Monthly Archive: October 2021

Heart Space of Truth

I have a new “circuit board.” Last night it lit up when I read a Dr. Joe Dispenza quote regarding: It’s not enough to know, now is the time to know how. I’ve read this many times and there was always a slight tint and hint of it not ringing true for me. Last night my circuit board lit up with: Now is the time to know, not the time to know how. Totally opposite in angle and view.

A friend responded to my Facebook post about how my Pranic Healing experience is different than Hypnotherapy. She suggested I not throw hypnotherapy under the proverbial bus. That was her angle and view. My initial response to her suggested that she share her own experience rather than deny me of my experience. I edited it. The point is that friends have different experiences. Do we have the heart space to acknowledge and allow for differences?

Spirit is Intelligent and Moves Matter

GOLOV Meditation. “Rambunctious” heard with inner ear and spoken inside out. I heard within and spoke tasting that word with throat, tongue, mouth and then outer ears as if an instrument was played and heard for the first time. Words! What an enchanted pathway for Spirit to sing us! “Enfolded words unfold” came through in meditation.

What kind of container holds a charge larger than itself? A porous one. Such is Love.

Arcturians and ETs are related and in service to the whole. They have the same brain and bulbous head.

I thought my 3 year old kiddo whom I nanny had become demanding and challenging. Listening in that space with her yesterday I got that I’m the one being demanding. She turned three recently and is now in preschool a couple times a week. She is growing up. She doesn’t want to relate in the same way: obeying on command. Her brain has new wiring. So, instead of direct commands (get your socks on, time for lunch) I will be creative and go around her catching her from behind! This will be interesting for both of us! I love my kiddos—four of them under the age of six and in my brain wave zone.

In Service

So much happening so fast. It feels like Spring. Grounding is communicating within and without creating circuitry. This is stretching me (my nerves) and I’m ready for new ground and being grounded. Fear not! I’m flying!

Sharing some drama with a GOLOV friend who is conscious has immediate effect on my nerves. It’s as if she’s there on the edge with me as a cushion of support. It will be fun to see how this feeling and image translates into action at my job today. My goal is to stay calm, to keep my nerves in check. I’ve been doing so well. This is just another layer, another “synapse” is the word popping in.

Drama is dissipating. It saps the blood that is directly related to nerves. Fun to get to know my nerves!

Grounding is a fearless realm. I’m diving in to projects that I avoided before. If/when I get an electric shock (that didn’t work!) I learn from it rather than retreating. Thanks are in order to conscious and wise friends here on Earth and in multi-dimensions who assist me (my personality) in being conscious and wise.

The New Earth

I’m not the same person I was a week ago. A lot has shifted. I’m “crystal clear that my heart’s desire” is not to create another Zoom community nor is it to create another Mind Movie. My desire is to continue to live in the moment and let Now create my future. What moves out from me? What moves in to me? This is my unfolding community and movie. I radiate/create and watch it unfold.

I am listening within and following instruction. I am being told to sing my medicine song (that came up and out during the recent Drum Circle) to Andrea via Messenger (which is outside my comfort zone but I will do so) as I inform her I will not be proceeding with Manifesting Miracles. The breakthrough I experienced in my short time with her and her community is full-filled.

Here We Grow Again

My Perfect Day is Sustainable creation is not “in the moment” and it’s suggested that I redo it. Reminds me of my editor who worked with me to “say more.” I am asking for an example.

My Mind Movie is not going to be completed by the requested date. Too many internet glitches yesterday when working on it. My friend did hold my hand long enough so I could get started. I was thinking about why I need hand holding (accompanied by a dark/heavy/foreboding barrier sensation in my brain) and got that technology has destroyed continents and planets because the mystical and spiritual were not valued. (I’m so happy to now have a community where I am not timid, where I don’t hide.)

So, this is how it is for this Mystic: I see, hear, know at the speed of Light. I read somewhere that it’s faster than the speed of Light. It’s unnatural and uncomfortable to cross over into the heavy and dark terrain of drudgery where one has to take logical steps and analyze data. It is so “not fun.” As I write this I have the sensation of wearing black heavy boots that weigh me down—walking is difficult. Not sure what this means yet. Gravity boots?

I am sure about something! I am taking a new brain, heart, body to Drum Circle today. I feel it. I’ve been demonstrating it all month. And I have materials to sustain it. That something has to do with my relationship with those in the circle. For the first time I’ve had energy to check in with some of them, to think through and plan an agenda (I’ve been in free flow mode), and to take a sign-in book so I have contact information. These steps in sustaining relationships are part of me now! Yahoo! I feel so happy about this. I am fitting in !! This new energetic space will have a cohesive effect on the whole circle.


10/23. Today’s GOLOV meditation, songs and social conversation healed me! GOLOV therapy! My Perfect Day turned into My Perfect Day is Sustainable as the walls came tumbling down. The fact that all my Beloveds can be part of my perfect day and future self is the breakthrough. It’s not an achievement! It’s not a goal! It’s not even a vision! All the pieces are already in place in my heart, brain and life. I now integrate them and ground them in 3D! Love and Light has been and continues to be the Creative Force.

Writing My Perfect Day is Sustainable revealed that Beloved relationships and community are directly linked to the Mystical. This green connection and thread of Heart can be pulled through into this realm. Fog dissipated. Noise subsided. And now for the Mind Movie. And a few hours ago I didn’t see the value of either one! The power of Love is the power to make clear and See !! I am so grateful for this movement of Light known in 3D as Love.

Manifesting Miracles

Joined this Tribe today thanks to the spirit of Andrea. Now I’ve got to really ground and put my future self on paper and computer. What’s my perfect day? And then a Mind Movie to match the day. I’ve never been this specific and it brings up feelings: Do I deserve this? Can I name it and claim it?

Day four of eating mindfully! I’m working it!! I’m working through it!

This was interesting: A Beloved is in my Perfect Day. We are male and female, friends and lovers, spiritually passionate and close but not too close. I don’t want to be suffocated nor do I want to suffocate. News to me!! Attached is the image of US since I don’t have a photo yet.

The open eyes meditation was an eye opener. I was in trance immediately as I shut my eyes out of habit. I switched to opening eyes and noticed the energy around my head was now in my hands. Cerebral Spinal Fluid (photon fluid?) is influenced by Light via the retina! No wonder I signed up for a Pranic Healing class. My hands are ready.

We were supposed to act silly during the opening of meditation. Not what my body felt like doing. How much influence is that of CSF? And don’t I respect that internal song first and foremost? I’m sure I’ll loosen up as I get to know people. And I’m sure I’ll continue to honor my body’s feelings/moods—with no shame or people pleasing !!

Empty Calories

Buttering toast for my nanny girl reminded me of childhood. I loved bread and would eat and eat but never get full. I now felt and remembered that emptiness. It was Ah-Ha connection. Empty calories and an empty sense of self. A depressed mom and absent dad. Now at my age I get to change the pattern by re-membering my true Self. I get to continue to construct a new personality with the help of my inner and outer friends.

The Honeymoon Effect

This YouTube video by Dr. Bruce Lipton teaches me about my entanglement with sugar!! Thank you!

Starting over again in my relationship with food but it’s never the same starting point on an upward spiral. One is always moving toward Light and Light increases.

I have a lot of external support these days as I do a makeover of subconscious programming.

The subconscious field, when purified, is a channel of creativity. It is one’s best friend. It offers comfort and a sense of secure foundation. Does it not hold roots of intuition or instinctual knowing that is directly connected to Reptilian Brain?

Know Thyself !!

Subconscious Terrain

10/14. GOLOV notes

We wear our memories. Those places we visited. Those places we loved. My memories are green and brown. Forests, fields, mountains. Lines I traveled now travel me. Compacted Love. Pressed into memory. A rock solid foundation that is fluid, flowing. My heart echos/reverberates green memories. Green Heart of subconscious mind. “I am the vine, ye are the branches” John 15:5

10/16. GOLOV notes

Rainbow arc spread across the horizon. What was at the end? Jesus! An open heart is an open door. The door of my heart blew wide open recently. What’s on the other side? More openness. A gateway. Wind current blisses thru. I “feel” love for my enemy and it is emotional. A breakthrough of unconditional Love. What is this center of Self that opens? I ask and draw a spiral in. Love is above “the radar.”

10/17. I awoke to the image of my friend hitting his head against a wall like the salmon at Elwha Dam that Dana sings and talks about. Salmon that had been hitting that wall for ages until humans smashed it to pieces letting water and salmon flow free. I saw a rock wall in a vision a couple days ago reminding me of Joshua fighting the battle of Jericho. All of us humans have walls we are hitting. The roots are in the subconscious where we have life lessons to learn and teach.