn’t mental or emotional it was inspired. Maybe it’s mystical communication. I now see red blood, as Love, circulating through a system.

Soul Retrieval is in process at a new level and in a new system that includes humans, Mother Earth and Cosmic space. The parts and the whole are being reborn in New Earth. I know and speak of it because I’m experiencing it. We continue to focus on integration in the darkness of disintegration. The tipping point of dark expansion is now turning as contraction.

Darkness is the signature of this realm of duality. Light is the Force behind it all, turning it all. Light is the Music of the spheres. May cells of matter continue to open to Light. And that, my friends, is a happier, more joyful people, planet and Cosmos. That, my friends, is as Feminine in creativity as it is Masculine In technicality. Blessed Balance 💙

Star Wars & Akashic Records

This creative or divination


  1. the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

process of turning lead into gold is like a triangle. There is a lot of room to move at the base but less and less room at the pointed apex. 🔺+🔻= ♦️

I keep hitting an intense debris field that pulls me down. This is happening every other day! My spirit soars as Cosmic consciousness expands but my physical body takes a nose dive. What is this? I ask as I see it more clearly, more consciously.

This picture has to do with the circuit board (micro and macro brain) and the old dramas of me against you, us against them. How long has this divisiveness been playing out in Cosmic space? How thick is this field? How dark? It’s definitely tossing me around and down. Now, I’m seeing a space craft maneuvering turns to avoid hitting debris. Now, I’m seeing Star Wars movie scenes.

I am not alone in this upward flight pattern. I have supportive friendships on Earth and in the Cosmos. We move toward and cross this debris field together! There is no shame in the creative process of resurrection. Thinking of the movie The Dark Crystal and seeing dead matter turn green with life when the broken pieces are joined. How many planets have been destroyed? How many beings? How many pieces of debris are there?

The Force is with us! We continue to fly upward and outward as our space suits adapt to new frequencies. Light is with us! We are Light Beings and resistance will never change that Truth. I now see swords of Light. Archangel Michael leads the way.


  1. debris field
    Any area, non-dependent of locale, space, or contour, that contains the debris of wreckage, impact, sinking, or other material that once constituted a complete object. Debris fields can be found at the site of air crashes, water vessel sinking, explosions of buildings, collapses, and other events that render a whole entity into components, pieces, or other non-whole items.

Reading this most recent post I get “Akashic Records”

In the religion of theosophy and the philosophical school called anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the mental plane. There are anecdotal accounts but there is no scientific evidence for the existence of the Akashic records.[1][2][3]

Star Clusters

I am moving in new orbital patterns and systems that involves and revolves around relationships. Moving through space some relationships light up while others dim. This motion of e-motion (attraction) creates dynamic star clusters that have purpose due to their bonded creativity.

I am moving in star clusters as a star cluster. I am a community of engaged and activated “stars” (cells that are in process of enlightenment— and that counts!) while associating with other stars of the same nature. Our common bond is to shine Light through matter’s creative expression. We are creative as a bonded community.

This is not crystal clear yet but I want to catch it, wrap around it, while it’s being born in consciousness. The old way of relating is not in my orbit—there’s a new orbit—revolving around shared creativity. I wonder if we as Earthlings are creating a new definition of “star cluster.” Maybe a “conscious” star cluster that lights up other “sockets.” That sounds mechanical. The Cosmic machine moving in Sacred Sound. Listen to it! Hear it! Dance with it! Create with it! New commandments and I respond with a resounding YES❣️❣️

Star clusters are large groups of stars. Two main types of star clusters can be distinguished: globular clusters are tight groups of hundreds to millions of old stars which are gravitationally bound, while open clusters are more loosely clustered groups of stars, generally containing fewer than a few hundred members, and are often very young. Open clusters become disrupted over time by the gravitational influence of giant molecular clouds as they move through the galaxy, but cluster members will continue to move in broadly the same direction through space even though they are no longer gravitationally bound; they are then known as a stellar association, sometimes also referred to as a moving group.

Curiosity led me to socket’s definition and this is associated with the circuit board! It’s fun when the puzzle pieces come together!


  1. 1. a natural or artificial hollow into which something fits or in which something revolves.”the eye socket”
    • 2. an electrical device receiving a plug or light bulb to make a connection.


A dam busted loose and new currents flow. Currents of creativity and synergy. I see and hear it in my communities as I contribute in it, to it.

The song Love is the Seventh Wave by Sting came up today in responsive alignment.

Creativity is the action of community; the grounding of thinking and feeling; the outer effect of a meditative state of Being.

Creativity is a sign of New Earth.

I spent a little time with a woman who didn’t laugh. She was in physical and emotional pain. I did a lot of laughing when I was with her. I was conscious of the sound it made as if in a void. Today when we talked on the phone she told me how she is now pretending to be happy! If she could pretend to be miserable she said she might as well turn that around to happiness. She’s been happy for days! I have no doubt that my laughter made an imprint on her psyche. That along with all the instruction she respects from Dr. Joe. This, another example of creativity. Good bye lethargic voids. Hello creativity.